When Government Traffics Our Children

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Before I delve into the specifics showing credible evidence that some in government and the CPS agency have been caught trafficking in children, I want to speak a little about the fight to keep us from being aware of any of this. An awareness that we would prefer not be true. Given the fact that I have eyes to witness what goes on around me, as we all do, I always knew that the government at times could be very cold to us, the citizens it claims to represent. Chalking it up to that cynical saying most pull out about it’s the bureaucracies inefficiency. The “cracks” so many fall through was an oversight, certainly it wasn’t something manifested on purpose. That would mean that those setting up the structures would be evil. And this just couldn’t happen in my back yard. Could it?

That last question is one that is a hurdle many can’t overcome. A hurdle that is aided by so many willing to let approved experts (schools, entertainment., news stations, government press conferences, etc) create the lens with which we look through. In all fairness, the framework that these same experts have set up for us, one in which many of us have little energy left after toiling away for our roof and supper, it is understandable that so many have little energy left for their own well-being. Let alone, their neighbors.

But every now and again, the story breaks. Daily now it seems with the 24 hour news cycles. An overload of stories, coming so fast that today’s pull your focus off of yesterdays.

It is painful to face the truth of what is going on in our communities. Painful to see so many of those entrusted to look out for us not only selling us out, but participating in the erosion of our dignity and freedom. Yet, for any willing to slow down and look, the evidence is all around us.

One of my common defenses when faced with some of the more absurd (or so I thought) tin foil hat stories was if it was true, where are the whistleblowers? A common rationalization I have heard many make as well. I mean stories like Pizzagate and such is just crazy talk, I rationalized. Until I saw firsthand in my own city of Tucson the cover-up firsthand as officials, police and so called truthers came together to try to stop VOP and their efforts to stop sex trafficking on the border. Between that and my exposure here on Steemit to the @familyprotection community, it gave me the kick in the pants to actually begin digging into information. The shocking truth I found?

The whistleblowers are everywhere.

Whistleblowers from the FBI, ex politicians, news reporters, etc. There are so many of them is almost numbing to see how many have tried to warn us. To tell us of this conspiracy taking place against us by those we entrusted with our well-being. All of the information is there waiting to be found, for any who have the courage to look. And yes, it takes courage. To understand that you hold no value as a human with freedom and dignity by those with the power to take everything from you, including your life. That is another thing you will find a lot of in the whistleblower/truther community. Many deaths said to be suicide by the officials. Suicides that make no sense in context of their state of mind, let alone the physical impossibility in many cases.

In wrapping up my commentary, I will pull a line from a man who had gained much respect from me as he walks his talk. Arthur Lewis, who founded VOP as a ministry to get abandoned homeless vets off the streets and now finds himself trying to stop the sex trafficking taking place on the border. Do not take my word nor anyone else’s at face value. Look for yourself and make up your own mind. Now on to the story regarding CPS and high level government officials using CPS and foster care as a source for their evil pedophilia.

Franklin Coverup

The video you are about to see is part of the testimony given in a congressional hearing in 2004 on the need to reform CPS. The testimony is from ex FBI chief Ted Gunderson, whom I have found myself quoting and sharing a lot from lately. He speaks of children (in CPS/foster care) being flown across the nation for sex parties, with photos being taken by Rusty Nelson. Congressman, Senators and other dignitaries participating in these sick acts with the children.

New York Times archives:


Rusty Nelson has also given many interviews on what he witnessed and photographed. Here is a website that will explain who he is, as well as several video interviews that he gave.


He speaks of high level officials, leaders of industry and even Michael Aquino (of church of Satan and later his own Set cult who was a high level intelligence officer).

Another whistleblower in this was John Decamp. A former aide to CIA director William Colby, he went on to become a four term state Senator in Nebraska.

He was troubled so much by the cover-up taking place he wrote a book on it.


The evidence is overwhelming, the whistleblowers from the photographer to FBI chief to politician erasing any possibility of where are the whistleblowers. The cover ups continue to this day, as we see taking place now in the Arizona desert.

VOP Update on Stopping the Sex Trafficking.

Due to the support of trafficking by many in Arivaca and Ruby, VOP is now resetting their human wall between these towns and the rest of Arizona. They can keep the traffickers Lewis says, since they refuse to help separate the human traffickers from the rest of those coming illegally. In their (many in Arivaca and Ruby) minds, all should be welcome and they have been refusing to sell supplies or food to VOP and the other groups down there trying to clamp down on this evil. What will come from this will be a bottleneck where the traffickers will be stuck in those towns. Given how many sick people in power have some weird fetish for raping children, it won’t surprise me if these two small towns suddenly get all kinds of money and business pouring in and become the new go to destination for these sick assholes. Because of one thing I am certain. They won’t be smuggling any more of their sex slaves or drug poisons through into the rest of Arizona.

I hope that those of you reading this who may still be skeptical will at least look into this more. Look into who is trying to discredit efforts like VOP is doing. Look into past cover-ups like with Franklin, where you have many who were part of the establishment in high places speaking out on what they saw, and how their voices are not acknowledged by the system. How our top law enforcement agencies, our military itself is involved in covering this sickness up as they try to distract us with their latest staged outrages to keep us busy with the little energy we have left after toiling in their sweat shops.

We can stop this. We can find the strength to end this, through a spirit of love. Only with a spirit of love and giving can this be overcome. This enemy can’t be bested with violence; they have the monopoly on that. I am going to pull out one of the favorite slogans used against us now, and use it the way it should be used.

Think Of The Children.

Imagine that you are one of these poor children caught up in these exploitation schemes. Kidnapped, all so some sick f*** can gratify themselves sexually. Imagine these are your kids this is happening to. You would be grateful if others said no, I don’t think so. Not in my back yard. Join in and take back our neighborhoods. This starts and ends with us. Become aware, and act on that awareness. We can’t rely on our government to stop this, so many of them are involved in this. They are helping provide the children for this by stealing them from us and facilitating the movement across border.

If you are interested in helping VOP shut down the border trafficking of women and children you can reach them by calling:


Or you can follow them on Fakebook (their current mode of keeping us updated) at:

I do not have a Fakebook account, and have had to use their videos posted on YouTube by one of their troll groups who are helping us spread awareness despite their intentions.

To learn more about the dangers of CPS and the families they are destroying, you can follow @familyprotection here on Steemit. Not only are current topics on laws and cases discussed, but some in our very own community have been or are currently the target of this kidnapping agency. The many articles and stories you will find will help give you a narrative that is missing from the mainstream experts who are covering up what is being done to us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if interested please check out my previous posts on this important issue. I realize that for many of us, time has become an enemy and my posts, along with the videos I share can be time consuming. Sadly, with every post it is hard for me to stop where I do as books could be written on this (and have) and still barely scratch the surface.

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I'm worried about Lewis... I did a post on him today. More and more people are on to Sawyer and his group, and with Lewis going to SW Arizona at the request of a non-profit to help down there, I'm afraid they might try something. Pray for him!


I believe him when he says we should have positive thoughts for him and that he is wearing the armor of God. If they act on him now they will make a martyr of him and they know it. Their only way out of this will be to sacrifice some of their pawns eventually so people (and in their minds hopefully Lewis) will move on.

I saw your piece earlier and upvoted it then. Noticed you also had someone trolling you there, insulting the idea that people care enough to send gift cards and supplies. Guess in their mind best to let the government (who is trying to hide this) steal the money through taxation and pretend they are fighting this. That has worked so well these last several decades.


Bee is a big supporter of Craig Sawyer, I have a feeling he donated to her documentary. She used to be really good but I think she's been co-opted by the $$$

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Tough subject to cover, that I feel I do now want to cover of late, nice work captain, keep up the fight.


Thanks, it is a tough subject. And the more I uncover, it seems to be a bottomless well. It's amazing how thought out their bombardment in propaganda really is.

I look forward to reading your coverage of this. It was your well constructed pieces that drew me to your blog early on in my time here. Pieces that were on subjects I entered into with skepticism when I first opened your posts on them.


At least you read them with an open mind, most are just simply not willing to, and now you are the one writing them, superb stuff my friend superb.

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