JUST 1 WEEK LEFT TO GO!!!! Come get your raffle ticket and help raise funds for @familyprotection.

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Well these raffles do seem to just fly by. It only seems a short while since announcing this 3rd raffle and now I am typing out the penultimate post. As they say, "Time flies when you're having fun" and these raffle are just that, a bit of fun to help relieve some of the dread behind the reasoning. There just aren't many other causes I can think of that are as worthy as this and I don't mean any disrespect to anyone else' cause. We all have our passions in life and @familyprotection has become one of mine.

So now we enter the final week of the raffle and although it hasn't been as popular as the previous 2, it has still managed to raise some money for the cause. At this point I would like to give out my thanks to @practicalthought for the amazing support he gives these raffles. In this raffle alone he has donated around 20 STEEM and given all his raffle tickets to others steemians. @practicalthought, you are a legend and exactly why I adore being on steemit and part of @familyprotection.
Again, I mean no disrespect to anyone else who shows the love. I would love to mention you all and at some point I will. For now and in the interest of not making this post too long, I will hold back and leave the rest of the thanks til next week.


If you've not come across this raffle yet, you still have time to dig into your wallet and donate some Steem to @familyprotection. For a mere 0.5 STEEM you can enter the mini-raffle and have a chance to win around 30 standard Steem Monster cards. Even if you don't play the game you can still trade them for STEEM, so no worries if you're not a fan. But wait, because the fun doesn't stop there...

Screenshot_2018-08-19 Welcome to Steem Monsters (2).png

If you send just 2 STEEM to @familyprotection you will be entered into the Mega-Raffle!!! In this raffle there are 2 prizes up for grabs. The first raffle ticket drawn will win 2, gold-foil, Steem Monster cards, worth over $15!!

Screenshot_2018-08-19 Welcome to Steem Monsters .pngScreenshot_2018-08-19 Welcome to Steem Monsters (1).png

Then it's on to the 2nd draw and this one has the main prize attached. The winner of the 2nd draw will be receiving a beautiful 1oz fine silver round. In-keeping with the monster-theme, I have chosen a silver round to suit and my only regret is that I didn't buy one for myself., thee rounds are gorgeous.




  • Donate to @familyprotection (Please put "raffle" in the memo so I can easily find your donation)
  • Up-vote & Resteem this post
  • Leave a message in the comment section below to inform me you have followed all the instructions (you will only be entered into the raffle if you have received a reply from myself. If you have entered the raffle and I have not replied please let me know asap)
  • Feel very good about yourself and come back next week for the raffle-draw :)
  • The raffle will be drawn using the raffle-bot service on discord. I will record the draw and post the results on steemit(Most probably on Sunday evening)


  • 0.5 STEEM = 1 entry to mini-raffle
  • 2.0 STEEM = 1 entry to mega-raffle
  • 5.0 STEEM = 3 Entries into the mega-raffle
  • 10 STEEM = 6 Entries into the mega-raffle

You may purchase as many tickets as you wish but you will only be eligible to win 1 prize. You are welcome to nominate you ticket to somebody else.


For those wondering where the money raised will go, I would like to offer you this recent @familyprotection post as a perfect example.


The victory is very close!!!

The CPS have no reasons to prevent for guardianship!!
Julia said that the process is going fine!
It's not finished yet, because it requires much time, but the main is that there are no problems any more!
The flat of the family has all necessary conditions for a good life for kids, and the grandmother is their closest and actually the only one relative, so the CPS had no choice but to aprove their documents!


With one more week to go I would love to see more folk getting involved in this raffle. I've already mentioned the efforts made by just one Steemit member(@practicalthought) and if we could all do a fraction of what he has done this raffle would go into overdrive. I know times are hard out there and we all have our own issues to deal with, but what is life if we can't offer our help to each other.

Massive love to you all out there and I hope to see you all back here in a weeks time.

Here is the roll-call for those who are entered into the raffle so far. All those who have had their entries donated to them will be marked with the donors name so you know who to thank :)


@dreemit x 6 tickets

@snowpea x 1(Donated by @practicalthought)
@dreemit x 1(Donated by @practicalthought)
@lyndsaybowes x 1(Donated by @practicalthought)
@empress-eremmy x 1 (Donated by @practicalthought)
@ihashblox x 1 (Donated by @practicalthought)
@thethreehugs x 1 (Donated by @practicalthought)
@krnel x 1 (Donated by @practicalthought)
@commonlaw x 1 (Donated by @practicalthought)
@ladyrebecca x 1 (Donated by @practicalthought)
@ausbitbank x 1 (Donated by @practicalthought)
@enjoywithtroy x 1 (Donated by @practicalthought)
@steeminganarchy x 1 (Donated by @practicalthought)

@thethreehugs x 1
@averageoutsider x 1
@ihashblox x 4
@krnel x 6

@markwhittam x 2 (donated by @article61)
@canadian-coconut x 1 (donated by @article61)

Total raised so far 57 STEEM (PLUS 18 STEEM from my raffle-post payouts)

So far there is only one person entered into the Mini-raffle.

@ihashblox x 2

If I have missed anyone out please contact me to let me know.


PTYAY @article61

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.


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Contact @pennsif if you would like to know more about A Dollar A Day.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


Thank-you AGAIN!
You are running a WONDERFUL project.

@practicalhought you are indeed a legend. I was going to wait for my liquid steem to accumulate, but you just inspired me to keep sending the bits till I reach my target

Please enter @ihashblox with all my donations


agreed, @practical thought is very inspiring :) So good to have folks like you and him around. Thank you and if you just remember to leave the word "raffle" in the memo I can add them all up before the raffle.

Upvoted, and will resteem tomorrow my friend. I wanted to let you know it is not unnoticed that you are doing this despite the turmoil that your own life is in right now. Thank you for being a leader who can continue acting on a bigger picture with all that is going on with you right now.


Thank you and that comment is very well received. It is things like this and seeing how kind people can be that keeps me going. Times are tough but always good to remember folks are going through much worse. Big love to you buddy.

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support!

Will mention on todays CHAOS Show in 3rd hour.


Thanks buddy! Hope you are feeling better.



Sending 3 more steem 1 mega entry two small entries


I will be drawing the raffle at around 8pm this evening so if you still want to enter for more tickets then that is ok with me. Just send me a message so I know how many to add.


Howdy! Thank you very very much :) I will add those to the list.

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Not sure what you wrote but thanks for the support :)

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