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RE: Advice from one minnow to another - Part 2

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I am not a big fish but I will do everything in my Steem power to support you ;)

Ha ha, I love this, and totally agree with everything you said Lucy.

As for the big fish not up-voting stuff, sadly they don't, because they all belong to bots, and the bots give them what they want, so they don't bother.

Plus, the word on the street is, is that they save all their Steem power for all their other whale buddies... one big circle jerk!


Here is a good post with statistics regarding voting power distribution and membership

Maybe the balance is tilting slightly away from whales

I just read this, and it made me really hopeful for the future of Steemit!

My concern is with dead fish.

Could it be that the life cycle of a steemian is relative short?
Could it be that people:
sign up
try to do what they can
get bored
give up
Could all of us fall pray to this pattern?

Well, you tell me brother, if you signed up for the first time a few days ago, when Steemit was absolute shit... would you have stuck around?


But 687,721 dead fish did not wash off on the beach a few days ago.
I would be curious to know what the typical life span of these carcases was.

If it is over one month or whatever time is required to figure out what’s going on, then it is possible that the life cycle I am proposing is a big factor. And if it is a big factor, what does that bode for the future of the platform?

Ahh, I hear ya, and some of them are probably duplicate accounts that were tossed away over time I would imagine.

But wouldn’t this mean that Steemit needs a huge, continuous inflow of newcomers in order to work.
If that is the case, wouldn’t that make it look like a

Ha ha, I wish I knew, but it is after all just an experiment at this point.

I think it is certainly very easy to give up when you don't get any traction on the platform and that is the reason I think we need to support the each other and newbies. What a lot people seem to miss is that steem is worth nothing if people don't use the steem blockchain and that is why it is in everyone's interest to support others in the community stay here stay active :)

I thought your approach has so much value I put your summary in my quote blog.

I hope many more here adopt this approach. It amazes me how many big fish reply to good posts but they never upvote.

It is good sign indeed :)

I think steemit is much like real life where a handful of people control most of the wealth and have the power to impact the lives of majority of users ;) I will be really pleased to see a little less whale power :)

I don't think that will happen. People don't like giving up power.

I think if we work and support each other that we could affect a balance of power. I don't think it's a matter of them giving up power. It is more finding a better balance within Steemit.

lol! Bots certainly rule here and I am not sure if the founders intended it to be this way (I hope not because that'll be some twisted thinking).
We really need to encourage more human engagement on the platform or it will become a big pile of rubbish posts powered by bots ;)

I think the word on the street sounds quite true (I have observed it on hundred dollar votes going to really silly posts with five or six words!).

Yep, and after the recent 3 day slow down glitch, I teamed up with a bot too, just to earn during times where I can't do anything on the platform, which I consider a fail-safe... so I guess I'm part of the problem now as well, but will be buying more Steem over the weeks to come, which will be used strictly on my following. 🐳

Noooo @tolkatore you moved to the dark side ;) lol!

I think it was probably the right thing to do as you can get some decent return on your investment and in the end of the day that is really important as well. I think you are very good to everyone so I wouldn't worry too much about anything. You keep up your good work :)

It's Minnow Booster, so I don't think it's a bad bot, and it goes to a good cause, but I just couldn't stand not being able to make anything for almost 3 days, at least now, the bot will at least make sure that I make something when Steemit is at a standstill, or I go on vacation.

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