What Would You Do If You Had The Infinity Stones?

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Oh my god! What a movie! Over the weekend I finally managed to watch Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, after having to wait for more than a week to do so. Frustratingly, I should add. But I finally watched it.

As I am a huge Marvel fan, like always, I was expecting the movie to be really awesome, specially as it was an Avengers movie where the different superheroes come together to fight a powerful villain.

And I must say, I came out of the theatre with a feeling of satisfaction as it was really something. I kept on discussing the movie plot and the different elements of the story with my friends, up to a point where they might have gotten really annoyed with me. haha!

Anyways, today I want to discuss about the infinity stones that have been highly featured in previous movies as well as this one, and something towards which the overall story has been heading all this time. I was wondering what we would do if we could have the infinity stones for ourselves.

Unlimited Possibilites


For those of you who haven't watched the Marvel movies, let me quickly tell you that infinity stones are powerful objects in the Marvel universe and are six in total, the time stone, power stone, mind stone, soul stone, space stone and reality stone. Each stone gives the wielder unique capabilities.

I understand that the question that I ask can seem really stupid because there wouldn't be nothing you couldn't do if you had all the infinity stones. So, you could just say "whatever I wished for" and you would be correct!

But the beauty is in the specifics. These hypothetic wishes of ours, that we discuss totally for fun, actually tell a lot about us and our deepest desires and who we are as individuals.

That is why I wanted to discuss what I would do and would definitely love to read all about what you all would do if you had one or two or even all the infinity stones. Also which are the ones that you would definitely want to have aka your favourite infinity stones?

What I Would Do?


Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but I hope the same doesn't happen to me if I am able to use the stones. I would very much like to use them for the good of all and of course to have some harmless fun of my own!

With the space stone, I would explore as much of the universe as possible because I am really passionate about all things space and I just have to see it all with my own eyes. With the power stone, I would destroy all evil wherever I went (a bit dramatic, I know, but I would do it for sure).

With the time stone, I would have fun going to the future to see the prices of my favourite cryptocurrencies (lol) and then coming to the present and investing accordingly. I know the power of the stones would be far greater than something like money, but hey, it would be awesome to have some fun, right?

I don't think I would use the soul stone and the mind stone at all because I wouldn't want to play with anyone else's soul or their minds! And last but certainly not the least, you can pretty much guess what I would do with the reality stone. Unlimited chips, of course!! I'm kidding. I would use it to create Utopias throughout the universe!

So, there you have it folks. Might sound like cliches but I speak the truth. Those are the things that I would do with the all powerful infinity stones. Now tell me about you. I would love to hear some creative answers!

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So, I am among the people who haven't watch the marvel movies yet. I don't know about other stones as of now, but if I have a time stone, I'll push a reverse gear to it, and will go back in time when I was small and life was all good, where I don't have to write about life and philosophies to understand it better! Haha:)

You haven't watched the Marvel movies yet?? You should do it asap lol!! I am sure you will watch one after the another until you are done with all!!

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Thanks for this!

very nice movie
really enjoy it movie
hope you great time

I enjoyed it as well!

throw a party where I'll lose them

LOL!! Hilarious!

OMG, the movie was epic. I saw it on Saturday after having to wait a week myself. I didn't want it to end. I could have totally sat through another 3 hours to get the complete story. I would like to hope that I would use the stones for good and help people but I can't deny that I would want to use the time stone to go back to a time when Bitcoin was $0.20. I would be sure to make sure I got my hands on a few of those bad boys.

I didn't want it to end either! I just wished it could go on for like another 2 hours! And I just can't wait a whole year for the second part of this. haha, that's exactly what I would do with the Time Stone as well. I would buy like a million of those bad boys :P

I'd make endless amounts of caramel popcorn.

Yes, something I would definitely do as well! lol

I would wake up from such a nice dream.
Of all the stones i valued the time and reality stones most. With these you pretty much sorted.
How i would go to the future and come back to present only to buy eos...lol

Yeah you are right I think. With the reality and time stones, you would pretty much be able to do whatever you wanted.

Nice movie ❤

I have yet to see the movie but I'm hearing really good and positive things about it.

Yeah, it's really good. You should watch it asap!

I haven't see infinity war yet, but i will!! i really like the idea of the post make me feel more excited to see the movie! I will resteemit :) I also did a post about infinity war, if you have time it would be great if you check it <3 Greetings

You should definitely check it out then :)

Such a great movie! I too wish it would have been a longer movie, but movie makes have to make a living ;P. Also love your ideas, specially the one where you travel to the future to get a scoop on cryptos (LOL). I would totally do the same thing! :D

Oh yeah last thing, is it bad to say that this movie made Thanos one of my favorite super villains! They did a great job at forming him as a character. So good that connecting with him was almost easy, so easy you almost feel sorry for him.

What a movie!

hahah, yeah I think the entire crypto space would love that power ;)

I agree that they did a good job with Thanos. I had always read about him and had wondered how they would portray him in the movies and if they would be able to do justice with his character and I think they did.


Oh heck yeah! I mean it was very sad to see some of our avengers wither away the way they did, specially spiderman #3 (is it number three?). That being said though, Thanos (and I almost feel evil by saying it) kicked serious butt and I enjoyed every moment of it Muahahahahah!

hahahha yeah, I enjoyed every part of it as well. The good ones AND the bad ones. I can't wait to see what they have in store for next year.

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