Finally A Hollywood Star Advocates For Merit Instead Of Identity Politics

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Hollywood star Michelle Yeoh made a very important point in this red carpet interview. She mentioned that she wished that there were more female directors nominated for awards. This is a nice statement, and I, like all people want to see the best films regardless of the gender of the director.

What she said next is where she differentiated herself from her fellow Hollywood friends. She said that she wants to see more minorities and women make it on merit. (As opposed to external pressure to diversify.)

There are wonderful stories to tell in movies. I find most Hollywood films to be very bad these days, but hopefully soon that tide will turn. It will usher in an era of diversity due to talent, and that’s something we can all celebrate.

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It's a shame, because Hollywood is so focused on diversity that they miss the best opportunities to pursue it. Capernaum was the best foreign film in the lot this year. It didn't win. AND it had a female director who was not even nominated. A missed opportunity. Great film. Great Director. No recognition.

Thanks for the comment. I can tell that you know your movies. I just saw the trailer. It looks so gritty and realistic. I’ll watch it based upon your recommendation.

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I know taste in film is subjective. But gritty is exactly the word. I thought, hands down, the twelve year old Zain Al rafeea deseres best actor. His performance is stunning.

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