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I think it‘s about time to write about this movie since Steve Jobs is one of the most inspiring characters of the last century.

This movie barely scratches the surface of Steve’s life; if you find him an interesting character, I urge you to read his biography written by Walter Isaacson because you will learn many things from it. Some of the parts I’m going to talk about in here you won’t find in the movie, but they are included in the biography. Also, I advise you to watch the film before reading this because I’m going to drop a couple of spoilers in this post.

Disclaimer: I have to note that these are my opinions, that I took from the movie, but I advise you to watch it yourself, maybe you will feel differently or pick up on something I missed.


When Steve was adopted, his biological parents only had one wish, that his new family would get him into college and despite the fact that they were a middle-class family that couldn’t afford that, they saved up money to make it possible for Steve to study. But, he soon realized that for him, considering his vision, it was just a waste of money and time because he could attend classes even if he dropped out of college.

Nowadays, education, at least in the States, has become so expensive that very few can afford it and many of the bright kids that graduate have massive loans, just in order to attain a diploma. But you actually don’t need a degree to be an expert at something anymore, and as Steve said, it just offers validation, not even a job.

If you want to get good at something, you can easily learn from the alternative media, websites, you can find great mentors on YoutTube that share all of their content for free, or find one in person willing to teach you the ropes, and you can always read books for inspiration. Colleges are useful if you want to get a diploma but for learning and perfecting something, we have numerous other options that come for free and are accessible to most people.

Even at that time, Steve understood that and dropped out of college but remained on the campus to attend some classes, like calligraphy thanks to which, we now have all these fonts on our computers instead of just one boring font.


Apple was started in a garage, and it’s hard to dream big if you’re working in a medium like that, but despite such context, Steve was still able to create an enormous vision for his company. Since the day he and Wozniak started, Steve was always the one with vision; he realized how great the idea behind home computers was and its massive potential, so he bet big right from the beginning, trying to market it to people from the start.

He realized that in order to sell personal computers to people in that era, when only geeks were using them, he would have to make them feel very familiar. He was always thinking ahead of his time and was trying to create an interface that is as intuitive as possible. He wanted to build a perfect user interface that anyone could use intuitively even if they never used a computer before and even if nobody was sharing that vision with him, he still made it come to true.

Steve was an interesting character and even when he got fired from Apple, the company he built, he didn’t retire from the business, he didn’t capitulate, he started another tech company called NeXT because he still wanted to pursue his vision. Even if it took him a couple of good years to return to Apple, they eventually bought NeXT only to have Steve back.


Steve was never a leader loved by everybody, he was somewhat cold, imposing, always able to see what was best for him and his company by detaching himself from emotions and thinking clearly. He was often perceived as being cruel, but that was only his way of being straightforward and speaking his truth because he never liked non-performers, not even when they were operating from a garage. He had to be dead honest with his friends even if that meant that their relationship would be destroyed, only for the good of the company.

One great example is when he took over the Macintosh division after he got fired up from Lisa. The division was doing a poor job, and he had to restructure everything, starting with their product and even including the team. The team was filled with non-performers, C players and although it was not an easy job he had to fire many of them from the project and replace them with top players from the company.

Lessons Learned

He was a rather feared person thanks to the fact that he was always speaking the truth regardless of the situation; he was an honest man and a model for many. A lot of the tech moguls from today’s world are still trying to model Steve, but they are often missing the essential, focusing on his cold attitude that they think was the secret to his success.

Being able to have that colossal vision, to think big regardless of the context and still push towards making it come into reality every day even if the world is against you is one of the biggest lessons I learned from Steve. Also, if you could do something like that while staying true to your values, not selling yourself for a couple of bonus pennies, then, you are certainly set to win as long as you don’t give up.

Steve had many flaws, but he also had a lot more qualities that anyone, regardless of their passions and values, could learn from him and apply in their life to improve it.

Make sure to tell me in the comment section what movie you would like to see featured in this series because I will check every comment.

Written by @GuyFawkes4-20

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Steve Jobs is one of the world's most famous personalities. He will remain in the memory of many people as the founder of Apple.

I liked that there really is a similarity between characters and real people. It pleases and creates the film an additional atmosphere of realism.

How did Apple start? With a small garage and 5 employees. People obsessed with the dream of creating a personal computer. Jobs himself spoke of this as a "continuation of man." From the very beginning, no one believed them - who would buy a personal computer? Jobs did a lot of calls a day, convincing at least someone to order from Apple a batch of these "new machines". Everyone laughed at him, but Jobs did not give up. And in the end his efforts were justified. One day an orange sports car drove up to their garage, from which a man in a suit came out. After the question "Is this Apple?", Offered them a contract for 90 thousand.

After this, and the company, (and most Jobs), in life there were both ups and downs. He was admired and hated. He turned away from people and people turned away from him ... He never betrayed his idea, but at the same time he could betray friends ...

Steve Jobs - is not a role model and an ideal for imitation. This is an example of a man who was able to realize his dream and at the same time the dream of millions of people.

The final turned out to be spectacular, memorable and, perhaps, reflecting the very philosophy of Jobs, but nevertheless inferior. On the other hand, it is impossible to fit this amount of information into a two-hour film.

This film remains food for thought.

I am always amazed at stories about people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Yes, there is such a huge emphasis put on education but some of the most successful people in the world have thumbed their nose at the system and set out on their own. This demonstration of entrepreneurship is fascinating. Being successful is not just about being smart. In fact, your desire to succeed and willingness to work hard will be the biggest factors in your potential success. There is also that determination to never quit, even when you experience failure. It would have been easy for Jobs to walk away after getting fired from Apple but he chose to continue pushing on. His vision has led to technological developments that we may not have seen so quickly without him.


I find the article very interesting, wise words..kiss

Steve Jobs have the important quality to become successful in his endeavor. Of course, everyone of us has its own flaws and shortcomings but steve has the knowledge plus the perseverance in his journey to success. In spite of many failures on his way, still he focused and continue on the path of success. Kudos to him for making a model on how to be successful!

He has made a great legacy that will not be forgotten throughout the century!


Yes you are right


A futuristic and innovative mind 💡🧐

Steve Jobs has directly or indirectly contributed positively to the lifes of everyone on the planet.from how we communicate to how companies are run.He was truly a blessing to the world.

I believe a lesson to be learned from this great man(Steve Jobs) is that when you have a deep belief in something you stick to it with unyielding drive and dedication. You don't settle for any less than the realization of your vision, and it is OK if it takes many tries to get there...just get there.

Whether you loved or hated him he was a winner and one of the most influential people in the tech world over the years.

Hey, hello, I hope I'm not mistaken. This is a biography about Jobs. I've seen that I think he was very talented when he was young. He actually made computer games himself and later invented Apple Computer. One thing may be that I have to learn and consult with you. I just joined @steemit not long ago. I have also created a lot of articles. Of course, there are not many articles you have created. Most of my work is done in the form of pictures and text. @abcallen This is me. If you are interested, you can look at my article. I support originality. But I don't know how to send a video. I hope my article can also live like your article. I hope you can teach me.嗨,你好,希望我没说错,这是一部讲述乔布斯的传记,我看过,我觉得年轻时的他特别有才,竟然自己制作电脑游戏,后期还发明了苹果电脑。有一点也许我得向你学习并请教,我刚加入@steemit没多久,我也创作了不少文章,当然没有你创作的文章多,我多数是以图片和文字的形式进行创作的,@abcallen,这是我,如果感兴趣的话,你可以看看我的文章,我支持原创。但是我不知道怎么发视频,我希望我的文章也可以像你的文章活起来,希望你可以教我。

All those successful people were successful before they become world stars. Steve worked in Atari. I think it's like now work on Netflix or Instagram. Success breeds success.

No he visto la pelicula, la buscare para verla, gracias por compartir tu opinion, un abrazo.

thanks for sharing

I love to share your post cause it,s really interesting....

I need to get my hands on that biography!
He is such an inspiration and a motivating factor. Now I just want to watch this movie, I'll definitely make time for it over the weekend.
This was great to read!

really excellent your post, without a doubt steve jobs was incredibly fantastic from his strange way of being to his geniuses and vision of the future ahead of his time, the movie about his life is incredibly motivating, it is amazing how this human being created and I raise a mega company with basic studies but wanting to reach its north. It definitely shows that there are things that to know and undertake them you do not have to study them, but like this motivating movie there are many others, that come to mind, soul and heart, but at the end of the day, not only is it worth or telling us that this type of film reaches us, the important thing is how much we are willing to learn from them, to motivate others to fight in life, to help us internally , to be good people in our families and communities, not only is it enough to say woooo what an excellent movie! do not!! we must help each other inspiring people around us to be better people, first with themselves and then with the community!
God bless you

Awesome movies thanks for sharing.

Great post, nice movies ... Brings back good memories of good times.

Thx for sharing !

I did not see the picture but the way you wrote the picture I will definitely see.

Yes I understand and I also try to get lesson on every movie

Yeah I think the movie I Will love to see in the review is black panther. Although am yet to watch the movie but have read a lot of review on it which at best are conflicting . I Will love if you can do a movie review of black panther. Thanks


You trust

Excellent movies.......i like every movie.....thanks for entertainment post.....upvote done.... @adsactly

unmistakably a person focused on his success and his company, he earned his position working with the truth.

I find this article very interesting and very informative I appreciate you taking the time to share with us . You have my resteam & Upvoted

Great post and nice movies

Lovely movies, thanks to share.

Wow! great post, and this is a great movie.Trailer is so good.
No doubt this movie gives a good lesson.Thanks @adsactly for sharing this nice post and thanks for telling us this nice lesson.You great

Definitely I figure the motion picture I Will love to find in the audit is dark jaguar. In spite of the fact that am yet to watch the motion picture yet have perused a considerable measure of survey on it which, best case scenario are clashing . I Will love on the off chance that you can complete a film audit of dark puma. Much obliged

Wow nice videos, this is really inspiring

Nice post♥😍

Woah! It’s guy! Glad to see someone I know in my rare adventure into the trending page

I've seen this movie, too. Steve Jobs really is a great man! He is an inspiration to all :)

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"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"

Most modern American 'schooling' is detrimental to one's health, especially if you're male. Men need to avoid schooling at all costs and go forth to obtain an education.

do not just be a spectator only, but occasionally be a player, so the saying goes. Steve Jobs is my inspiration, hopefully someday I can follow in his footsteps.
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