X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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The most exciting thing about this movie is that X-Men will crossover into MCU and whenever they finally release the next movie, it might be a lot more exciting than this.

If you're wondering why I'm starting this post with a verdict, then it's mostly because the movie fell flat on my expectations. I expected a really good movie given how much I've enjoyed world of X-Men since it's very beginning.

This movie after all was about bringing the saga of X-Men as we know it to an end...for now i.e. This is the end of the road for Fox produced X-Men franchise and i'm really happy about it.

I won't delve too much into the plot, because the movie is worth a watch if you've followed the X-Men franchise until now. But I am disappointed because let's face it, if you are going to drop the curtain you've gotto do it with a bang!

This movie for what it's worth was somewhat dull. According to a friend who reads the comics this was supposed to be an iconic moment in the life of the protagonist which is Jean in case you were wondering. But that wasn't the case here.

While the visual effects was good, the action sequences felt sub-par for a movie of this type. Although, the movie manages to save itself in the second half and I felt happy that my money wasn't wasted entirely.

Where's the edge of the seat action you ask? There were a couple of moments but I was ultimately left wanting for more, and feeling uninspired. It wasn't crappy but it wasn't glorious either, and glorious it should've been!

Sophie Turner who plays Jean has done justice to the character she played in the Game of Thrones but here she isn't delivering her best. I'm not sure if she was the best choice here. I felt the lack of a powerful lead even as Sophie was acceptable at certain moments, but mostly I felt a big disconnect with her character.

But, It's not as bad as wasting the acting talent of the likes of Jessica Chastain. I would've truly been happier if they had cast someone else and ruined the role. But it didn't end here.

The situation is a little better for Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence but I feel the movie didn't do justice to their acting talents. James McAvoy plays his role as Charles Xavier very well though.

But I had to turn off my brain quickly and stop analysing all this to enjoy the movie. But I couldn't help but think this over once I came home. So, If you have gotten this far, then i'm sure you know my verdict already.

I hadn't even watched the trailer for the movie before going in but I know that I wanted to walk out feeling what an amazing end to the franchise. Seems like Fox didn't take a cue out of the successes of MCU movies and decided to get this over with, for the heck of it.

My verdict is 5/10. Watch it if you've got nothing else to do.

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A five? I would give this movie a 2 and that's because I'm in a good mood.

I hated every second of it. they broke all the rules, all of them.

Rushed plot, over explained scenes, unnatural conversations, hyperbolic flip flops... literally all the rules.

I say the way to enjoy this movie is after drinking half a bottle of wine and seeing it with the most cynical friend or loved one you may have. This way you can laugh at it, and force the comedic angle.

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Can't disagree there! 🤣

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