I'm Not Alone

in #motivation2 years ago

Today is the fifth time I have attended my office mate's wedding. Every return from the event, the next day at the office always gets the same question. "When will it follow?" Asked someone in the office.
As usual, the answer is a sweet smile that is forced. Not infrequently I get questions that are to the point, without further ado. Once I was asked by a manager in the office where I worked. "Do you have a boyfriend?" The manager asked.
"There isn't currently, sir!" I replied with a smile.
"Wow, too bad! Beautiful people don't have a boyfriend, "he said, shaking his head.
The edges are a forced smile too.

Actually, I also have no problem being called not having a boyfriend. Even though I feel a little offended in my heart, I am glad that the manager said 'beautiful girls don't have a boyfriend'. Means that I still have capital! Exclamation mark is loud ...

I think after coming home from work, arriving at the boarding house, sleepy, tired plus laper, I can live more calm and comfortable aka rest. I also don't need to face a variety of questions that affect my body and soul for a while. Ehh, it turns out that boarding children, some of whom are unstable students, encounter male problems. Some screamed while telling their super cute senior. There is also a sad thing to be long distance with his girlfriend. There are also those who are temporary leaders. There are also those who claim to have broken up. But, why doesn't his face look like someone who has broken up? Apparently, he turned to another guy. There is also the most phenomenal thing that makes a boarding house uproar. He is one of my seniors, it's just that he continues to study to get a master's degree. Because of breaking up with a guy who became his girlfriend for about four years, he cried to scare one of the boarders. Why can you be afraid? Because he cried at midnight. The crying sound was like a kuntilanak sound, even though I never heard the sound of kuntilanak, only on TV. I can't understand the senior feeling because I myself never cried to the point because of a guy.

Because I was in a student environment with boarding friends who were all girls, I had to get along in their way. But, it's not childish too. Sometimes there is something that needs to be followed from them to look younger. One of them follows their alay language. The helicopter can't get rid of it! Alay's language turned out to attract the opposite sex. But, that's not really what I mean. Just go along with it. Who knows someone is stuck. Hehehe….


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