Motivational Story : Earth is bursting!

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Long ago, in a forest, a donkey was resting under the banyan tree. He began to feel bad in his mind. He thought, "If the earth bursts, what will happen to me?" He had just thought that he heard a loud bang sound. She got scared and began to scream "Run away, the earth is bursting, save your life ... .." And he started running like crazy.

Seeing him so fierce, another ass asked him, "What happened, brother, why are you going to run away like this?"

"Hey you too run ... save your life, the earth is bursting ...". Listening to this, the second ass also got scared and started running away with him. Now both of them were shouting together- "Run away, the earth is bursting ... run away ....". Seeing this hundreds other donkeys started running in the same direction.

After this the other animals also got scared. The news spread like a fire in the forest, and soon everyone came to know that the earth was bursting.

The king of the forest, who was resting in his cave came out and could not believe in his eyes that all the animals were running in the same direction. He jumped in front of everyone with a roar and said, "What is this madness? Where are you all running?

The animals "Sir, the earth is bursting !! Save yourself, too. " The Lion questioned "Who said all this?",

All started looking at each other's face, the monkey said, "I was told this by the cheetah."

Cheetah said, "I had heard from these birds." And finally, the ass was called in front of the king.
How did you know that the earth is bursting? ", The lion asked

"I heard the sound of the earth bursting with my ears!", Okay, take me to that place and show that the earth is bursting. "The lion pushed the donkey on one side. The rest of the animals also followed them and when they reached the place the donkey said, "Sir, I was sleeping right here when the sound occurred, I saw the dust flying and ran away "

The lion went around and understood the whole thing. He said, addressing everyone, "This donkey is a very big fool, the reality is that there is a high coconut tree, and because of the wind a coconut fell on the stone and due to strong wind, there was a strong flow of dust. And this donkey thought that the earth is going to burst. "

The lion continued to speak, "But brothers, it's a donkey, and don’t you guys have a brain of your own, go home, and think about ten times before believing on any rumor."

Friends, many times in our life it happens that we listen to any rumor and believe in him. In the grip of these rumors, we happen to take the wrong steps. Therefore, we must make our mind before believing in any rumor, and should also understand that even if hundreds of people are promoting something wrong, then they are wrong, and it is better to avoid them.

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