Learn to focus on solutions instead of problems.

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The battles of life professionally, socially, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise can be overwhelming and it is only through some levels of focus that you will be able to manage those problems.
Focusing on solutions is not everybody's strong suit as many rather leave it for the next man to handle than even try to do something. Solutions are really hard to come by. Focus on the other hand, is not easy to come by.

While it can be easy to see problems as overwhelming, try to change that mindset.
Exert your strengths on becoming a problem-solver and figure out solutions to problems that you come across.
Life is problematic and comes blazing some hot guns every time around.
If you see problems as things that can be fixed, you’ll find it much easier to come up with a solution. If you see problems as something that cannot be fixed, you will never be able to find a solution.
Become a fixer for the sake of your success in life. No one can do more for you than you can do for yourself.

Problems have a way of turning our once peaceful state of being into one that is destructive. We are the product of our commitment to achieving success in life. If you do not find a way to solve the problems that ails you, you will end up becoming a problematic force no one can or will want to be reckoned with.

Doing the best you can in handling your tasks, assignments, career shows that you are focused or can be focused. The foundation of every successful entity is traceable to a well found focus by the individuals who are at the helm of affairs.

Always surround yourself with positive energy so that you will not be in short supply of the right energy and ideas. Proffer solutions every time and you will become very familiar with solutions every time there is a problem.


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Love this, I think making a list of your problems makes it easier to tackle. If you have all of your problems written down, you can fix them one by one. Everyone problem that you fix, you feel that much better. It helps you to stay positive while decreasing stress!

Staying positive is the key! :)


Hmm brilliant one! I've not thought of writing them down and checking what I've tackled before. Thanks @annemariemay

When the deed has been done, we should focus on how to solve it..


That's right @simplicitytech. We should take responsibility for our actions.

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Thanks for this!
I couldn't agree less with it

Trying to change this mindset isn't a easy thing but it's possible. I learned to see the positive side of every situation by being surrounded by positive people, reading positive books, listening to good songs and praying. Good post @stach.

First of all, i would like to say ''@stach you are indeed a solution''. 98% of all the cash i have been getting are from your generous promo-contests. You have trained me who hated reading and writing to becoming a prolific writer and a professional reader. Now, i no longer focus on my problems, but i focus more on scrutinizing your blog everyday. Thanks @stach for this motivational post...

"Become a fixer for the sake of your success in life. No one can do more for you than you can do for yourself."

Management of problems is a hard ball for most people. Panicking and worrying is usually the first call and finding solution comes so late after more mess has been made because of the panicking.

In time of crisis the best bet is to isolate the problem, if it is too big, break it down into smaller bits and solve it one piece at a time.

Great post

Optimism is the way...positive thinking makes things turn good and right. Thanks for sharing @stach


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