Your Mind is a Gold Mine (Mathematical Insights)

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Hello everyone. I am glad to see this beautiful morning and also write this beautiful piece I was blessed with this lovely thought and I am sharing.

It simply says; your mind is your mine.

Mine - the noun which generally means a deposit of mineral resources.
Mineral resources are usually found in their raw form. They are always not attractive at first.
Gold is always found in two forms; the crude form and the refined form.
In both cases, it is not an easy business to get the final product. It is usually a big investment which gives a huge reward only after an extra hard work.

The mind is a subconscious part of the brain where all the thought process is done.
From the mind, most of the physical objects, ideas, products are formed. These cost a lot from nothing. However, there are still quadrillions of unused, unprocessed and unrefined ideas out there.

Is your mind your mine?
Great question!
You answer that.
Which of your ideas sit in your brain without any process?
Which of your million dollar idea was killed by a penny worth discouragement or fear?
The truth is ‘many rich people die poor without being rich because they were only rich in their brains’
Another bitter truth is that most of us are shy or afraid to fail. The truth is failure is always around the corner.
Failure is there when you refused to use that God-given gift; it is there when you use the gift to teach you some good lessons.
The failure obtained from not trying at all is an absolute failure. The failure obtained when you tried is a ‘lesson learned’.

Positive thought versus Negative though (From a mathematical point of view)
-×+ = -
If you have a positive thought about an idea, don’t share with people who don’t understand or people who have negative thoughts.
They will corrupt the result.
Peter in the bible, sank when he started doubting.


-×+ = -
+×+×+ = +
+×+×+ ×- = -
It takes just one negative thought to corrupt one positive idea. It also takes just one negative thought to corrupt three positive ideas. It takes just one to actually corrupt a million.
Company matters a lot.
Negative vibe is a strong catalyst which doesn’t need to be applied in large quantity.
A pint is enough to taint a pool.

  • = +
    Most of the principles of life were taught to us in school. I was one of the people who questioned the application of these abstract principles in real life events. I am glad I am able to apply this simple principle of mathematics.
    The funny thing is; we don’t often connect the dots.
    People who always bring negative vibes are usually close relatives and friends. They often place lesser worth on our value because we are just normal people to them.
    Most times, they think they are doing you a favour and you in turn think you cannot do anything without them.
    Severe the links but don’t burn the bridges.
    You’ll see that just your single positive mindset can be slow, but steadily, you will win.
    Hence, + = +

-×- = -
Lastly, two negative minds always give a strong negative result which is successful.
The positive result in this context is not a set of negatively achieved goal or mindset.
In the race of life, it is good to have a team of positive impacts as a negative impact is usually exponential.
Let’s take indices in mathematics to study this topic
2^2=4 while 2^(-2)=1/4
In the expressions above, a positive support yields a progressive result while a negative support yields an inverted negative result.
It takes just two 2’s to yield 4 while it takes 16 times 1/4 s to yield 4 and 8 times 1/4 to yield 2.
You can see from the result that positivity matters more than negativity.
Hence, life mines whatever a mind or groups of minds have fused together.
You can choose to share your dreams with the right people or with the wrong people.

P.S: Please, do not make a mistake of misplacing good dreams with deadly desperation.
Some people are only driven by their physical wants and desires and then they end up destroying themselves in the name of ambition.
Ambition itself can be positive or negative. Make decisions with care.

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