Why Success on Steemit Depends on The Skill of Personal Branding ? Did You Ride a Shark?

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There are different groups of users who are divided into national, religious and material status. The first thing we need to understand about Steemit is that it's not a classic blog site, it's a project that represents a business network with high growth potential. If we want to achieve top results as bloggers then we need to build a recognizable brand from yourself. Reputation on Steemit is achieved with SBD traffic through your posts and comments. It is best to invest money in Steem and to raise Steem Power, so you have the opportunity to earn 25 to 40% annual profit (if you have 1000 Steem - you can earn from 250 to 400 Steem per year). Another way is to become recognizable in certain areas, in a creative and interesting way. Imagine how many voices would have a post that shows a person who rides sharks, this has not been done by anyone else in the world. You need to become so good at writing posts and communication skills to get significant support from bloggers who have good Steem Power.

A top strategy requires good planning for each of our activities. Your goal should be great, visionary because only such a type of post attracts a lot of attention. Answer the question of why you write on Steemit (money is not the main motivation), what is your best work, and for what you feel the flame of passion in your heart? Passion and great desire should have one big goal that you want to achieve. You need to define small goals, weekly, monthly, daily that will lead you to a great accomplishment. My big goal is to open business schools in all countries of the world, I started a few months ago with the discord channel Steem Schools https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n , now we have 8500 users. For schools to function, good leaders and teachers must be selected, certain investments and strategies that will enable profits and school development. My passion is to educate Steemit users how to achieve top results as bloggers and how to become successful entrepreneurs. I work every day on this project, I love what I do and it gives me great pleasure. For all new users, Steem Schools is the basic staircase that will shorten you a lot of hours of learning about Steemit. Find the passion that will lead you to the top, make your plan and goals that are part of a great vision.

Organization of time and selection of strategic partners is one of the key parts of success. If you want to get top results, then you should make superb comments and posts. Everyone wants to invest in a person who is creative and has great potential. In the world of business, everyone wants to see interest in you, and Steemit's main interest is to raise Steem's value, because the voting power and the profit of investors depend on it. Do your posts attract new users to Steemit? Does your activity raise the value of Steem? It is my interest to see that a larger number of users become successful, and the Steemit reputation depends on the number of active users, and of course this is a key part for attracting investors. Positive energy, creative challenges and competitions, marketing strategies and innovations are a magnet for all people. The award is due to good relationships with other people, communication represents 85% of success and Steemit is the right place for our advancement.

No one will do your part of the job, it's your job to draw attention from investors and new users. It does not matter how many followers you have, it's important how many of them really support you with upvotes and with resteem. Love shows itself with works, on Steemit everything is visible and everything is transparent. Show your talents and your potential in the best possible way, be honest and work on your skills as this is the only way to lead you to the top. A very important characteristic of the leaders is that they never give up, they work persistently and disciplined until they achieve their goals. Money is the energy that comes with the process of learning and action, for success, it takes the time that you spend with great faith in yourself and achievement of goals. You will encounter many obstacles, lies and insincere friendship, this is all part of the process that makes you more powerful. When you achieve your goal then you know that all you have done is really worth it.


See you on the top @dobartim
We win together - Steem Schools https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n

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What you say in your publication is absolutely true, many people come to steemit without vision or strategies, many times they don't know what they want to write, but over time they create their own personal brand, others do not take it seriously and just want easy money without working it.

I personally have become known little by little and have helped many people, I have just made my community official, which is @mayvileros and I want to continue to support every user who takes seriously the role of blogger and creator of original content.

It is a project that I have had for some months now on a personal level and this week I made it official.

People like you encourage us to continue with what we do and show us that we are on the right track.

Greetings from Venezuela.

See you on the top

I totally agree with your post. Steemit needs hardworking people. Apart from hardwork, you need to be CREATIVE! CREATIVE!! and CREATIVE!!! in order to be successful on steemit. Your post has been educating so far.
Thanks a million times..

You are welcome

I totally agree!
Thank you!

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Dr. Success, I am certain that you will open the business schools you are talking about. As we are right now on the brink of a new age. I think we have entered it already and crypto is such a valuable asset, not just monetary but especially in its ability to free people to express themselves and to reach people in a way that the internet was not capable of before it reached the effectiveness it has as we are speaking here right now.

When you have reached your goal, then you know you are one step closer to being able to impact the collective in a bigger, or more efficient, or more creative way than you were capable of before.

This is the right direction

It's not easy though. Even if you write the most amazing piece of work, full of content and beautifully scripted it can be very hard to garner any attention. People tend to follow the money so a picture posted by a big account can get a lot more traction than your work of art created by a minnow.
I'm not saying that i have written any such works but in the beginning it was a task to get anybody to even read a post let alone to vote on it. I will keep trying and i have met some great users on the site but nothing is easy and it will take a lot of hard work to get to decent place on here.

Keep going

I will. Summer is a busy time for me but i will keep moving along and try to put a bit more in. Hard work is the only way forward. Thanks.

@dobartim Thank you for all the instructions and guidelines for success... Showing ourselves is something very important ,because we have the tools and we only have to use them ,because we have to be persistent ,perseverant ,never give up ,constant ,disciplined ,creative, visionary to achieve our goals...

@dobartim Gracias por todas las instrucciones y guías para lograr el éxito . Mostrarnos es algo es algo muy importante ,porque tenemos las herramientas y solo debemos emplearlas .Hay que ser persistentes , perseverantes , nunca rendirse , ser constantes , disciplinados ,creativos, visionarios para lograr nuestros objetivos .

You are welcome

Very well written! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject, many could learn loads from its content. Playing with the platform since before its official inception, I did learn a lot and the passion behind me and my followers has created a real success both in my heart and in my mind.

The branding slowly moves from one centre to anther and seems to be attracting more and more interested people. What a humbling and rewarding experience it has been so far.

Namaste :)

See you on the top

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Bro this is something very important on steemit platform , writing skills and to grow steem power , this will definitely help us to grow and become more strong , let’s work together bro on steemit , looking forward
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Keep going

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How many are willing to invest in freeing the planet?

Do investors only care about the bottom line, good looking and sounding people or are they interested in those who have vision to restore The Republic, Restore America and free the planet from tyranny ?

That is my question.

Thank you.

Mother Liberty.


This is a business topic

Everyone who writes on Steemit is concerned with a business topic. So my question remains relevant, as all posts on Steemit are oriented with a business model in mind.

Thank you.


Mother Liberty.

You have a lot of different topic like poetry, art, music, health etc...

Yes, there are many topics on Steemit. All are relevant as we are interested in them all. So this topic here of business is of interest also.

Thank you.

Mother Liberty.


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I agree with you 1000%

Thank you

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A very good initiate from you. Yes a lot of people have passion to work on this platform, including me, but they lack in utlizing it rightly. I want to put myself on right way to achieve something. I want to learn and want to correct myself where i'm mistaken. I want to have this opportunity to learn something from you.
Very informative and helping blog. Thumbs up!

I am glad you like it

Voted, reesteemed and twittered.
Great post and mission. You have a new follower :)

Thank you very much

You are welcome, mate. :)

Your post very importent for me how to be succes in steemit

Keep going

Your words, specially this post, give me exactly the energy I needed in this moment. Of course you don't mentioned it, but here also exist rejection, just a few minutes today a group reject me and I was just about to leave steemit once and for all, sometimes people feel they tried and tried and success just scaped .

Then, just your post shows and give me, again, the energy to keep trying no matter what.

Your're right. And maybe I'm just not doing it right.


You are welcome

Your skill of writting a blog is really good, i have much more to learn from you and one thing i specialy like on your post is about why we should make investment on steemit, i like your straight forward explaination....

And regarding your school is a very positive initiative towards the whole steemit community...👍👍👍

Welcome to Steem Schools


I heard of the The Fonz 'jumping the shark' but riding one??? Highly unregulated - here above is a #shark at Scripps institute of oceanography. #photograph taken w a #Nikon by @angrytwin

Nice sharks

You have done very important things. I want to grow from this same way. Thank you very much for guidance.

Welcome to Steem Schools

thanks bro. plz guid me on steemit.

Be part of Steem Schools and learn https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n

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Well come

See you on the top

Thank you Sir for sharing those information with us..

You are welcome

Sir if time allows you than please sometime do visit my blogs...
I will be evergrateful..

Excellent Blog @dobartim, very motivating and good tool for those of us who have been taking the first steps in search of an identity in Steemit, I know that as a star in this network you have to shine with your own light, avoid copy and be super original, I have been following post from @mayvil and other people, in order to learn more and be able to take this post post community. Very grateful to both for their lessons, this post felt like a good coaching session. Thank you, greetings from Venezuela .. A big hug full of good vibes !! Successes

Welcome to Steemit

If I could ride sharks, I probably would be a bit bored by Steemit.

Excellent choice

you are absolutely right! All the people who are earning money on Steemit have amazing content. Blogs related to Crypto trading, travelling, photography, food and educational blogs are the most sought after categories. And those kind of people who are writing great content are actually less, I have to filter a lot of copy paste and bad grammar blogs before I decide which ones to upvote and comment on.

So there is alot of potential for growth on steemit if you are creative and can give 100% original and unique content.

See you on the top

When we hear about Barack Obama, the "Yes we can" crooner comes to mind, we see him as an outstanding politician.
When we hear Beethoven, classical music comes to our mind.
When we hear Lionel Messi, football comes to our minds.

They created a brand for themselves.

What brand are we selling?
What are we known for?

On Steemit, exceptional qualities are noticed, tho not immediately, it takes a while. So branding dont juat happen, they are built over time. So it takes a while on steemit, but if we can keep up the steam, we can still make it.

Thanks for the motivation

Nothing happened by chance

Wow... this is a really inspiring write-up and I do commend your effort for this. Hope to get more of motivational works from you,this specific write-up actually created more than an impact in me. Thanks

Welcome to Steemit

I am inspired to move to my success level!

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See you on the top

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Thank you

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It gets tough sometimes but we keep at it.Thank you.

You are welcome

DR. GREAT you are really a great I am so impressed to know something more about steemit from your this post . I wanna say you a big thanks for this post .Please make some more content like this . So many people wanna know more and more about steemit but they are not getting this type or organic posts.
I was working last some months but not growing. I know in early days I did some mistakes but when i had know more about steemit so i had correct it. but unfortunately i am not growing can you please check my blogs and tell me my mistakes because i wanna grow on steemit so please you or anyone can help me here ?

See you on the top

You make so many great points in this blog post. Thank you for taking the time out to share this information with us. I think that it’s a wonderful thing that you started your steemit school discord channel. Once I get off work, I’ll be joining it because knowing more about the platform that I’m on is a must for me. Take care!

Welcome to Steem Schools

I just got my password and just today I post my post introducing. I do not know yet what I will write, I was guided by my soul what I know I will be just me. Thanks for your post. Greetings from Venezuela.

Welcome to Steemit

Hello Mr. @dobartim, being honest since we all arrived here, looking for a way to earn money, but in this long career you must learn that to win it you must do your own mission, find the niche that makes you stand out. , in my case, I am a professional, coah motivational, I have many personal tools that would make me catapult if I am a little arrogant, but really people do not receive attention, or at least in Spanish, or there are many people writing approximately the same, and leave to count, therefore, to ignore my profession and I am in search of general writings until I make my group of followers. I like photography, but unfortunately I live in Venezuela, and it is risky to take mobile phones through the streets taking pictures of everything that catches your attention, you have to do it under profile, even if you go to a place. but the attempt is made anyway. The idea is to persist even though you spend weeks and nobody reads your publications, sometimes that frustrates, and I try to publish almost daily, but we keep swimming until we reach my niche.

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

hahaha finally the truth comes out... this place is so fundamentally flawed it's unreal. Exposure is impossible, visibility is nonexistent, user-experience in the dumps... don't get me wrong I like steemit and all but there needs to be some serious changes made before this place is fully an enjoyable experience for ALL users, not just the whales.

I mean look at this post.... personal branding my ass, he paid for this post to reach trending with bid-bots, like seriously dude c'mon

Quit the lies is right my man @nameless-berk glad someone is on the same page here

Wish I knew all that before investing in this shitcoin.

A bollocks posting indeed.

If you want to get top results, then you should make superb comments and posts. Everyone wants to invest in a person who is creative and has great potential.

Especially this is drivel. As things stand on Steemit, this is a blatant lie.

We have, of course, flagged this post for disagreement on rewards.