Quote of the day: “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, what makes happiness.”

Dear Steemit friends and followers,

I would like to share another interesting quote with you today.

Source: Brainy Quote, author: Charles Spurgeon, famous English author and preacher

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, what makes happiness.”

What do you think of this inspirational quote, my fellow Steemians? Do you think people need to own a lot of possession to be happy? Have you met someone who did not have much but was still happier and enjoyed his life more than some people who are rich?

Let me know in the comments, I am looking forward to reading your opinions and stories :)

Have a wonderful day and Steem on!

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I really respect that Quote ..

My boss before , she is Millionaire , she have this and that, that you could imagine ..but the problem is she is not Happy, about
Personal life . I see her laughing when the friends or i can say business friends are around . But when she is alone .. You can see the sadness in her.

My parents are not rich but I can say they are more happier and content than my boss.

So i'm very much agree with that beautiful quote.

Yep, I can absolutely see where you are coming from... great example!

Money and resources are esential requirement of life for survival but we should not let yourself depend kb luxury. Instead we must enjoy the present time. We should enjoy life as much as possible.

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Happiness is inside us, possession riches not son guarantors to be happy!
The more you have, the more you want, and that is what often influences the happiness of people, since looking for more you can not enjoy what you have!
Happy day friend! Enjoy what you own and most importantly, enjoy your family!

Nicely said! Bravo!

Money or resources are actually numbers that will never end. If it takes money or resources to be happy then our search for happiness will never end.

And happiness is priceless.

Yep, I know...Unfortunately, certain amount of money is necessary to have a happy life.....

I'd searched online people living without money. I still can't do that but maybe I guess I could try it. But there are things we can do and we cannot do.

On the other hand, anything could be addictive and money is one of those.
After tasting the sweetness of money, we want it more and more, and when much is obtained, side effect comes in. Similar to food. That is why human life span is getting smaller and smaller.
But nothing to worry about, its not actually a long life that matters, its the sharing, loving and experience that matters. Living a hundred years old and still not satisfied would be a mess.

Can't agree more! :) I just did a post talking about it too:

Would you rather own the world and see a little, or own a little and see the world? When you own less, you see more; and when you feel more, you desire even less.

Very Wonderful quote.
Happiness is very important thing in our lifes....life is nothing without happiness...Happiness more important than money...happiness depend on your emoshions...being happy is more important then being successful...happiness is about being able to make the most of the good times....With out happiness life is nothing.....thanks fir sharing this great quote..

This is great and an important thing to remember when the market is doing what it is doing right now! I love the positivity! :)

I do agree with it

Happiness lies within what you like to do and what you have

It is not about quantity but about what is available already !

Great quot

Hi sir you post is good .