Quote of the day: “A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

I would like to share another interesting quote with you today.

Source: Quotefancy, author: Jim Watkins - American award-winning author, speaker and humorist

“A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”

What do you think of this inspirational quote, my fellow Steemians? Do you think persistence can really be more important than power, talent or some other virtues when accomplishing your goals? Have you achieved anything through persistence only?

Let me know in the comments, I am looking forward to reading your opinions and stories :)

Have a wonderful day and Steem on!

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Yes, persistence or consistency is Necessary to the big thing in this world or in your life, if you want to do something, but you can't do it with consistency, you will never get perfection in it, and you will feel frustrated, so if you want to do something big? do it continuously, maybe you will get a failure at the start, but then you will start learning from your failures, this is your success and now you can do anything you want to do.


You got it right according to my books... failures are necessary on the road to success:)....

Hi @czechglobalhosts, That would be brilliant quote indeed. Actually your quote most valid example for humans.

Do you think persistence can really be more important than power, talent or some other virtues when accomplishing your goals?

Of course Thomas, I don't mind my power would be important. We can do much stronger tasks via using our talent & skills than power. Power valid for the political lines. Not for the motivation activities.
For me I should try to do work hard with my deserving age and don't try to use my power for do something. Everything depend via our stronger thoughts. If our mind can control surely can find succeed destination.

Wow what an amazing quotation.Loved the amazing words.We should be like a river which bends,moves and always go forward though it doesn't matter how many rocks are in the way.We should be powerful and strong to surpass all the difficulties in the way and act like river as we should bend as the situation bends us and always moving forward no matter how much difficulties are and we should follow as we plan and be persistence.Thanks for sharing amazing quotation with us.@czechglobalhosts

Although sometimes we need to be good at something this does not mean we can not do some things if we propose it. We may think that we can not do it, but I believe that if we are persistent we can achieve it. Maybe we do not do it as fast as other people who may have the talent but we will achieve the goal. Once achieved, I believe that we can demand more from ourselves and we can gain experience. I think everything is possible if we propose it.

I think we can achieve many things if we are persistent. Only we can define if we can do something or not. Everything is a matter of setting our goal and striving to achieve it. It may be difficult for us or we may even fail in our first attempts. But as it says this phrase "he who perseveres, reaches"


The bottom line to that is to NEVER EVER GIVE UP....

Saw this place in India under a water hand pump. The water must've kept dripping permanently because the slab of shale stone under it had an inch deep groove carved out from dripping water.

The quote you mention is certainly true and holds value for most of us. Personally I struggle to keep working on something without giving up. Persistence is a quality that I wish for, in a good way......... just like the river :-)

Thanks for sharing this man.


It does take a lot of patience and hard work but with the right attitude you can get to the point when giving up is not an option... Wish you the best of luck to get there....


Thanks man!

Great Quote! I've been reading a lot about the concept of ENDURANCE recently so I like this one!


your nice inspiring


haha thanks

Attaining success is the easy part, staying successful is the harder part. Needs a lot of consistency and persistency.

Persistence of action comes from persistence of vision. When you’re super-clear about what you want in such a way that your vision doesn’t change much, you’ll be more consistent  and persistent   in your actions. And that consistency of action will produce consistency of results.

Persistence allows you to keep taking action even when you don’t feel motivated to do so, and therefore you keep accumulating results.

I think its a great quote to stick to in life. Persistence and commitment is the way to go!

A brilliant example for humans.

Instead of trying to do alot in one day , in 1 session.

to accomplish your dreams in 1 year.

you should try to work hard, but allow yourself breaks.
you can accomplish what you want in life. If you just keep on working and working towards that goal you have.

Persistence is the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people.

@czechglobalhosts, If we are believing, we can get it without courage, That's not the true. We have to to do,for that must be dedicated,we have to work hard to get power

Persistence is definitely more important than power.
I believe with persistence you can accomplish anything in your life.

Thank you for sharing this awesome inspiring quote. Love it.
This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks

Persistence is like salt, it gives labour a good taste.

Success in any endeavour is a journey of discovery of many things, such as experience, consistency, persistence and strongwill

Power without these things will only be power for a short period

Talent without these things are only talents for a short while. Ability beats talents these days

This post is so interesting....Great work..Thanks for share this post..@czechglobalhosts

Energy and persistence conquer all things. ~ Benjamin Franklin


Why use someone else´s name? Don´t you have your own identity? Hmmmmmm.........

Persistence is one of the key to success.

Michael faraday wouldn't have been able to produce the electric bulb if not for persistence. Power is not needed to succeed.

In transiting life, being constant plays an important role to achieve goals, if you are looking for ways to improve yourself, to improve your quality of life, you must be constant, but at the first negative comment of another you forget what is planned and you lower your attitude, means that the idea has not had enough strength to make it come true

Nice post. Life is limitless only if we see the possibilities in it. No man was born to be limited, every man is divinely orchestrated to his decisions, only if we can decide the possibilities of life as our anchor, nothing will or can stop us.