Mahal kong Ina - Poem dedicated to all the Moms out there

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This poem is dedicated to all the Mom out there :)

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Mahal kong Ina

Mukha mong kay ganda, matang puno ng pagsinta,

Unang nasilayan sa pagmulat ng aking mga mata,

Ang himig ng iyong boses humahalinghing sa aking mga tainga,

Ang marahang hele ng mahal kong Ina.

Haplos mong marahan sa aking mga buhok,

Tila iyong lakas sa lahat ng pagsubok,

Dampi ng iyong mga labi sa aking munting leeg,

Iyong mga yakap na puno ng pag-ibig.

Aking inay masdan mo aking mga matang nangungusap,

Pangako saiyo aabutin ko ang sa aki'y iyong pangarap,

Tagumpay kong alay sayo'y karapat-dapat,

Salamat sa walang hanggang pag-ibig at paglingap.

English translation

My Dearest Mom

Your beautiful face, your eyes full of passion,

is the most beautiful thing I`ve ever seen as I opened my eyes,

The melody of your voice singing sweetly to my ears,

Your gentle lullaby my dearest Mom.

Your gentle and sweet caress in my hair,

Becoming your strength in every challenge in your life,

The touch of your lips on my little neck,

I feel your hug that full of love.

My dear mom, please look me in the eye,

As I promise to reach all your dreams for me,

All of my success will be dedicated to you,

Thank you for all the love and care you gave to me.

Mother's day is not the only day that we should show our love to our Mom. We should personally say and show them how much we love them while we still have the chance to do so.

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True, we must always show love and spend time to share with them.
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Ganda naman ng tula mo sis pabasa mo sa mama mo sis maiiyak un sa saya ang sweet ng tula :)


hehe.. oo naman sis. kaso matagal pa kami magkikita kaya sinend ko nalang sa fb nya. Thanks sis

They sacrifice everything for their children. Lots of love and respect to all mothers. ❤


So true, we wouldn't be here if not because of their bravery. Thank you for taking time to read!

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