My entry into "The Most Embarrassing Ever" challenge

in #mostembarrassingever2 years ago (edited)

This is my entry to @dandesign86's "Most Embarrassing Ever" challenge:

Many years ago I found myself traveling with a friend, who I will call Kate,  to  a remote town, here in southern Switzerland...the road to get there was your typical winding road, very curvy and very remote as well. It was hopping busy at certain times of the year, but at this particular time there was hardly a soul to be seen traveling along it.

We arrived near our destination, parked the car in an also remotely positioned parking lot and began walking to where we were going, which however was still quite a hike from where we had parked.

As we left the parking lot, chit-chatting along, my friend accidentally dropped her car keys right as she happened to be stepping over a water grate ( or sewer grate, if you will).

Cast iron water and sewage grating

" OH NO! " She gasped in horror as we saw the keys dropping in through the narrow grate in slow motion. As you can imagine, and according to Murphy's Law, no, they didn't land on the edge of the grate, or miraculously dangle astride the grated slats, but gently and graciously dropped in between the grating only to land almost in mocking defiance on a very narrow half-shelf, located about a meter or about 3 feet below the surface.,  ready to dip into the dark, dank blackness of the sewage hole laying just below....

Keep in mind that this was quite some time before anyone carried a cell, no.....calling for help was not an option...

" OH NO!....what are we going to do? "  cried my panic- stricken friend ?

Almost by instinct, and without any hesitation we both knelt down in our skirts and lifted the grating away, ...the keys were now fully exposed to our sight, but still mocking us from that long 1 meter drop below...

Trying to lift a cast -iron grate is no small feat for two petite women, wearing skirts!...

What to do? Stuck with no phone, on a remote road, no houses, no pay phones, no shops, not a soul in sight, and miles away from any of the above...

Well, they say that when the going gets tough, the tough get

Faster than you can say "shucks", I lay on my stomach, in my nice flowery skirt and tried to reach for the keys....DANG!....if I had just been a bit taller with longer arms, I may have reached it....there was only 1 solution: Kate, you hang on to my legs & feet and I'll lean into the hole a little further, until I reach them...and so it went..

Alas! So there we were, 2 young women, in the middle of no-where, me with half of my body buried inside a sewage hole, reaching for the keys, her, hanging onto my legs, and sure enough...right at the instant that I dangled my body into the dark hole:..." zoom, zoom, zoom" :....3 cars drive by.....

What a sight that must have been, ...I can just imagine their thoughts:...

  " Did I just see what I thought I saw?,!?!?...a woman in a skirt , laying on her stomach on the road with half of her body dangling in a sewage hole ?!?"

So,... there you have embarrassing story...

By the way, I got the keys!!

Thanks for reading!



Haha I love the story telling here and the set up, I can almost see the scene in front of me and I am surprised the cars where able to stay on the road. Maybe they thought that It the clown was trying to pull you down and your friend was pulling you back, either way it must have been very hard to figure out what was going on for the people passing by!

Great story and thank you so much for your submission:)

Thanks to you @dandesign86... I would of had more... I've done a lot of embarrassing things in life...😬😩

That's my wife, a real Tiger and she'll never change. She once got into a tug of war with a raccoon who was trying to steal our food provisions while wilderness camping in Canada! That was a sight! An epic battle that she won while the rest of us were still trying to figure out what to do!

Whoa! What a trooper!

Hahah lol, well it's hard to get in the middle of a fight like that as you are probably very shocked. I'm glad the Tiger won in the end haha

You two are very sweet couple :)

Eheh I'm guessing that they full throttled! But in the end did you recovered the keys?

Yes she got the keys!

If this one is not enough I've got a drawer full of embarrassing stories with you in them!

Swiss Chalet in Toronto, Frey in Basel, the pump organ incident. Shall I go on?


You trying to hang out all my dirty laundry?... what kind of an Old Dog are you, anyway?!?

ahhahahahaha.. that's a dangerous threat Old Dawg
am not sure you should do that hahahah

Thanks for backing me up, sis...

hahahaha.. I remember the flower I was worried for him hahaha

Maybe you're right. Thanks for the advice!

Eheh we want to know all of them!

I can imagine how embarassing that moment must have been for you and your friend kate. All the same i'm happy you got the key.

okay you win and beat the Old Dawg!
unfortunately I don't get to decide dear burdie
but that's really a funny thought I tried picturing it in my head and hahahaha-d :D

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I heard from @carolineschell that you are Swiss or living in Switzerland, if so, maybe you want to join us on discord where we are building a community and help one another, share ideas, exchange experiences, etc. Come and have a look, here's the link:

Will do...thanks for the tip

The link I posted a few days ago has probably expired, use this one:


Amazing story :-))))) was fun too!

I imagine ;-D!!!

Comment removed

What an adventure @lellabird! And you got the keys 👏👏
Well, I have learnt one thing, never give up! 😎