Another sunrise in the shadow

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Another sunrise
in the shadow

original poetry


Ballooning into features,

The world is a coffee stain &
The skin of an onion.

Shrinking into a small child,

The fate of the universe
Is falling and scraping one's knee.

Morning is a spearmint sprig
Invigorating the senses,

Spring is coming on the back
Of a tangerine flea.

Reading in tea leaves
The future of our passion
With a slight smile,

Just a crinkle at the edges
Indicating acceptance.

Outside, the sun parades
Luminous its message:

The whole world
Is alive in the shadow

Of wordlessness that
Makes everything grow.


foam-sunrise-retrovint 3.jpg

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Images are
Free domain.

foam-sunrise-retrovint 2.jpg

sunflower-fractal-retrovint 2.jpg


Shadow life is just another form of existence I think, and there are sunrises and light there but just different.

Daniel, are you a left-hander? Or maybe you can use both hands equally well?
I was reading info about creative persons and their development in brains, they are more developed in the left part, and that's why they can be left-handers often. I try to remember all people I know to check this theory - some of them have proved it, what about you?)

By the way, in Russia in the past left-handing was considered to be wrong, actually not in Russia, but in the USSR. All kids who were born left-handers were retaught to use a right hand more. I know many of such people now. It was a great mistake I think.
Thanks heaven, it has changed, and now left-handers are not treated like wrong or bad people.

It is impossible to explain what are the human preferences. Despite being of the same material and both beautiful, (to which one of them is more beautiful), the sun at dusk has always had more audience than that star that appears at dawn.
We even lost this twilight.
Nobody saw us this afternoon with our hands together
while the blue night fell on the world.
I have seen from my window
the celebration of the west in the distant hills.
Sometimes as a currency
a piece of sun was lit in my hands.
@d-pend I'm surprised at the ease you have to write poetry ..

Awesome poem

Good Morning @d-pend. Enjoy your coffee and a bright new day. I don't think many words were spoken in the beginning.

Here I am
Commenting on what was already said.
Quoting a text already read
Adding words to fill what is already complete

"Wordlessness"-- from nothing the word arises and gives life to what had been still for so long.

D-pend is back. I'm glad you enjoyed your day. I enjoyed reading this poem. This belongs in the blockchain. Your words are so pure even Forest Gump is jealous:

The world is a coffee stain &
The skin of an onion.

"Another sunrise in the shadow". It's really cool @d-pend, the words you write can always produce a beautiful poem. You always have an idea to write a poem, that's what makes me admire you. Your way of thinking is very creative.

The sun shines

Though it was raining tonight
My shine remained warm with his love
Though dark accompanied me tonight
My light shines illuminate every corner of my life
Stay in the most beautiful place in my heart duhai mine.

You came right when I needed your presence
You have illuminated the dark heart
You have given strength to the dying heart
Love me as much as I love you.

Thank you so much @d-pend
for his attention Let's all give a little smile to them.
I can not repay your kindness. god who will reward him. I can only give parstipasi for your attention
I will also pray for you always healthy and lots of fortune, can see the children smiling happy.

Thanks you

GIVE LITTLE SMALL (save children)

Thanks you ao much @d-pend
beautiful poems, every meaningful stanza. Reminiscent of past memories, bringing out old files from our hard drive, presenting the present day. very impressed I read them, great poetry

Previously I apologize if commented, because it does not match the topic. But I am sure you are a good and caring person, I am very sure you are too great person of course, I am very motivated with you @d-pend
You love to travel, on the way you meet abandoned children, I am sure you are a caring, loving and loving person that children can smile at children, it will be nice even though the valentine moment has passed. I am sure you will want to be discouraged, if you do not mind visit my bloq, i hope you can give input to my writing and direct me @d-pend

Give a little smile (Save the children)

Your words fly into the ether of heavenly virtue, of all you can do a masterpiece.

What a positive message to start a day with full energy. As it is going to start a Sports Gala at my school and i am coordinator of whole gala. This thing ensures Spring is back and yelling at us to enjoy our lives like the beauty of roses.

I am still confused what is the most wonderful thing the image or the poetry, Yes, both!

Thanks a lot the beautiful Soul for all this wonderful treat <3 <3 <3

the world is only temporary, the world is full of stains, not to be forgotten with all its tricks, beautiful poetry

thanks for shareing Another sunrise its really Awsome sir @d-pend

Check out mine

When i look at the rising sun
Its rays reflect to my eyes
That i could see the future

The future where milk is mixed with honey
That is the future i wanna be

Great post @d-pend

I like to your poem
Really .I like it
Thanks you so much

Our psyche can be seen as an onion as the outer layers are revealed to get at the heart. Perhaps a lotus is a better metaphor ... less odoriffic ... but these days coffee stained onion skins cast offs seem oddly more descriptive and apropos:) So much wonder and glorious imagery in this piece. Nice way to start the morning:)

very nice

Beautiful poem in the morning

The world is far from perfect, but there are still shimmers of light and hope. Nice poem, thanks for sharing.

Amazing the post,, i like it,

sunrise in the shadow.......awesome poetry

Really wonderful picture my friend Professional colors

Unique angle and beautiful color! Thank you for sharing the photos and the poem:)

owo its really beautifull thanks for shareing @d-pend

Brilliant work d-pend 👍

thank you for shareing this Beauty

resteem @d-pend

@d-pend, Most of inspiration poetry indeed. Title given more beauty and attraction. Extremely classy fascinating art works bring us inside the title. Your explaining thoughts awesome. Deepest meanings indeed. Someone I couldn't understand. Your shadow imagination wondering. You've passed expand my hear soul through sunrise in the shadow. Thanks for the inspiration.

😭😭 I read it twice. Still couldn’t underStand 🙄

Why are you so complicated daniel 🤷🏻‍♀️


Try to feel the passion in between the lines and read the poetry like you hear a voice in your head.
This could help.

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The world is a coffee stain and the skin of an onion
Like the bleakness in everything?

An art with many voices.

conveying many lines
of messages that touches.

A story of many inkers.

Invigorating the mind
making it travel miles without border.

@d-pend you're a genius. I salute.

Beautiful poem, I sat pondering “of wordlessness that makes everything grow.” Nature doesn’t need speech or words to flourish, it does exactly what nature requires.❣️🐓

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