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Today I lost a colleague and a friend. A young and beautiful woman, mother of a 13 years old girl.
Sadness, anger, helplessness... these are the feelings among our group. We lost an amazing person... someone who was always there for everybody.
Why is life so unfair? How can this be the "will of God"? Is this supposed to be something to comfort a little girl who lost the centre of her universe?
I refuse to believe that God had this planned all the way....


Check out the challenge started by me and @erikah, SeasonChallenge. We would love to learn about your impressions towards the Summer (these being the theme until 2nd of September).

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So sad for the lost of your beautiful colleague may she RIP and remain strong for her daughter she will need your support. Life is just not fair at times and unfortunately we have no control when it comes to that :(

Thank you, my friend. It is so sad. Today we said our farewells to her and it was heart breaking.
This is life... a neverending source of bad jokes. 😢

So sad my condolence to you and your friends life can be so unfair at times stay strong my friend :)

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