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Today my father would have celebrated his 64th anniversary but... Every year, on 3rd of April I'm sad.
I miss him so much and I wish for him to be around and meet his grandchildren. And to see that I did not abandoned the passion we shared: photography.
But this is life...we cannot control the amount of time we are given. So we should be living like every day is the last day.


Check out the challenge started by me and @erikah, SeasonChallenge. We would love to learn about your impressions towards the Spring (these being the theme until 3rd of June).

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I know how you feel, or at least I think I know. I lost my parents years ago.

I’m sorry my dear Roxy that your Dad has passed. It’s just not the same after our parents leave this planet.
He is probably smiling and happy for the life you have made now and for still doing the passion of photography. 💕

Thank you, Jo. Yes, life changes completely when our parents leave this world. I sincerely hope there is life after death and they are smiling from where they are now. 🙂

Yes, I can say with confidence Roxy, there is life after we leave this planet. I may do a post on some of the things that confirms it for me. 💕