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Sometimes we are lucky to witness greatness. An image that makes us feel small and blessed at the same time.
Sky and land meeting in front of our eyes...

Have you ever wondered if you climb the highest mountain would you be able to reach the clouds? Will you be allowed to touch the heaven?
I'm considering myself among the chosen ones as I can see the beauty. I don't need an extra proof that Mother Nature loves us despite our destructive behavior.


Check out the challenge started by me and @erikah, SeasonChallenge. We would love to learn about your impressions towards the Spring (these being the theme until 3rd of June).

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WOW..What a beautiful combination of mother nature absolutely gorgeous photo and congrats on your scrape win my friend.

Sorry haven't been around much have been so busy. Hey i won lovetheclouds but no pay out but who cares i am still trying to support him i don't know why :)

Thank you, my friend.

I saw you won that contest...not so many entries, ha? 😂 That was a great photo, of course he chose it otherwise...
So how do you like photochallenge? I told you it is a cool contest. 🙂

Yeah there was much to compete against that's why he chose my...haha :)

Very cool contest you have been winning a few also but the pace is picking up with good photographers getting in on the action it will end up like julinka contest what ever his name :)

Yeah... This is the danger for us, the amateurs. Although we should take this as a motivation for getting better... If we find the time. 😂

Looking forward to the next clouds contest as I got some super shots these days. 😉

Your doing ok your more then a amateur now you have stepped up a few paces doing well :) i am going to have a challenger will be looking forward to :)