MonoMad Challenge ~ Three Span Truss Bridge

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge by @monochromes! You can learn more about the contest and how to enter HERE!

My photo is, actually, of a three-span Parker through truss bridge. The name Parker comes from Charles H. Parker who patented the design in 1870. This steel bridge is over Loch Raven Reservoir and Gunpowder Falls. It is the known as the Loch Raven Reservoir Bridge or the Warren Road Bridge because that is where it is located. This bridge was built in 1923 and is still in use today. I took this photo as we (husband and I) were driving over the steel deck.


Thank you @brumest for #monomad and #monochromes!!





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Thanks so much @pixresteemer!!

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Geometry fascinates me. I found myself gazing into this photo for quite some time. Very nice shot!

Thanks so much @futuremind!!

Welcome friend :)

Great shot! What kind of camera did you use? You don't see many bridges like this around anymore. I live in Pittsburgh PA all the bridges around the city used to look like this.

Over the years they have changed them all over to just concrete bridges!

Definitely a rarity and very beautiful shot!😁

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Thanks so much @bit-trader! It wasn't a planned excursion so I only had my phone camera a LGv20.
I guess concrete is more economical but certainly not as nice to look at. I only have a few photos of this particular bridge which I'll show in a couple more posts. :)

I love this style of bridge and what a cool shot of it

Thank you Jay!! To me, it's like a piece of art! ;)

Yes to me as well the style of them is a form of art

I love this picture ! The memories of my hometown ! I am soooo following you and of course upvoted and resteemed because I enjoyed your work ❤️❤️❤️🍸

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Thank you very much @tammyp!! Are you from Baltimore Co? Which part? I'm on the cusp of Parkville and Towson. :)

Howdy deerjay! dang, that's a long bridge! But it's a well built one. Great photo for the tag too!

Thanks @janton!! I got pretty lucky as that there wasn't another car on it. It is pretty cool to ride over it too with the steel grates. It's also a little spooky at night. 🌙

haha! yeah they don't make them like they used to but I bet it's a great bridge and very safe and it looks cool too!

@deerjay nice old sturdy looking bridge. I remember seeing one similar in Michigan.

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woohoo i do like bridges :D You got nice texture and framing is neath to :D awsome job :D

Thanks so much @swedishdragon!! It's one of the cooler ones around here. ;)

Oh cooler? Like there are more ?? Woohoo show them tooooo😀😀👍🏻💗

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