Monochrome Monday – Drakes and Flower

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Monochrome Monday is a good excuse for me to try out different digital processing and see what the pictures look like. I like the way black and white makes certain things look and I find it interesting to compare the results with what the pictures look like in color.

The Drakes were all hanging around together again at the duck pond. There was not a female duck in sight. Maybe they were into an exclusive, “males only, bad boys club” or the females were all nesting in the reeds someplace. They looked a little lonely without the females around to me.

Dog-oh caused the ducks to fly and swim off to the back of the pond and started eating all the rice and corn people had placed there for the ducks.

A couple of ducks stood on top of a piece of fence that had somehow found its way into the pond. I’ve seen all kinds of things in here. Old bicycles, shopping carts, etc.

It was back to raining again after a few days of sunshine and the water was turning a bit brown from the increased flow. I liked the way the black and white version of the picture shows off the water and the cattails.

Drakes in the pond, using: Agafapan 25 film emulation – click for viewing full screen

Here’s the original version for comparison:

Drakes .jpg
Drakes in the pond in color – click for viewing full screen

I’ve been watching this flower growing for some time. Maybe you remember me posting a picture of it a while ago. It seems like it has been there part of the winter and keeps on going strong. There are some little seed pods forming in the center of the flower now. Perhaps if I see some of the seeds coming out I will collect a few and try to get the flower to grow in my garden too.

Flower, using: 77% Agafapan 25 blended over a Kodac HIE layer – click for viewing full screen

Here’s the same picture using Technicolor 3 color emulation. I really like the way this effect makes it look.

Flower, using: Technicolor 3 color emulation – click for viewing full screen

For comparison, here’s the original picture as it came out of the camera:

Flower, original picture as shot – click for viewing full screen

Not a lot has been happening this week. Lots of bushes and trees around here are still flowering. The garden is growing nicely with the bok choy growing very fast and needing to be harvested now.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support! Special thanks to @old-guy-photos for hosting monochromemonday.

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Manipulating the colors of the picture is a fun way, when I use the black and white color I feel pleasure, I like your article and the pictures of colored ducks, I see this ducks only pictures and not nature, thank you for the article and beautiful pictures and a nice rose , good luck my dear friend @lightsplasher 👍👍😃
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Yes my friend @lightsplasher produces effects on different images.
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What a smart photography and nice color editing @lightsplasher. I totally stunning with those naturalize images. Flower editing process awesome. Thanks and will see next awesome work.

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my duck at home just do not have duck male. and this is the two female ducks in my house. image

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Nice black and white comrades.

very beautiful flowers, very fascinating @lightsplesher
Thanks for sharing !

we still have a ways to go to catch up with you guys. On the bright side we both have rain so we should have some nice bright vegetation this summer.
thanks for sharing keep it up

forgive me for just now able to present enjoy your interesting post @lightsplasher, especially in this monocrhome photo

Your picture experiments are fun for sure, coming up with uniquely beautiful pictures from the same!

And I like this article. it seems to have an uncommon style to it. Happy monochrome Monday!

It is that time of year. Another couple warm weeks and there should be little ducklings wading about. Won't that be lovely?
Thanks @lightsplasher have shared the beauty.

a very cute duck and very pretty flowers
Thanks for sharing

It is a fascination and very fun for me to see how edits change the tone and feel of a picture! Even with black and white, just changing light and contrast makes a big difference. And of course also cropping comes into it as well. Cool shots, my friend, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the editing!

I have heard from guys that sail on the Puget Sound about places that when the ebb tide is going out really makes for some interesting conditions!

Black and white photography is considered to be classic and expressively emotional. After all this time and technology, it remains quite a popular format among all genres.

One of the benefits of previewing and shooting in black and white is the practice of eliminating the distraction of color. Doing so forces you to pay closer attention to composition and texture. Themes such as bare trees, winter, fine art, and a lot of street photography, or the above image of Grand Central Station in New York City, are just a few examples of situations where you might prefer to shoot in monochrome.

Not All is Black and White

Though there are a few arguments for shooting in monochrome, the consensus says it's a process better done in software after the fact. Using the monochrome or sepia setting means the natural colors in the shot are lost. Whereas, if you shoot in color, especially RAW, you can always convert to black and white later and keep your full colored version as an option.
For fun though, make a day of it and just shoot in monochrome. You be the judge.

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Yes my friend @lightsplasher produces effects on different images.
Whether it is indeed a pool to play duck @lightsplasher, maybe the male duck is looking for somewhat hidden place but all the pictures were perfect result @lightsplasher hopefully your day is always happy @lightsplasher and i will always share useful things on the picture effect @lightsplasher

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Amazing white black. Unquestionable photo capability. Very beautiful to enjoy. Thanks @lightsplasher have shared the beauty.

I like to campare between colors pictures with black and white pinctures it's really interesting to see the difference. Specially plants pictures , i love theme.
Thanks for sharing !

Bok choy ... it's what's for dinner. Yes the females are no doubt laying eggs and tending to the nest. It is that time of year. Another couple warm weeks and there should be little ducklings wading about. Won't that be lovely?

A very good job @lightsplasher I like the way you are, the ducks all the boys are right it's made a group kusus for male duck

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for duck pond photos, I am more interested in black and white photos. it looks very old fashioned. worth the tax on the wall of the house.

the lake is rundown, but looks very unique. and the flowers are pretty and trrlihat very rare.,
I like @lightsplasher

Wonderful photography

Yeah I totally like playing with pics and mono. I have found I love it in pics with intricate detail, patterns, or high contrasty shots. Of course it always adds, to my mind, a certain timelessness to a shot whether it is a building or a landscape.

Great shots my friend! I have to say I am jealous of the flowers!!! We dont even have dandilions yet! LOL

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Wonderful photography and nice your monochromemonday post

We're finally starting to get some flowers on the trees over here on the east coast. No leaves yet though, we still have a ways to go to catch up with you guys. On the bright side we both have rain so we should have some nice bright vegetation this summer.

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Black and white photos do often feel very different from color. Often much more artistic, to my eye anyway. COld and rainy here the last few days,looking forward to some nice weather to get outside!