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Lately there has been a lot of controversy around AriseBank. One reason for this is that it has the word "Bank" in the name.

Let's review what the definition of Bank is:

noun: bank; plural noun: banks

  1. a financial establishment that uses money deposited by customers for investment, pays it out when required, makes loans at interest, and exchanges currency.

Per the AriseBank website it says the following:

"It's the first ever decentralized banking platform. AriseBank is the first decentralized banking product ever created and features one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms ever built, with services like AriseID, aEx, aiExchanger, aTransfer, AriseCard, aTMs, aPocket, aPay and more. aBank is completely decentralized, which means it's never hosted in our data center and we never touch your money. It's entirely hosted on your desktop and mobile devices."

So as you can see there is a big difference between a Bank that "uses money deposited by customers for investment" and "we never touch your money."

Personally I think AriseBank is not a bank as we understand a bank to be. It's better than a bank. Safer than a bank. It's not centralised like a bank.

The following list of websites and articles have been provided to help give you more understanding:

Here are a list of videos for further understanding:

You can also see a letter here from Jared Rice Sr. the Chief Executive Officer of AriseBank written by him and on behalf of the Arise governance.

We The People are determined to take back our freedom and AriseBank along with Bitshares will be instrumental in achieving this.

I hope you can see beyond the FUD and that you are self determined enough to think for yourself and are not a sheeple who just does what he is told because some government department said so.

When it comes to freedom it requires you to be constantly alert and willing to fight for your freedom. If you don't you'll inevitably end up a salve.

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Hey, good post. First time I looked into Arisebank, and I must say that it sounds great, and is definitely something I would support. Looking forward to exploring the possibilities. Bitshares is already working like a personal bank for me.

but I'm still wondering whether to buy or not


Me too... it has such a huge ICO raise... it's hard to imagine it getting great gains.


Especially now the words of the" first crypto-bank" sound quite naive to me,sorry

Arise Bank founder Jared Rice looks like he's about 29 years old, yet he goes by "Jared Rice Sr."?? Alarming?

Has anyone read his book, which supposedly came out in December?

your post is great...i think you talk about important thing.... and your writeing style is very nice... i impressed to see it

Fantastic post Tony! Look forward to being on this journey with you.

Good work

Yes, but everyone will stay out of the past

Well defined.... Thanks

Great post, thanks for the update. The world's first cryptobank.. It will either be a great achievement or another attempt of banks pretending they have people's best internet at hear to make money.

I did a post about how bitshares will link in with AriseBank, how their Dex could be improved etc. It is interesting to see how many possibilities there are!

@tonypeacock, nice round up! The letter to the Texas AG is epic. It should be required reading. I want to believe that our future is somehow coded in that letter. Cheers!

excelent .. i am agreee it is a awesome projet!!!

Tony including videos from a bunch of idiots who use a screenreader or TTS is just lame. I like your other stuff but this doesn't paint a good picture.

Also Arisebank is using a lot of stock footage, I'd like to see real people behind a mission not some pretty-looking-stock-actors.

Hello.I really want to know your opininon about arisebank now after so many bad articles on twitter about scam.Tnx