Why have you not heard about AriseCoin and AriseBank?

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Why is no one talking about AriseCoin and AriseBank?

1st to create a decentralized bank

1st to create a cryptocurrency bank

1st crypto company to acquire an FDIC insured bank

1st to create an identity verification platform where your identify is NEVER exposed

1st exchange to list over 700 coins

1st bank to partner with Bitshares

Isn't it time to pay less attention to failed animal fertility biotechs who add "Blockchain" to the end of their names to sell more stock shares and time to learn more about the largest ICO in history?

Chat them up at arisebank.com and arisecoin.com They will respond much quicker than Coinbase.

PS Email "support@stocktwits.com" and ask Stocktwits to add ACO.X to their list of symbols.

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Sounds interesting. I'll look it up.


Thanks! I spent an hour chatting with them on the phone yesterday. They want to make the world a better place. Chat them up, they love talking with consumers.


Do you think investing in ICO is a good call?


Sorry for the delay. Check out this article and let me know if you think they are legitimate. :) huffingtonpost.com/entry/cryptocurrency-bank-arisebank-to-acquire-fdic-insured_us_5a32bad1e4b00caf3d59eb28

I've looked into this AriseBank ICO quite deeply already, and it is has all the markings of a total scam .... please upvote this comment if you believe it's worth highlighting this fact, because it looks like a lot of people are losing a lot of money on this scam, due probably in large part to the apparent credibility given to it by the partnership with Bitshares. (or at least, if you think that it's worth highlighting all the evidence pointing to it being a scam which I haven't yet found well rebutted anywhere, and note I did go through one rebuttal to the accusations written by Arisebank - https://medium.com/@AriseBank/arisebank-isnt-a-scam-it-s-a-victim-of-libel-and-slander-d30ed800f483 - which after looking into everything a little more only made me more confident that the whole thing is in fact a scam ...)

Here's some articles demonstrating that it's a scam - it should be pretty easy to confirm for yourself that it's truly a scam by just confirming for yourself some of things pointed out by these articles:

There's also one post I found on steemit looking into it further, but it seems to have been downvoted, which is unfortunate - https://steemit.com/bitshares/@clockwork/more-proof-arisebank-is-a-scam

You can also simply google 'jared rice and stanley ford' to read about Jared Rice's past scams - Jared Rice is the guy behind Arise Bank.

If, despite all the evidence, it's somehow not a scam, I'd love to see someone illustrate why by properly addressing all the claims pointing to all the clear red flags all over this that these articles make.


Thanks for the reply. You should go to their telegram channel to ask Jared directly. He will answer all your questions there.


This is the typical scammer tactics - instead of providing any counter evidence or answers to the very serious allegations, you rather defer to other channels. People have tried going to that channel, and been kicked out as soon as they start asking the questions that seriously need answering. The deeper anyone looks into this, the more clear it is that it's all smoke and mirrors with nothing of substance backing it - certainly nothing anywhere near close to the kinds of claims being made+implied (that already bought 2 real banks, 1100 ATMs etc - this is all clearly completely false) .... it has red flags all over it everywhere you look, and is run by a known scammer.

If you have any credulity whatsoever, I suggest you and anyone supporting this look into this properly yourself, see it for the scam that it is, and disassociate yourself from it and stop pushing it on unsuspecting victims who you are causing to lose their money when it inevitably implodes/disappears.

Feds shut down alleged $600 million cryptocurrency scam -https://arstechnica.com/?post_type=post&p=1251777

Maybe it has something to do with that?