Buddhist View: Right Livelihood and Money. Are You Happy With Your Work and Income?

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Buddhism teaches that finding a way to make a living that brings us joy is part of the Noble Eightfold Path. I am taking a year long course in changing my money mindset and I am going to be blogging about it here to share what I am learning with you. Then we will explore together a Buddhist interpretation of what I am learning in the course.

I want to share this with you because if this information turns out to be valuable we will be creating a community of people that share their love of being productive in a way that makes them happy. When we engage in activities that bring us joy we bring joy to those around us.

Money stress is one of the biggest problems we have in our society. It seems to come so easy for some and some seem to struggle. I’ve been on both sides of the coin. I used to have a career I loved in hi-tech then I outgrew it. The music business has been a source of joy and a source of frustration so I am trying to find some balance.

It is also about creating good karma. Karma is simply the actions that we take on a daily basis in our lives. So, the next year is a time that I want to create a new business that brings me and others joy.


A little about what I have been doing is I have been trying to put a band together here in NYC with fits and starts for a few years now. The process has been miserable. For some reason I just can’t seem to connect with the right people.

Meanwhile, back in California, Marin County to be exact, my old bandmates out there (we used to work with African storytellers and do a fusion of African and funk) are working on a soul track with me. I haven’t got the concept down yet but I’m working on coming up with a writing schedule and start doing research. I hadn’t planned on doing a recording project, I thought I was done with that. But, I LOVE these guys and that is pointing me in the direction of doing things from a foundation of good vibes.

Given that almost everyone’s life includes an economic dimension, work and career need to be integrated into life as a Buddhist. Most of us spend the majority of our waking lives at work, so it’s important to assess how our work affects our mind and heart. How can work become meaningful? How can it be a support not a hindrance to spiritual practice — a place to deepen our awareness and kindness? ~the buddhist centre

I am also a pragmatist and I am big on critical thinking. Having said that, meditation is crucial. Our minds do not work optimally trying to think and figure things out all the time. We become limited in our thinking when we don’t take time out to train our minds to become clear.


I am also clearing by writing three hand written pages every morning known as Morning Pages as taught by creativity expert and writer Julia Cameron. Some of her ideas are a little out there for me but the Morning Pages exercise is excellent.

What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us. ~Julia Cameron

So, in terms of the course the first core concept we are exploring is self-acceptance. I personally don’t have a problem with self-acceptance but I know some people do and I don’t judge that. We all have our limitations we are grappling with so if any of my readers do struggle with that please share so we can support each other. I don’t really know what my “thing” is. I’m just not really motivated by money. I’m motivated by serving others. But, I need some.

The course itself can be found here: A Year to Get Rich with Purpose. It includes guided meditations that if you are interested you will need to sign up to access them. I paid $25.00 for a year so that’s a great deal. I'm also seeing the therapist I have been doing EFT with tonight and will be addressing this with her. (See my blog about the clinical research study I've been participating in about EFT).

At this point, I’m feeling, I don’t really care what I do just as long as it brings me joy. It may be something new that I haven’t thought of yet. I’m thinking this is more than likely the case. This is the part that I find exciting because I love adventure. Don’t you?

What do you think?

@soulsistashakti is a musical artist and writer based in NYC as well as a practitioner of Buddhist teachings. You can check out my music on my FB artist page at https://www.facebook.com/soulsistashakti

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Awsome! Highly Resteemed

Sweet :) I think if we can get a little community around this going it will be really valuable and fun :)

Yah, definitely :)

Whats EFT, I forget? Tapping?

Money motivated me big time until i hit about 24yrs. I was trained in goals, hardwork, leadership skills and business since i was 5. I worked my ass off and w some added luck, i did extremely well. After studying taoism for some time and also zen, the money motivation went away :). Im now a very happy minimalist. But i still need some money and enjoy the community and games it involves. I cant wait to start a business but between my health and not a clear path atm, we shall see. Just felt like sharing. Blessings

Of course. We need money for shelter, food, medicine and recreation. And to take care of our loved ones.

Yes, EFT is tapping. I don't know what about it is working for me but something is. My EFT session with the therapist today was about starting a business :)

Have you ever heard of GP Walsh?

Ive never done eft.

No but this sounds similar what I came up with in my EFT session today! I'm going to post about how I do my statements tomorrow. Thanks for sharing :)

Cant wait! Again, this is on my to do's. If it works, it works. Science, is science. <3

Had kind of a busy day. May have to wait until tomorrow morning :)

Agree that joy and purpose is key in life over like money and lust.

Thank you for joining us :)

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