Unsure - What direction to go.

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I have a question has been plaguing my mind for the last few days/months/years. Which way is the most effective direction to move in.

I guess this applies to everything, I always seek to make the 'best possible choice' as often as possible so there is no wasted energy.

Sometimes this leads to hasty choices due to lack of time spent considering them due to different factors. But most of the time I end up overthinking things to the nth degree.

The choice I am in a quandary about today is something I shouldn't really be devoting such energy to, but it's something I have been considering for the last 2-3 years. Time to do the ask the crowd and delegate the responsibility! Haha.

I want to buy a motorbike.

This is nothing new, I have always enjoyed motorcycles, and want to get back up on one.

But I have two options, or three, or four.. I'm not sure.

  • Screw the bike, get more crypto and leverage earnings, vehicles are a liability and will only cost in the long run. (Sensible?)

  • Screw the bike, go on a trip instead, I plan on heading places at the end of the year and having a few dollars to further my reach when I'm going about to assist would be good. (I have some fanciful notions of going about helping people achieve).

  • Get the bike, get a go-pro (or similar), record vlogs instead of blogs, this means I won't be misunderstood in how I express myself and hopefully will lead to a greater connection between me and you. (I will have to learn video editing but that's fine, new skills!)

  • Maybe a drone? Do some awesome shots of the local areas. We do have some fantastic scenery in Australia, but every mountain looks the same after a while, will the novelty wear off? (Seems like a toy to me and not a great investment)

  • Forget all of the above, just keep stacking and plan something better. (Pitch an idea at me?)

So I ask today..

Do you think any of the above is a good idea? what would you do? A bike has been a goal of mine for a few years now and I'm finally in a position to reach out for it, should I reward myself? Will the potential risk of having an accident and eating a tree be worth the freedom to travel when/where I want within the range of the vehicle. Would you even enjoy watching me ride through the scrub and talk at the camera instead of reading through my text? Would you prefer me turn up with a handshake/hug and a couple dollars to assist with the latest creation? WHAT DO I DO!

What is the 'best possible outcome/option here" I want to be the most effective as can be as it's taken me a few years to get to the point where I can even consider these choices. Kind of important I don't mess this up.

Thanks for your time today..

I hope you have a fantastic one and look forward to your feedback.

Much love, @sammosk. <3


Buy the bike, go on a trip with the bike, video record everything with your helmet camera. Don't buy a GoPro, Buy an cheaper action camera xiaomi Yi perhaps. The money you save on the go pro used it for crypto. Diversify

I had a silly idea about a mount that moves with the bike, perhaps a small stand off a topbox or from the tail of the bike, holding a camera mount up high and to the rear of you, facing slightly downwards. So if you leaned the bike it would attempt to right itself. I dunno it was just a silly thought, helmetcam would likely be more viable.

Some of the coin going towards funding either of the above choices will be coming from an already diverse portfolio. Most of the hit will be taken by the bitcoin I think tho as that is the bigger portion so proportionally will get hit harder.

Next question is... which bike? something cheap and reliable for sure, maybe xt 600 xr600 xl600 drz400+ or a more modern 4 stroke. I prefer the simplicity of air cooled, maybe little oil cooler just in case with some carbs on her so you can pay attention if things break over push it to the next dealership.

I'm thinking the duty will be 60% offroad 40% road. Not too sure tho!

Yes, bike and go-pro. I think, it will good content for Steem.

Screw all the things, let's buy more crypto as I do (no other expenses till the New Year)

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That is very kind of you. But looking at your comments lately I'd have to call you a human spam bot! Maybe discussing the post would be a better choice over spamming out the same comment howevermanytimes, and upvoting yourself? :)

Sounds like a dilemma.

When faced with a bunch of choices like that I take the analytical approach and make a list of all the Pros and Cons of each option. It helps to weigh it all up and clarify what's really important to you.

That said, I personally am more of a minimalist, so would lean toward the experience rather than the possession of something. If you're young and haven't travelled yet, that really is a must. When you're older with more responsibilities or poor health you might not get the chance again.

See the world, learn how others live, experience new cultures....it's priceless.

Yeah, and I have some friends (I hope friends?) that I'd like to visit, and help.

I have some notions of going to a place, helping out with as much as possible (within a budget). While I'm there keeping up updates on the blog, what we are achieving and so on.

Once time is up, funds are burnt, or they just want me gone. I'll move onto the next.

The only thing I'm worried about with the bike is (riding alone) if I have an accident things could be bad. The ongoing cost is marginal compared to the cost of the vehicle itself and I will be reselling towards the end of the year most likely.
And the only thing I'm worried about with is being 'lured' in with a request for help, and being taken advantage of. Or having some sort of anxiety related drama.


Better content perhaps? Or at the very least a new way of expressing myself.
Freedom to move about easier.
Helping people.

Kinda smushed both together.

I'm sure there is more, but that's what I could think of just this minute.

Thanks for replying!

Sometimes the best way to help others is to help yourself first.

If you are too generous then you can be taken advantage of and taken for granted. There are always going to be people with their hand out wanting more from you, but maybe they don't really need it as much as someone else....

Sounds to me like you've got it all in front of you. Just remember, there are no bad choices. Even the ones that go bad are ones you will learn from and be a better person for it. So don't be guided by fear or anxiety. Be bold and own your decisions, for better or worse that's what makes you YOU.

Dude, you,need to go on a trip.
You can get material stuff anytime but you can only travel when you're young once. Do it mate it's most awesome thing you can do. Go and immerse yourself into the World and everything it has to offer. You won't regret it buddy.
You can still post on the road, I'm sure your travel blog would be awesome.
DO IT!!!!!!

The thing is, once I leave for this trip, I'm likely not coming back.

So I think maybe this moment of.. hesitation or overthought or whatever you want to call it. Is coming from my thoughts of this is a journey that will hopefully never end, and will I miss the ones I leave behind.

Something tells me I will have much more to 'worry' about, haha.

thanks for replying <3

Sammo, the hardest thing about leaving is getting on the first plane. Once you're gone the rest is easy. Just go with the flow buddy, a guy like you will have the best time, meet the most amazing people and experience things many only dream of.
Don't procrastinate mate do it, I know you won't ever regret it.

Get the bike. I'm biased as I watched my Dad want to do things for years, he passed away at work (he did love his job though, dream job) and left behind 300 grand in the bank and a wife that would've preferred to travel with him. I have an RV I don't use because he bought it a few months before he passed. If you have the opportunity to do something that'll make you happy you should take it.

That way you don't have regrets.

That said. Take a trip and blog, the Coin will build again. Use a little more to buy yourself the best helmet, get one of those jackets that are like body armour (saw one today and they look awesome, guy say just a bit stiff) and be the first to get those airbags that look like jackets.

I will say this... I hate motorbikes, with a passion. Mostly because they scare the crap out of me... but I'm not you. Maybe a moped.

Or one of those bikes with four wheels, and a cover...

Really so torn about it all.

Living with no regrets is something I would like to do, but no matter the choice or lack of, I can always figure out something different that might have been better or whatever.

I have a $600 bright yellow safety helmet haha. It's pretty freaking awesome. The jacket I have is leather, I will likely replace. The pants I have, have kevlar and some other material sewn into the fabic and knees/ass, as well as plastic armor sewn in place or clipped inplace inside the garment itself. I just need a new pair of gloves. (ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES PLEASE OMG!)

I dunno about the airbag jacket, I think a good quality ribbed / boned jacket should be enough.

I've been riding since I was 15-16, from 50cc to 1000cc engines over that timespan. My favorite was the either the lc4, or the fzr, or maybe the 380cc two stroker ktm.

Why do bikes scare you?

There are three wheeled bikes with automatically traversing front wheels that 'lean' the bike for you, those look kind of interesting. 2 at front 1 at rear I think.

That last bit suspiciously sounds like you are talking about a car. <3

Thanks for weighing in and commenting. :)

Get the drone and going to trip 😊

I would say, go with your heart and not your head. Since you have been having this dream of owning a Bike and saved enough now, just go ahead and buy it. But I am sure you will be very careful and not risk your life riding it. Your dream has now been accomplished. Any additional monetary you can earn is just money. Unless you now wanted something more expensive?? Your dream is still not realized yet.!!

But that's just my thoughts.

The selfish part of me is saying 'why not both?' do all the things in moderation instead. Rent a bike perhaps?

I really don't know, it's so hard to choose, I want to be the change I want to see in the world and be less selfish and go and do what I can. But part of me is also saying 'you earnt this so go for it if you need/want'.

I kind of did what you talked about in the last bit re: wanting something more expensive. Decided a little while ago I wanted a new computer, had a few hundred, figured when I get to $1000 I'll get a half decent pc, 1 gpu, etc.

Few weeks later, looking at crossfire / sli machines with more cores.

Few weeks later priced up the ultimate beast I could ever think about owning. Had everything in the cart, coin ready to pay.

Never did it.

Now months later I am still conflicted about spending, ugh I hate it.

Buying crypto is a good idea because it will give you a thrill on its ups and downs. Buying a motorcycle is a good idea because of the thrill, too, but there is a somewhat bigger downside risk. Buying a drone is an okay idea, but it will probably get dull after a short while.

The only really poor choice is buying a GoPro and joining the legions of people out there making vlogs. It is such a waste of time to watch them most of the time. I think it is mostly for people who are too lazy to type.

I just think why not both in terms of combating the lazy aspect of vlogging, I could still type up something to go alongside the videos message and deliver on two wavelengths instead of one.

I do enjoy watching the charts on the crypto however, very exciting times recently. I can only hope the trend continues!

I wonder, what is your stance on the current state of affairs in cryptoland, will things keep on the rise > big crash > slow grow > big boom fomo then crash cycle? When is the best time to enter! so many questions when buying. haha.

I like to buy on a schedule if I can afford it. Budget it in. It's why I have the ability to make the choice regarding what/where/when. I think I'll just continue saving for holiday because that is a definite and continue with things as they are.

I don't want to upset anyone. :)

thanks for commenting.

I wonder, what is your stance on the current state of affairs in cryptoland, will things keep on the rise > big crash > slow grow > big boom fomo then crash cycle? When is the best time to enter! so many questions when buying. haha.

This is a good question. Anyone who answers with anything other than, "I don't know" is probably wrong.

In my opinion, the best thing to do is treat cryptos like any other investment. They should be a fraction of your investment portfolio that represents your risk tolerance. Since they are extremely risky, they should only make up a small portion of your portfolio. For me, that is about 1.5% right now.

After the next business cycle we will know a lot more about how risky cryptos are and which ones are good choices. Until then we are flying blind. The large number of people who think that cryptos are not subject to the same market forces that make speculative bubbles appear in other assets are a sign that we should be cautious. Think about how you would feel if you saw the Bitcoin dropping 90% and staying low for a month. If that scenario gives you heartburn, then you might be in too deep already.

I like to buy on a schedule if I can afford it. Budget it in.

If you are looking to increase the fraction of your portfolio in cryptos, then buying a fixed amount at the market price on a regular schedule is a good way to go. It gives you a small hedge against big price swings.

Travel and buy more crypto. When you come back from your trip you will have made enough money with your crypto that you paid for your trip and enough money that you can keep your original amount of capital while still buying a bike ;)

No-one can tell you what to do my friend! I mean, they can, but that opinion will be based soley on their own life experiences, ideas, desires etc. In my opinion you already know what you want to do - you are just finding ways to talk yourself out of it :)

We dont live in the past, or the future. We only live right here, right now. Some people may say its a bad thing to react on impulse but, ironically, the only way we can decide that is by looking back into the past and judging ourselves.

Whatever you choose will be the 'best' choice, as long as you make it in a positive mindset - doing it because you want to do it from the bottom of your soul. If you make your decision based on a negative mindset (i.e. dont have enough money, fear of missing out, lack of time (aka - il do it next time syndrome)) it will be much harder to enjoy that choice in a positive way (happiness).

This isnt to say you should/shouldnt blatantly disregard everything and react solely on emotional impulse! If youre thinking long term, do it in a positive way and enjoy each moment as you strive to reach your goal.

All the best with whatever you choose!

If it was me in your situation I would rather go for a nice trip than buying a motorbike. You get so much more with going for a trip. Not saying motorbikes are not great to ride, but experiencing other places and going for trips for me is a way better experience. Plus motorbikes are costly to maintain.

If you decide to buy a bike I would rather rent for a bit before you invest a lot of money in it by buying it. As you might not like it so much as you thought. And then you are stuck with the bike.

P.S you can rent a bike on your trip. Win-win. lol

I hope this helps. Have an amazing day, my friend :)

I never considered this, I wonder how much a few months rent on a bike would be.

Check it out and see. Then decide on buying one or not. Whatever you decide to buy or rent be safe out there on the roads. :)

I don't mean to be that guy but...

Please don't get the bike. I've read too many cases of accidents on the road. Shit is so scary. Even when I drive my car, I am extremely wary of riders.

Whatever you choose, stay safe brother.

IMO, do option 3. You'll have a motorcycle, but it won't be a complete money pit, because you'll be making vlogs. Maybe try and get a cheaper motorcycle, and instead of GoPro, get the drone.
I think you are in a great position to do vlogs, because you already have an existing following here.

No Bike, get the Mad Max auto, SHTF could be any time!!! :D

Actually I think "stick with the plan" and keep stacking...

Yesss.. but my thoughts are more along the lines of 2 wheel drive monster with a spiked / studded front wheel half the width of your mad max car. Why run them off the road when you can drive anywhere and up anything.

Stacking is addicting. :( Please send help.

Since I ride a bike myself I would go for the bike, You can go on vacation with your bike, blog/vlog about your trips. reading your blog here it sounds to me that a bike is your great passion. Follow your heart

I think you should read my latest blog. https://steemit.com/life/@bluesbro/life-list-7-join-a-corvette-car-club-and-go-on-a-run

If you have a dream and it will bring you pleasure, what I understood more deeply when I was diagnosed with cancer, was that only today is promised. If you want something and it isn't going to hurt anyone and it will make you happy, go do it. Go have adventures. Make the best days of your life your today's, not your maybe one day's.

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Please do vlogs that would be amazing!

Personally, I like the take a trip option, because that's what I would do, since I have no desire to buy a bike. However, I have been contemplating starting a vlog myself. So get I say buy the bike, travel and do a vlog! (I was never good with options)

Get the bike and get a go-pro! A trip is wonderful...then it's over. But you can have many more adventures recording on a bike. There is a very good reason this has been plaguing you. If you have the means to follow a new direction - and the thought keeps resurfacing - you need to see where it leads. The drone would be pretty neat too as long as it helps with 'change of mindset change of scenery' - we all need that every one once awhile. And to feel the freedom earned through the rewards of our efforts.

I think there is only one option: buy the bike! When you are 88 you will never tell the story about that time when you bought more crypto or when you decided not to buy a bike and go on an adventure. Venture. Do. Ride!

Get the bike and go on a trip! :D Unless you specifically wanted to go overseas. In which case get the bike, make money and help people on local trips and save up to be able to ship the bike wherever you wanted to go and then do trips there :D

Alright so there's probably a lot more logistics involved than the simple idea suggests but I reckon you could make it or something similar work if you wanted :D

Thank you for sharing

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