How i turned $300 into $50,000 in one year trading Crypto currency

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First, Id like to say that anyone can have these kind of gains in Crypto land. And no, i didn't mine any coins, and no, i wasn't an early adopter of bitcoin, buying up coins when the price was under a dollar. Im just a trader, who fairly recently opened up a few accounts and transferred $300 into bitcoin then traded it up to over $50,000. There are so many great opportunities for anyone willing to pay attention to coin news, new coins, charts, and price action. You can find out what's the hottest new Coin and jump in early. (steemit) You can track crypto news and see how the market reacts to bad or good news. (in crypto land news really affects the price, much more than regular stock trading) Or you can learn to read charts and price action, which is my specialty.
You see I have a bit of an unfair advantage. I have been trading penny stocks for over 10 years. Have you ever heard anyone say that trading is risky and you will likely lose all your money? And Penny stocks are even more dangerous, and mainly all scams? Well, its true that penny stock are often very scammy and there are alot of pump and dumps, and reverse splits and shady company activities. But I have been trading penny stocks successfully for over ten years, and I actually love trading them. I look forward to hitting the markets every day. I often dread the weekends because the market is closed and I no longer have my own personal money making video game :(
Well guess what? Trading cryptos is almost identical to trading penny stocks.. Only they trade 7 days a week and the commissions are almost non existent. I easily pay over $15,000 a year in commissions with my regular broker, $5 in and $5 out per trade. But not with cryptos, the commissions are so small that you probably wont even notice them. Ok, what about trading software? Don't i use very sophisticated trading software to find good trading opportunities and read charts? Sorta, i guess... But in crypto land we have great trading software too: I trade with Coinigy ( It allows you to link your trading software directly to your exchange of choice. Then you can trade directly on the charts and make very quick trading decision on multiple exchanges right from the one trading platform. I highly recommend them.
So what's the trick to trading successfully??? What's the holy grail of trading???Right?? That's what everyone wants to know... What's the big secret that will take a $300 account to $50,000 in a year?? Actually, its really not that difficult.. You have to learn to read charts the way I do... I have taught quite a few friends to trade over the years. They often will sit in my office with me during the day and watch me trade, asking questions and learning from real live minute to minute executions. However, I'm not in the business of teaching, I am a real full time trader. I love making my money from the markets. I don't want to have a room full of people watching me execute my trades all day and distracting me with questions.

So... I was thinking I could post some charts here, on steemit, and try to explain what's going on and how to read them. Also i will post short videos and share my screen so that you can see what I see and I can go even a little more in depth with the charts.
How does that sound? I think it would be helpful to anyone who is new to trading and wants to grow a small account into a bigger one. (or a huge one) Trading is not really that hard to understand, its really all chart reading and controlling your emotions. Everyone else buys and sells, reacting to the news or a rumor or some price move or a friends hot tip or or who knows, could be any combination of things.. But one thing is for sure, its all written on the chart and if you learn to read the charts you can easy start to multiply your money.
There's some real advantages to trading Crypto Currencies:
-its a 24hour/7day a week market
-the trading software at Coinigy is awesome and cheap to use
-The charts are even more simple to read than regular stock market charts
-you can open an account and start trading with any amount of money $10 even

  • you have my steemit blog, to guide you and help you learn the tricks to trading

I hope you found this post on steemit encouraging and motivating. If so please let me know, and I will begin posting charts and explaining what I see, and why I bought at a certain price and why or where I am planning to sell. I'm sure within a short period of time you will be able to read charts just like me and you might even say to yourself, "Luc must be buying this chart, this opportunity is too good to pass up" Or "wow this is a beautiful chart pattern, it looks just like something Luc would post on steemit"

I'm very excited to use steemit to share my experience with everyone, thanks for reading..



Lol just followed you, now i realize this is an old post, so i have a lot of catching up to do.

First off, i never knew about this site, i stumbled on your article while i was looking for articles on how to trade cryptos on the internet.I became curious when i saw the outpouring of positive comments so i decided to sign up and follow Luc.Unfortunately those videos are no longer available due security breaches.Gutted i must have come in so late.I would like to appeal to you for the sake of the people who have genuine interest in trading cryptos, can you post videos on how to read and interprete the charts.This is one area im inching to learn.I would be grateful if i can have video tutorials on this

You should check Luc's new Youtube channel, he also posts all of his new stuff here on his steemit blog :)

Hi, Steemit community! Please check out my steem t-shirt, I was working for a long time on it!

I think we are both in the same boat right now. I am a real time learner who dabbled recently into trading using bittrex platform and I did loose some coin (Thank God I didn't really trade with much coins). I am looking forward to learning from @quickfingersluc and I hope I can catch up as fast as possible. To me, trading seems emotionally draining though!

Trading with emotion is lethal. You can only lose money if you close the trade. Anyone who has lost money trading crypto needs to either learn quick or stop trading as it's almost impossible to lose. So far losses have always recovered if you hang in and not panic.

Inspirational Article !

Are there any books i could order to start learning to read charts?
So far i just rely on good/bad news on coins to decide wether i short or long :)

It seems not to effective at times and i probably burned more money then i made, still this is a thrilling world and i would love to get more involved.

Please drop me a suggestion ! :)

I love your excitement.. As for books, unfortunately there mostly all garbage and ihave read a ton of trading books. Nothing like learning direct from a fulltime trader who makes his living in the markets. Especially if that trader isn't trying to sell you anything. The best people to learn from are those who don't want anything from you because they are already successful on there own. I make plenty of money trading, I'm just happy to help others in my spare time :)

Yeah well that is the issue.
Most people will not just give away their strategies as it would generate more competitors.
I tried to convice some people to teach me in return of a % of my profits, but nobody seemed interested.
Can you still suggest a book or site to start with? I feel just by playing demo accounts, you do not really get a deep understanding.
Also i would love to know what your stance is on bots that automatically trade for you. Are they any good and if so which ones?
Thanks so much for answering :)

My favorite trading book is Rule the Freakin' Markets by Michael Parness... I don't use any of his strategies but he really has the right attitude about trading and he grows a fairly small account into a huge account. His method involves trading a lot of blue chip stocks, earning plays and news type trades. All of that is good trading but you can expend a lot of time making very little if you don't think in percentages.. That's one of the biggest lessons for a new trader, or perhaps one of the reasons so many traders fail.. you have to find markets to trade where your swings are in big percentages.. 30-50% swings or even more.. it leaves a lot of room for error and still end up in a good profit.. ill make an entire new post on this subject, and a video .. this is why cryptoland is so awesome, right now, the swings are huge..

as far as bots are concerned: I wanna make my own trading decisions. I have tried automated trading with currency in the Forex market a few years back. I even hired s programmer to help me code a strategy, but it wasn't making near what I could make on my own. So I dropped the project.

I just ordered that book. Expect me to get back to you once i read through.
thanks for taking the time to answer in that much detail!

check out trevon james on youtube, he has some trading videos, also tone vays' channel, and i want to say the coinigy guys have videos too but dont quote me on that one. There are quite a few people to watch there. Most of them are on steemit anyway. Dont do what they do, just see what they do if/how it works, and if not then you know what not to do. there is a lot to learn from others. even if they're mistakes!

Great Article, As a starter in trading cryptocurrency, your article has really made a path for me to follow. I await more great videos from you.


Hey thanks for the video!

Just wanted to know what to do if your currency is doing crazy well and you have made a 100% profit . Do you wait for it to touch the moon as the hype is ? Or you should sell at a profit and hope it comes down and sell again?

Sorry really new in the game !

Thanks cant wait to see what you post next!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read it and give me a vote!!

Still Active on Steemit? Look at the amount of Views you got for this Post!

yeah and all this value - he only received 16.95?! in payout?

Unfortunately, his youtube channel has been closed! Not sure what happened. But still, found some of his videos:

(another channel)

Thanks for posting the article and super informative video! I just got into trading cryptocurrencies back in May. Started with Bitcoin & Ethereum but have recently made the cross over into trading alt-coins on Poloniex, Bittrex and Cryptopia. I'm interested to get into some swing trading and have a Coinigy account but find the site overwhelmingly complex. Your video really helped me understand what's important in a trading platform and helping me to lay a good foundation. Thanks! :-)

It is the video of the author of this post, whose youtube channel unfortunately is shutdown.

Thanks Luc
Looking forward to your videos.

You post ur trades real time ?

Nope, not anymore.. I had some security issues and now im not being so public with my trading.. Made myself too much of a target.. Ill just quietly grow my money alone..

Any chance you will be posting the videos again? May be in a private group only on approval basis?

Hey, loved your videos! Glad I got to watch some before you took them down. Are you able to explain in some way what happened or at least how people should protect themselves so they don't have the same issue and in a way that won't cause you more issues? Thanks for everything! Good luck =)

that's such a shame, i'm sorry for you man. This world is really so fuckin ignorant. Some nice guy like you shares his wisdom and gets screwed. thanks for all your videos, i have learned a lot from you.

True, it really sucks to help others and then get hurt. But also its a big wake up call for me to beef up my security measures.. and I didnt get hurt too bad, but i really jumped the gun with the delete button..

Amazing, very motivating!

I appreciate you support, thanks for the vote!!

In one of your future posts, would be nice for you also to include how to handle it when the chart reads something, and the opposite happens. How do you accept a failed attempt, when you are following the right system?

1st thing, you should always expect that something could go wrong with a trade and therefor you always size your entry so that it wouldn't hurt you too bad. Buy no more than 25% of your account in one position. That being said, if you learn to read charts, you will almost never have a bad trade, therefore on the rare occasion when it does turn the wrong way, you wont mind just taking the small loss and jumping into the next trade without hiccup. But yeah I will cover these topics in some videos, I'm writing a note right now, thanks for your topic suggestions. And Thank you very much for the vote!!

Good article👍🏾

Cool story bro... but seriously thank you!

I'm glad there are people like you with experience willing to share your knowledge. It's an exciting time for the world, kind of like when the cellphone was first released and communication became more fluid.

thank you. Have any projects going I can get involved in?

Just go to the top of my blog and see my trades, those are the coins I want to own

i have always stayed away from the stock market, just becuase it can eat you alive if your not carefull or know what your doing. I even read about people losing their homes due to losses. But this crypto currency is different in a way that it can be fun. Its not manipulated! so I have started with $800 last week 300 on BTC and 500 on Eth. I have 0 experience in trading... I mean zero, nada, zilch, but im good with numbers hoping that will keep me from going red. I look forward to your your next teaching vids.

Hey Luc! Outstanding post. Just wanted to give you an FYI that this one is doing super well on some SEO keywords, so you may want to add an edit to your post linking the new start, and maybe doing some other on-boarding type stuff.

Here's the link to the reboot for anyone who sees this comment:

on steemit you cannot edit old posts.. Otherwise I would link it to the new stuff.. especially since the old video on that post doesnt play any longer..

Luc, just double checked on a post I just made and it looks like you can edit posts. Look at the bottom next to the social media icons right above the comments.

hello, I am new into crypto currencies, I have bought almost 1 bitcoin some ethereum and 3 litecoin, I have a simple question i mean 2 actually

  • should I buy 100 litecoin tomorrow ?
  • what other currency is still cheap and will grow a lot like eth or ltc and how to buy it ?

you can reply here or using the contact for in my website

i would appreciate so much !!!

Great you wrote anyone and not everyone. Everyone else trading there paid your 50.000 $ profit.

I'm not exactly sure what you meant, but I know that not everyone can be a successful trader. Because I have taught many friends to trade and very few can see things as I do. Even though I have sat down with them for countless hours. Honestly its quite simple to make money trading but its almost like some traders end up fighting there own personality to win, like there tripping themselves up. Its frustrating for them and me :(

Trading reminds me of chess.

The video is not active anymore.

Good day Luc, i am so excited to join this forum and to follow you.I am a newbie in crypto trading.I believe i can learn a whole lot from you.I'm interested in learning how to read the trading charts and know when to place trades.Had been looking up videos and tutorials but none has given me satisfaction until i stumbled on your articles.Sadly the videos are no longer available due to security breaches.However i would be very grateful if you can teach me how to read chart and all the technical stuff involved in trading.Im already familiar with most exchanges but my major problem is reading charts and knowing when to buy or sell.I usually rely on other traders opinions to make trades.I want to be able to make decisions myself after making my own analysis.I used to be envious of people who can interprete these things wishing i could do the same.Pls i would be appreciative if you can guide me.Thanks for sharing your knowledge

To surmise crypto are fast becoming a highly traded commodity and cryptocurrency trading is very volatile. Gone are the days in which a person could buy Bitcoin for under $20 per coin but there is still money to be made. Learning to day trade Crypto can still turn a tidy profit if one follows trends and becomes well versed in the specifics of each coin. So, go out, be patient and diligent, and make money! I've been trading cryptocurrencies for 2 years now and I can say that over $200 billion dollars was made worldwide and has made millions of traders rich. I trade LTC, BTC, ETH, BCH, BCC etc. I can guide and assist you with any information you may need to invest in these new and unpopular crypto and digital currencies that are making waves at the moment. Contact me @ ([email protected] com).

Are any of your videos available anymore? where can I find them? They are deleted from youtube. Can anyone help a newbie???

Oh noooo, your videos are gone... I just google it yesterday :(

Awesome post, this got me 100% serious about crypto last month after months of testing the waters. I basically 'retired' after I watched your video. Three thumbs up;)

What happened to your channel? I really wanted to watch this :(

Really hope his channel gets back up. In the meantime I found two of his old videos by searching on youtube:

Reslly impressive but things are mot thst easy ss you described.

Thanks this is real good info!

Hey, glad you like my post :)

Fantastic article Luc, I have been trying to trade for 2 years now but it has been a bit hit and miss. I look forward to reading the rest of your articles

I looked into penny stocks as well, but did not have the 25k needed to truly day trade. I have an account with Polo and now on OpenLedger (because why not use an exchange on the block chain right?) Do you invest in any coins, or is it all day trading?

Good luck to you and I hope to follow you in the future :)

Thanks for the tip with Coinigy, I'd never heard of them before!

You only need $25,000 to trade penny stocks if you open a margin account. If you open a regular Cash account then you can daytrade with any amount, only drawback is you have to wait a settlement period of 3 days after each trade to get the proceeds of that trade back into your account. Also these rules only apply to traders in the U.S. .. Other countries have different rules... As far as your question on coins, I am invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steemit, and Library.. I have core positions in each of those, that I will not sell for years to come.. But almost daily I am trading many of the other altcoins, in and out, to grow my Bitcoin pot.
Thanks for responding and your votes.. I love trading and I am looking forward to making money trading together with everyone who wants to work with me:)

See your on open Ledger ...i hate it and
Cant wait to get rid of it.. probably take
Me 20 years to get my money out.

Huge inspiration pump :)
looking forward to read from you.

Would you have some other youtube channels to recommand ? I found a lot, but not so many good ones.

keep up the good work man

I am trying so hard to learn how to do this but no one will work with me unless I pay them 4000 bucks. I am a disable vet and would spend as many hours as I needed to in order to learn how to do this. It seems learnable if people would be willing to teach it. I want to learn it so I can teach it for free as well. So many veterans need to know how to make money working hard at home.

Gonna watch you later when I can give you my full attention, thanks!

Hi Luc, I had googled 'crypto day trading' to find your post on top of the list... I think it's a sign. I am super glad to find this post of yours!
And double excited to see your future posts to learn about charting crypto land and more. Thank you!

@quickfingersluc, do you have steemit chat account, I ask you some more things

Nice article and great video.

Excellent post, Luc AKA @quickfingersluc. I'm starting with Coinigy today and I'll make a @steemit post about my experience over the coming weeks. Much aloha!

I would to learn from you.Great article.

I'm sad to see that this is the only video in this series. With the recent rise in BTC, lots more people want to learn about cryto markets.

Hi Luc, Just what I was looking for - will be eager to learn your method!

Hi Luc, I'm from Mexico and I'm watching all your videos, I really want to learn to read the charts like you do, what's the software you are using to trade penny stocks?, thank you!!

Thank you! I have day traded in the past and am looking to get back to it in cryptos.

I'm late to the post here, but this is really great. I'm just beginning to get into trading cryptos and would love to see more of your content (I'm working through what you've already posted).

Thanks for the great posts.

Thank you for posting this and all your videos! I recently subscribed to your youtube and it's all I've been watching all week; I'm a bit addicted to crypto trading now lol. I can tell its gonna take some practice but your advice really helped me get started, thanks again! (Hopefully you post more videos in the future :))

This is fantastic. Would love to see more vids in the future of charts and what you are doing.

yup, ill keep them coming...

Your video doesn't work. I followed you. Please follow back. Thanks!

So, how much money have you made onward from those 50,000? :)

Well I really dont want to post numbers, but lets just say, im not trying to help others to get any financial gain from anyone. I make plenty trading.. And I trade mostly stocks.. But the crypto world is full of opportunity right now, and it would be sad to miss out.

What goes around, comes around :-). Luc is one of the selfless people that likes to share, thank God for people like him. And regarding sums: people, do not disclose how much you have or are making, as that will make you a target. Just enjoy Cryptoland, make some money for yourselves and your familes and try to have fun along the way. Peace.

Make videos or tutorials and I'm sure the guys here will fund your effort with situation. That's what's great about this platform. Seems like a lot of people are interested and you seem very honest and a great teacher. The majority of us are really intelligent and can become great students.

Yup, im gonna set up the camera and get some content out this weekend.

It's funny how the number of daily views of his videos are correlated with the price of ETH

I just stumbled on this post. I really want to learn how to trade cryptos I don't have a lot of money but I think I can learn. I am wanting to learn so I can work from home since I care for my ill husband..Sincere Thanks

Well I wish you the best. Please take the time to watch all my youtube videos, and im sure you will quickly realize that it is very possible to trade for a living, I am proof... I got into a serious car accident in 2006. I could not walk or work.. So I tried to think of something I could do at home in my condition.. The bills were coming in and I was desperate.. So I opened up a trading account with $3,000 off credit cards.. withing a month or two I paid the money back from my profits and have never looked back.. Took 2 years, and alot of therapy to walk normal again, but I have been trading every day since and feel really blessed to have this awesome job :)
Anyway, my point is, it is very possible to trade for a living, and you have a real head start, because I had no one to show me the ropes.

@quickfingersluc this is the first time I have posted on Steemit (or any platform). Your reply above touched me. You have inspired me to get into trading (day and position)and build a legacy for my family. Many thanks, I look forward to watching many more of your videos.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Luc. Take care Bro✌

Cheers Luc

Thanks for sharing your knowledge here on Steemit

Good to hear you bounced back from your 10k in one day loss

I see that Coinigy only charge $15 a month for a pro trader account, that seems very reasonable

Look forward to checking out your trading tutorials


Yeah, the 10k loss didn't really fizz me much, I just took the rest of the day off and went right back to it the next day. I didn't break any of my rules, therefore I didn't feel bad about the loss. I traded properly, and unexpected news hit that stock at the worst moment. By the time I found the news it was already too late and I was in the red. At one point I was down $17,000 and waiting for the rebound to salvage some of that loss back. So it could have been worse, but that was my worse trading day ever so far.. But it was exciting :) Anyways I rarely have a red day because I have some systems in place that make everyday a good one.. Example: I trade my day on a portfolio basis (ill have to make a video and post on this subject alone) And I always sell a rebound, always .. even at a small loss if my entry was poor (I will have to make a video and post on this subject also)

The video seems to have a problem, isn't available.

Hi Luc, I want to watch the video but is not available, can give me the link to watch it? Thank you.

I'm interested in trading crypto currency but had a bad experience recently. Hopefully I can learn from more experienced traders like yourself

Yes!!! Finally I've been waiting for someone who will just explain instead of just talk. Please I hope you won't just talk about trading with out leaving the view with nothing learnt. So I look forward to your videos and your success here. Thank you

Agreed. There are lots of "teachers" who have an agenda to milk students. I'm just a trader, I don't want your money. And I don't want to b a teacher. But I make money everyday in the markets, and why should I keep that to myself. I'm happy to share, and in my opinion, there has never been a bigger opportunity for a trader than Cryptoland!! (as I call it)

Well you will get my vote which in turn hopefully gives you money :) not to mention possible YouTube incentives so it's a win win! I really want to become a trader so I hope this gets me on the path, I'm very serious about it and want to teach others once I get going.

Really enjoyed watching the video especially as a newbie wanting to get involved in trading, looking for to watching more of your videos, ps it's awesome to find someone that's happy to share their knowledge without a hidden agenda, thanks :-)

I am following you now!!! I finally bought some Bitcoin and purchased some mooncoin. I don't really know what im doing but its coming. I just can't tell what my price is when it goes up. Mooncoin says its up today (132%) at one time today. But i couldn't find where i could see how much the value of what i purchased had went up to.

Bitcoin is always going to be one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the future to trade. Check out my blog for a guide for the best Bitcoin trading strategies in terms of timing since there's a lot of volatility due to the hard fork.

Wow thank you for this, I too am way behind but would like to learn.

Thank you for the inspiration and motivation.

I will be doing small scale mining from my pc to bring in some sats to trade with too.

Wow! This is very useful information. I know it's an old post but very helpful non the least. Thank you.

I wrote a simple guide for those looking to start investing & trading crypto:

Great information! Waiting for your future posts on trading charts.

Thanks, I'm gonna try to get a few charting posts in next week with some videos so I can really get in more details about how I read charts and trade .

Interesting article. Really appreciate you bring this to our attention. Cryptos will probably go through a more extreme pattern that bitcoin went though. High ups and high downs before it becomes stable. We do need to look better at the insights of every coin. What team is behind it, is there any management. How strong is the product, is there any product at all? Personally I always use: Complete Coin analysis about the team, product, communication transparency, advisors and investment statistics.

Thanks for posting that link.. I am going to research this site tomorrow, but it looks interesting..

The video linked in the article is no longer available.
When I try to play it, YouTube simply tells me that "This video is unavailable."

I want to learn and become cryptocurrency trader.

How do you qualify your bases? I know you need a bounce of 10% or more and when I am marking up charts that are past I can nail it almost every time but when I actually trade I seem to miss. Any help you can give me? Maybe a specific video to watch? Thanks!

You should join the chat room, everyone is looking for the same trades and asking the same questions.. you will find great trades and many guys that are using my trading methods successfully..

Hi. Thanks for the support and sharing your experience with us. Where can i find your chat room?

just have to look down my blog a few posts back.. there is an invite

Yes please do I am also interested in joining the chat room- ex retail futures trader making the switch to crypto and a lot to learn

Hi, Luc is there any chance i can get the old videos as well please? [email protected]

Great post man! I'm always highly interested in following motivated traders who have intense knowledge of what they speak of! Thanks so much for your contribution to crypto users and spreading the gospel of cryptos! Great luck to you in your trading!

I'd really like to see the video but it is missing. Can you put it back on here?

Video not workink

Interesting to read! i'll follow you:)

Thanks for sharing. You can't find info like this very easily. I'm new to trading btw, so this is tremendously helpful. Looking forward to more videos.

I'm happy to help. I love this forum steemit has for us. Plus we get paid a little for helping others, which is a little perk. But honestly I have never charged anyone anything to help them trade. And I have had small meetings in my community to teach new ones to trade. So I'm really looking forward to making these videos for all who are interested.

Great videos on your YouTube channel!

The video is no longer available. Could you repost the video?

after reading this article to find out that it was two years ago. Wow, lots to learn considering i'm just entering the crypto world

This article might have been posted a while ago, but its still very welcomed. Great to have this kind of support.

I am really happy i found you. You have
A natural ability to be convincing. There
Are so many folks touting trading but
Ya hardly ever get to watch them do it.
I am new but i am anxious toget started.
Now still trying to learn coinigy. Looks like a good charting system.
Thanks Luc for what you do. Dashdude

FYI, it's worth checking out the Robinhood app. It currently offers commission-free stock trades, but will soon offer no-fee crypto trading. Register via the link for a free randomized stock as well:

I'm not long in crypto now, but I've found a strategy, based on a 6 month backtest it gets a 500% profit on ETC / ETH pair: CRYPTO FREEDOM!!

Really good info here. Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome, trading is awesome. I love my job.

Great Article, As a starter in trading cryptocurrency, your article has really a impact for me now i'll watch your previous videos for more information that i can use in my current trading contest on DAI thank you!

I'm new to crypto trading and this article was necessary for me. Few days ago I discovered This cryptocurrency trading platform looks pretty good for me as for newbie. They offer good and profitable conditions for users. Try it!

Also try this #energi #coin, good gains can be accumulated. This is a sample video of their platform.

Its look like sites is new and i never heard about this site before. May be its legit but its really tough to make $50000 using $300 only within one year. Its my point of view. What chart did you shared and i didn't get any information from there. Whatever i always believe crypto trading always like forex trading and always it has some time to collect. So if its real way than i think its tough to make $50k using $300 because if its about trading, its take so much time to increase.
As i know crypto currencies fall after 2017 December and i didn't see much movement there. I was purchased some ETH and i get some profit. Because i always read Crypto Currency News
before start any trade.

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Wow congrats, do you just use exchanges or make payments on a regular basis via payment processors like

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