Is money the wrong incentive on steemit?

in money •  7 months ago

Steemit rewards users with money. The idea is a "proof-of-brain" style network in which good content is rewarded and bad content is not. This hasn't really worked out, though, and if you look at the new posts section on steemit you'll see a mix of plagiarism, poor spelling and many people who've never heard of this thing called grammar. Clearly, this reward based system doesn't reward the good quality content.

Why? People want to make money, and they want to make money fast. Far from the steem whitepaper idea in which they claim that steemit is similar to a lottery – where a few people win, but everyone tries really hard with the belief that their content will be upvoted. Their idea might work, except that everyone thinks money and upvotes themselves.

Money might be a good incentive if it was given only when you post good content. But when you're given a list of posts to vote for, of which one is your own – are you really going to pick someone else's over your own?

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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the problem is also,

ppl come here to post but not to read posts.

Browsing content is not fun at all, the User interface is just not welcoming ppl who want to mindlessly browse through posts, tags are hard to organize, upvoting new content has little reward for the user,

what if the content you upvote in the new section is really good, but upvoting early gives you no incentive, so whats the point going through the fresh section and spending your time in finding good posts.

while creating content is done with good tools, browsing the content is not rewarding, it takes forever to find a good article in a tag(that you have to reclick everytime you open steemit)

Im waiting for a new platform called to launch, ill probably leave steemit behind once better platforms are up and running.

· goes some way to make the reading process more interesting, with a cleaner UI and a suggested post feature (which tends to prioritise whales).

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