New Greg Hunter USAWatchdog Interview: Gregory Mannarino – Fed Will Be Forced To Print Money.

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Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says Fed Head Janet Yellen “lied” when she spoke last week about the “mystery” of not hitting the Fed’s inflation targets. Mannarino explains, “It’s no mystery. You have to choke or laugh or barf when you hear her say something like that, and no one checks her on that. It’s an absolute lie, an incredible lie . . . the economy is dead in the water. It’s Economics 101. That’s why she can’t create inflation. It’s no mystery. The cash isn’t moving. The cash is not moving because the economy is going nowhere. She can perpetuate the lie because she has managed to inflate the stock market. The average person looks at the stock market and says the stock market is going up. So, that means our economy is doing well. It’s an incredible thing, but it’s just not the truth. This is how they can twist people’s minds. By keeping the market elevated, it is an illusion. The illusion becomes real to the uninformed.”

Mannarino says if rates go higher, that will be bad for housing prices. Mannarino explains, “If Yellen is successful and the yield curve starts to normalize, because right now it’s flat, that would put pressure on housing, and cash would come out of housing. You would lose the wealth effect. You can get a selloff in bonds, a selloff in the stock market, and this could turn into something very, very ugly, which it’s going to do one way or the other. Again, if Janet Yellen is successful, the cost of money or the cost of cash will rise. What does that mean? That means the dollar, theoretically, should get stronger. Multinational companies’ earnings are going to suffer. That will put more pressure on the stock market. . . . It’s kind of unusual that the Fed is choosing right now to normalize their balance sheet. The Fed is talking about getting rid of those mortgage-backed securities right now at the top of a housing market bubble. They know it’s a bubble, and they re-inflated that bubble on purpose.”

Mannarino also warns that bills for storm damage and bankrupt states are piling up. U.S. territory Puerto Rico was destroyed by a hurricane and is bankrupt. States like Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio are also having debt problems. Mannarino contends, “This is how they are going to kill the currency. The Fed is going to be forced to print more cash out of thin air and loan them money, whatever it’s going to be, and then the currency dissolves. We’ve seen this before. . . . At some point, we are going to face an absolute and complete meltdown of the system. The debt based economic model is fraudulent. It’s a Ponzi scheme. The federal government is going to be asked to do something, and that will kill the currency, and we are going to get hyperinflation. That’s when the cash is going to start to move.”

In closing, Mannarino says, “The central banks are going to take everything. You will be a serf at some particular time, serving your masters like you do already. I think we are going to be experiencing a new middle age–period.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino, founder of

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Great interview as always. Getting the two Greg's together is always special as you're assured of getting quality, truthful info.

Back to the Dark Ages, or Middle Ages, after the fall of the Roman Empire is exactly how I see things playing out too. Only "time" seems to fly faster these end-days! And feudalism will be the dominant system. With the technology available nowadays, and mass-serf control via internet & electronic systems, we may say that neo-feudalism already enslaves much of humanity. We have super-rich lords & masters - less than 1% - who own much of the wealth, and 99% who are mostly in debt, including mortgage debt, student loans, & credit debt. Humanity, the human race, is running on delusions towards illusions, like forever rising stock markets & house prices. Very few see the deception and stop partaking in the insanity of humanity. When enough people do see, & wake up, then dream turns to nightmare! Weather changes, & other natural shifts, now threaten to disrupt food production. Then who is going to sell their last loaf of bread for $1000, 1kg gold, or 1 million bitcoins?


Thank You Greg, for all that you do and we upvoted and re steemed

I saw you smile when Greg Hunter mentioned needing a lot of "CHANGE" to make it in life...
Actually, it will take 100 Times "less change" than Greg Hunter thinks...
Watch it happen, starting at 28:45 minutes into the Video...

... ...$7.77 ... ...1 vote ... ... .... Reset

thanks for sharing

We need a reset on this shitty system..

You're both awesome, thanks for the insight!

This is a good post, thank you for sharing

Greg I understand what your concerns concerning the fed, but she is in a very difficult situation because if she normalise her balance sheet there will be devastating ahead and if she does not then her credibility has gone. That is my opinion. But she has so far pull wool over the general publics eye and she may do it again. The banks in Europe has gone through some very bad times and is still going through which means the economy has been supported by QE. The American banks will suffer just like Europe because the cracks are there so from the end of December of 2017 I will be reading and watching up dates regarding American banks. I have your email address.

Always love the 2 Gregs together

Great news.. just wait and see for USD

i am holding some of my cryptocurriencies.

Bubbles exceptions. They leave a mess. This mess will be the excuse to go to war AND bring in a new world currency. The 1988 Economist Magazines with the rising Phoenix out of a burning stack of ashes would like you to believe it is 2018. Perhaps. Many things are suggesting that. Regardless the global elites are not as concerned with exact timing as they are with patiently fulfilling their agenda. It will be done. They will bring down the system...just when. Be prepared my friend. Hand held silver, gold and supplies are good. The dollar is not.

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Thanx for the update.

Of Course the Printing Press Monster will be released onto the World!
Get rid of your dollars now before they become fire starter.
String Yellen up before she escapes the USA.