It's Incredible. The US Dollar Is Dropping AGAIN! By Gregory Mannarino

in money •  2 years ago

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In what seems, and is, and unrelenting move, the US dollar is down yet again. Meanwhile despite the dollars drop, not a peep about it is being heard from the mainstream financial channels.

The US dollar is without a doubt technically over sold however, there does not appear to be a bounce anywhere on the horizon and that is troubling.
In my opinion it is simply just a matter of time before the mainstream financial channels will have no choice but to stop ignoring the fact that the dollar is in a lot of trouble.

I also firmly believe that it is only a matter of time before the consumer feels the sting of the dollar bleeding off purchasing power-which will affect consumer spending, and GDP.

If you ever needed a reason to diversify out of the dollar, well now its in your face.

Gregory Mannarino @marketreport
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Spot on Greg, as always. I would assume you are suggesting we diversify into hard assets like gold and/or silver. Are there any other things you would diversify into?

I'm totally on the same page with you Greg. I would be honored if you check my latest post out about gold! Here's my chart which perfectly shows that gold is very close to break out and I believe another dip, although unlikely yet possible, will only be another last great buying opportunity!


Great job dude. Your chart is spot-on. Upvoted and will resteem...


Gold does seem to be breakingout through that top Orange Downtrend Line. We will see.


Well-done Markus! :)


"Somehow" I don't think you will convince Greg to actually post a trade in either SLV or GLD long. And I don't blame him. For teh "ave" card carrying gold or silver bug teh best strategy is just to simply say >>> "Gold and silver! the world's most undervalued assets!"...just don't act on it becuz if you do you will get your ass shredded :-)

Thank you Greg. I'm also looking forward to more crypto content!!! :p

You summed it up perfectly in your last sentence. What's it going to take to make folks realize the dollar is a sinking ship and you must exchange your fiat for hard assets to retain your purchasing power.

we upvoted this too and as for Diversify Yes as much as you can in the long run any and all land silver gold etc, and well as for us we already feel the sting because we do live pay check to pay check but we know that and plan a head and because of you Greg, and you Advice, we know and agree

Very well said Greg you are spot on Dollar's down stream continues and now the dollar is standing on its 15 months low.

yes sir u r 100% right like always good work on steemit

Good information yes you are correct it is all just matter of time hoping to see more of your helpful info on steemit more power!!!

yes sir u r fully say true and i agree with u fully whats ur next opinion @marketreport sir

You are absolutely right Greg, it's only a matter of time. It's like hyper inflation in slow-mo, sort of bizarre to be watching this happening.

I have gotten out of the dollar as much as possible.

In one month USD traded to euro went from 1,13 to 1,18 for 1 EUR. The last Quarter from 1,09 to 1,18, bringing it to its weekest spot since the beginning of December 2015. Does not predict a very good future for the Dollar.

Like everything else that can be bought and sold, fiat dollars move towards an equalibrium price. In the dollar's case, that price is zero.

Sounds like you are saying we are headed for recession.

I agree. I wrote a blog calling dollar top 5 days ago. I provided the downside support points in the blog. After 92, there aren't any!

Do this mean we need to put our investments outside the US and investing in crypto currencies is a good thing? For us in other countries should we wait it out or buy now dollar?


I am in PM and Cryptos cause I don't want anything to do with the USD.

Do we need to save or invest in this situation or just wait it out to its all time low

@marketreport what a nice explanation of dollar decline its really moving down badly thanks for your in time updates .

This Dollar collapse is in a big area of support, but yet it keeps falling. If it breaksdown through this area, lookout below.

I'm not rich but if I were, I would definitely diversify out of USD :)

Good stuff as usual.
Glad to have you on our side. The Dollar is being avoided by the media. I am watching CNBC and there is nothing and no one talking about the Dollar.
Thanks for the post and looking forward to your video.

Resteemed & Upvoted.
Your information needs to be spread around for others to understand what is going on with this Economy, Dollar, Debt, Manipulation, etc.

Strong dollar is accelerating the Retail Apocalypse of 2017. It's a Brick and Mortar hellscape!

Touche'. It's only a matter of when/time!

I am watching the Dollar, but I wont short it here. Like you said it is way oversold and there is plenty of room above here. All though, I feel that we are heading lower. I just don't want to get in front of a small bounce.

Thank you for the update

Drop has began no one can stop. Soon it will become snowball.

Let the stocks crack and metals explode! It's about time...


I am right with you on that one...Agreed!

Yes MSM still isn't tired of Russia Trump DOJ etc. Do they even know people is switching channel when they keep pushing that nonsense.

INFLATION! Not that we haven't already seen it rear it's ugly head but it's gonna get nasty!

What goes up must come down
Spinnin' wheel got to go 'round
Talkin' 'bout your troubles it's a cryin' sin
Ride a painted pony let the spinnin' wheel spin
You got no money and you got no home
Spinnin' wheel all alone
Talkin' 'bout your troubles and you, you never learn
Ride a painted pony let the spinnin' wheel turn

Dollar is dropping but everything goes up and metals go down, what a crock of shit!!!!

You are like a so right. I need to put more money into metals to protect what I have. Thanks Greg!!

The US Dollar keeps getting slaughtered. When will the end ever come!?!


tomorrow at 3:20 pm EST just a guess

East or West @marketreport updates is simply the best.

OMG, not again...

That's right, it is in our face.

consumer should already feel the sting.. especially those that chase or match the US dollar like CAD. It's just going to keep bleeding until pitchforks come out.. but .gov will just direct more pressure on middle class.

Oh! Finally someone talks about the Dollar on CNBC. But, of course it is not a problem for them when they talk about it.
They are looking at more Dollar Strength for the rest of the year.

SPY signaling a short term buy here at 246.40, Greg. Tuff call but if it was me I would exit the SPY trade at breakeven and live to trade another day. Your current loss on your Q's trade can be "hedged." I still think that one will work out longer term. GOOGluck! :-)

Thanks for share. Excellent post .

thanks for the update greg

Thanks for pointing and making aware. That is why we should not get our information only from mass media as they will not tell us all.

Dollar still in it's downward spiral.... Thanx for the update

I don't think its gonna stop dropping for now. yeah its just the matter of time

This lower Dollar could also cause people to sell US Debt. Have a great debt.

@marketreport your updates about dollar is something that no one tells us now a days you really reveals the inside story of the dollar.

nice video Greg sir. thanks for sharing..
resteemed and upvoted

Man, before I folllowed you on YouTube...I never followed the USD. Now I follow it like a Hawk. I pay more attention to a lot of stuff now. Like, the Debt market as well.

Saving all of us from upcoming Economics Apocalypse Information is the only way. Thanks for Guide us like an Angel :)

I think the demise of the USD is a bit premature. It hasn't been this oversold since 2012, it will most likely bounce from here. What it is doing is taking pressure off all emerging market debt that is denominated in USD.

In my Country the Dollar is getting Stronger and Stronger. 1$- 12.000 Bs.


No kiddn where is that?


Venezuela Mate! maybe you have heard about us!

Always keepn it real. Thanks man

But if BitCoin has a drop, you can bet that you'll hear about it. I agree, diversification is wise.

Petro.dollar is dying. Stick a fork in it

Wow!!! this is interesting

@marketrepot, this is a good explanation about USD! Thanks you for your valuable info!

Last time DXY at that level was in early 2015.

Very good post, my friend! If people dont take heed to all the warning signs that are now in front if them, then I'm afraid there's not much hope for them.

shit shit happens. everywhere...

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thank you for your advice

Very nice.

Good information

always helpful
thank you