Bitcoin: History Repeating Itself. By Gregory Mannarino

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This time is different! You Don't know what you are talking about! Blah, blah blah..

It is NEVER DIFFERENT! And yes there are some people that do know what they are talking about.

Below is a chart of Bitcoin, and it is a classic, repeated over and over, bubble pattern.
However, the worst part of this is how it has been gamed.

In the 2 weeks prior leading to the Bitcoin futures open, specifally the CME (largest in the world) Bitcoin doubled in price. Then as soon as the CME exchange opened, the Wall Street Wizards began betting against Bitcoin and it's price has plunged. (Coincidence?) Please tell me you are not that blind.....

No one can say that I did not tell then ahead of time that this would happen with certainty.


Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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Try not to be frustrated Greg, I am sure even the people panicking appreciate you being there repeating the message.

The worse thing to do will be sell right now so wait for the next game they play up ?

Personally I am tired of the BTC/BCH war. Crypto is here to stay, looking forward to the more fungible coins that will get stronger.

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@newsdesk...I would change Bitcoin right now to other altcoins. It's a perfect entry point for good coins but for Bitcoin it would be to risky for me. My favourites are Steem and Ether.

I think it is a correction for now. BTC and many alts had a crazy bullish run the past 6 weeks. Corrections are needed to allow for profit taking, new resistant and support zones, and they prevent bubbles. If you have been in the crypto world for a while, this is NOT the 1st time that this has happened. It is still in the early phases, so there will be volatility. If it breaks below $10K, look for support at 8.5K. If it breaks below 8.5, then we have a crash coming.

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greg trying to buy the dips

this is the last pojition ,,,you can get well cryptohub-bitcoin-trend-hilarski.jpg

I have been warning of the same, 2 days ago I posted the following chart on one of my blogs. Mind you, I think there will be a good buying opportunity once the correction is over, but you have to be very selective in which Alt-coin to hold going forward, many of the fly-by-night ones won't make a come back.

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Too bad that Wall Street get in the "crypto" game.

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What is the current number of bitcoin transactions per second. If all those holding bitcoin seriously start eyeing the exits, I think it will pull way back before all those who want out can get out at their price.

Most of the cryptos are reverse pyramid schemes with fewer and fewer coins being minted every month. So if demand rises you have these parabolic moves. I personally don't know why the party would end now. But I do like LTC more than BTC just because it is way cheaper per coin. Also LTC will keep getting good news over the next few years.

Bitcoin difficulty is increasing parabolically. It will be $100,000 before you know it even if BTC demand remains flat. Which I expect as we move above $25,000 demand will just increase as people start smelling $100,000. Any time is a good time to buy cryptos. But again I like Litecoin even more because it is also a useable coin.

Greg, you sold at $9500. Even you admitted that nothing can go up parabolic. I consider the run from $10k to $20k parabolic. This is a much needed pullback and you know it. I will pound on this topic when BTC is sitting multiples higher from here and you will have egg on your face.

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How are people washing the day? If not, like the Bitcoin, the currency was not discovered. It would have been very difficult to keep people's calculations in cash. But when it appears to be bad, when it is seen that some countries are prohibited from using it. @marketreport

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It seems funny that C Lee sold of his LTC this week, too.

IT'S A TRAP!!!!!

The worst thing is if you you don't have your BTC in a trading platform, you are going to have to wait 24 hours (if your lucky) to get it to one. A lot can happen in 24 hours at this point.

Odder still is shape shift in my Exodus is down today for maintenance.

If you play conservatively... Try to tether out and see what happens before you buy back in.

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Along the lines of "This time it's different", I found an interesting AP article published today that contained this quote: “The flattening of the yield curve today is going to have a different impact on growth and corporate health than it has in the past,” said Erin Browne, head of asset allocation at UBS Asset Management. “We don’t think that even an inversion of the yield curve, while it certainly would make headlines and people would raise eyebrows, would have the same impact in this cycle as it would historically.” I know I'm changing the subject here, but can you comment on this, Greg? Thanks very much, and thanks for all your hard work.

Spot on! Peaks and valleys is the name of the game..................

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Thanks Greg! Have been concerned as well.. I am still in ETH and XRP but still holding to my physical SLV and GLD

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I enjoy listening to your interviews on USA Watchdog. I am surprised that Greg Hunter is not on Steem and using DTube, I suggested it to him recently.

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