bitcoin target 15000$ Only Few days left

in money •  last year

My prediction is that bitcoin will NOw move to 15000$ in the end of 2017, i believe it because 99 percent experts and analyst when suggest the future of bitcoin price it gives confidence to bitcoin investors and right now bitcoin is the world famous currency in black money market and hence every government tried to stop it but they fail in doing so FbI,CBi, Even Bitcoin is banned in Nepal but still Bitcoin trading is happening in Nepal secretly .

Bitcoin become big force now i wonder how a virtual coin become so costly and people trust on it so much and buying and selling it without any hassle .

Some people predict bitcoin will be 100,000$ with in next 5 years its seems like a dream how a coin become so costly start from 1 cent to 11000$ and its quite dreamy and magical thing if we have a look into it we must have to look into it.

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I really feel wary about the future of Bitcoin. I mean, yeah, it's really increasing fast, but is it really immune to a sudden price drop?

I'm just scared that maybe the increase is due to artificial demand, and anytime it will burst. At the same time, I really want to ride along the increase, but at this point, it's volatility is really spiking.


A lot of people that are entering the market right now are new to trading and crypto in general. If there is a sudden decrease, then a lot of people will sell like crazy. Right now, there's just a lot of media hype creating publicity for Bitcoin. Big Bang Theory and CME are going to be huge. It's going to be a good end of the year. Beginning quarter of 2018 though... I'm not too sure


That's true, and when that happens, we do not know what will come next. I just hope everybody would invest with caution.

Let's see what will happen!!

Right now since it hit $10k the media is talking about bitcoin a lot. During the holiday season people will discuss it with family/friends. Thus the demand for bitcoin will rise, which will rise the price. I think $15k will happen around 2018 new years

It seem unbelievable that a coin that's worth less than a dollar some couple of years ago is not worth a staggering huge amount now.
One thing again is bitcoin isn't settling for just $10,000+ as the growth of bitcoin is still sprouting and springing up surprises


People who got in early are now wealthy. People like me who got in late...well I am cursed with always getting into an opportunity too late.

I think it will easily hit 15,000 by the new year, but can def see some sort of correction soon before we set off to the new heights..



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The price is rising due to increasing number of bitcoin holders who are not ready to sell it because they know what it is going to be tomorrow.

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