The Disappearing Dollar told through Coca-cola Magi Cans

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Who remembers Coca-Cola Magi cans?

Probably no one!

MagiCans were a promotion from Coke that ran from May 7 - May 31 in 1990.

The promo had special cans distributed amongst normal cans of Coke with a spring loaded feature that popped out cash for lucky winners.

They looked like this:

And this:

This was another treasure hunt that fascinated me during that time period.

Although the promotion was a total disaster for Coke (read more in the wiki link) the idea that I could find one of these cans became a total obsession!

But what would I have been better off hodling from 1990?

This $5 bill:


Or $5 worth of gold:


According to an inflation calculator:

‘Prices in 1990 are 47.6% lower than prices in 2018.

In other words, $5 in the year 2018 is equivalent in purchasing power to $2.62 in 1990, a difference of $-2.38 over 28 years.”

So that $5 bill would be worth $2.62 today. That’s assuming the bill even survived:


What about the $5 worth of gold?


Based on this number, $5 USD worth of gold in 1990 would be worth .0135 oz.

Today gold is $1346 USD per oz.

So that $5 of gold would be worth about $18 USD, over a 264% gain vs. a -47% loss in the $5 bill.

Gold is also immortal to time, so while the bill might be completely disintegrated and destroyed, the gold would be perfectly fine.

In a shocking twist....


I should have just kept the can!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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haha that is so cool they should bring it back and do a 2018 version :P who knew the can would end up being worth more than the $5 bill.

Right? I really want to buy one to use it for some kind of prop! Lol

I don't remember these cans, but I kind of like them. Fiat currency comes and goes, gold maintains its value and more. Love the details on this post.

Yeah I actually think the cans are pretty cool!

There was so much trick photography on tv back in the 80's. When I saw this promo back then, I thought it was just a person off camera pushing the money up through the can, and the actor looking amazed. Actually that's probably exactly how they filmed it.

Too bad the advertising cried wolf on all us kids back then. If we knew these cans really were as magical, as advertised on tv, we would have gladly given up collecting pogs and become coca-cola addicts.

Ha ha right?? I’m glad someone remembers these cans! Maybe they filmed it that way for the commercial then had the spring load for winners? But even those malfunctioned .... what a disaster!

Gold is anti-time or time resistant!

Yes! Unlike paper money!

Did you participate in the promo...what a great privilege then...@COCA COLA MAGIC CAN

I tried! But i never won

Wow...sorry for that you are winning now...

Your mission will surely become successful one day. You know Indian people buy lot of gold for their children instead of something. That time i never understand why they do this.

PP ( Purchasing Power), Economic term.

They do it because they know no matter economic of the country will go down or not but Gold will never go down. So this way their children get good in future. That is the reason: Indian people shop gold more than any other country.

Gold has strong PP. Gold is real investment.

great post! brought me pack to the past for a moment - nostalgic

Ha ha thank you! I still am hoping to find one...

These contributions are the ones that are really needed in steemit, publications that
provide something good ... You have my congratulations, keep.

Great story for cocacola @goldmatters
I like that and great effort ✋🏻

Great job done by impressed..good initiative to exposer to will helpfull to the new users too.
thanks for such a good topics.

Interesting story. Way to buy the people's mind. Advertisement is not needed anymore for Coca Cola. They have gained grounds.

Thanks for reading

I could remember quite well how rampant this promo and lucky winners stuff from breweries back then, not so common nowadays though. One of their best strategy in making more sales. Well many do win, i was never lucky anyway, haha. Actually things have change far beyond especially in currency worth and exchanges compared to 2-4 decades ago. Same amount of money then is either worth twice or even more today. Thanks for bringing this to our memory.

Thanks for reading

I love coca cola..its my favourite drinks
good one post
keep it up

Sure! Sounds good

There is nothing to avoid in 1990 against this $ 5 bill or $ 5 worth of gold, with $ 5 worth of gold by that time going to get a 2.60% investment profit now, this value will benefit greatly.

Everyone will be enthralled and totally obsessed with the Coca-Cola MagiCans treasure hunt in that period of time and I'm sure there must be people who still remember it, congratulations @goldmatters can find one of those cans.

Interesting story, to be honest didn know a bit of it, great knowledge, Coca cola price surge has been huge, and so was the little story

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