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Utopian.io is going to share with users delegating power to it, 20% of the TOTAL rewards generated on the platform by each single contribution/post.

Utopian.io became super popular in the last days but the last update I made on the platform it's gonna really CHANGE EVERYTHING and ...What I have just implemented is the HIGHEST Return on Investment you may end up having in the entire Steem.



@transisto has joined the crew with 130195 SP
@freedom has joined the crew with 121536 SP
@xeldal has joined the crew with 20800 SP!
@javybar has joined the crew with 10000 SP!
@jerrybanfield has joined the crew with 5000 SP!
@cryptoctopus has joined the crew with 2000 SP!
@yabapmatt has joined the crew with 2000 SP!
@allowisticartist has joined the crew with 1397 SP!
@elear has joined the crew with 1000 SP!
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@iliasdiamantis has joined the crew with 1000 SP!
@bbrewer has joined the crew with 500 SP!
@unosuke has joined the crew with 500 SP!

I am not updating this list any longer. Check the sponsors on https://utopian.io/sponsors

Utopian.io Is Now The Only Real Decentralised Organisation on Steem!

Utopian.io rewards everyone for contributing to Open Source projects (like Steem is, or Busy.org or WordPress and many others).

Utopian now offers a way to share EVERY SINGLE REWARD generated on the platform by every single contribution with its investors (also referred as sponsors). You can also be part of them and I am going to show you how, without any kind of expense from your side.

Yesterday I published This post because whale @xeldal delegated over 20K STEEM POWER to Utopian and I provided a way for everyone to do the same in exchange for visibility, but then I got a better idea...

Utopian.io Now Shares 20% of the TOTAL Rewards generated on the platform with its Sponsors!

Until yesterday Utopian was getting a 10% of the total rewards directly into its Steem Power and used that Steem Power to upvote the best Open Source contributions. Utopian now gets NOTHING but instead 20% of ALL the rewards goes to the Utopian Sponsors based on how much they have delegated. Delegating just means that you are lending your Steem Power to Utopian for how long you want and get it back whenever you wish.

Lets say you have delegated 2K Steem Power to Utopian and that is equal to 50% of the total delegated power to Utopian, you are going to get a whopping 50% of the 20% of the total rewards generated by Utopian.

So if Utopian generated today 10K in author rewards. You are going to get 50% of 20% of 10K = 1000 STEEM POWER in a single day.

That also means you have to delegate as much as you can, since if your portion is too small you may also get almost nothing. At the moment the minimum power you can delegate to Utopian is 100 Steem Power (SP) but I would invest +1000 Steem Power. I personally invested 1000 SP and I am going to invest more today.

Why Such High Returns for Sponsors?

It's simple. Every contribution posted on Utopian is always 100% powered up. By delegating your Steem Power to Utopian you are also getting back Steem Power. Utopian uses the Steem Power to upvote the best contributions on the platform. The more power delegated to Utopian the more the best contributions are going to get rewarded. Everyone earns from this flow.

Utopian needs to become a BIG WHALE in order to make this Utopia possible..Contributing to Open Source projects means doing real hard work and contributors must be rewarded by much more than just a few cents for this to work.

At the moment the Utopian Steem Power is worth more than $20 per vote. The more Steem Power delegated to Utopian the more its votes will worth. This is possible thanks to the Utopian early Sponsors, below. (I am not updating this image any longer, check all of them here https://utopian.io/sponsors)

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 21.17.58.png

You Also Get Visibility

Utopian is going to give credit to the Utopian Power Delegators on every and I said every promotional activity Utopian will undertake now and in the future. This includes:

  • Every promotional event.
  • Every new post written by the official @utopian-io account.
  • Every weekly newsletter Utopian will start sending out starting next week.
  • On the landing page (almost finished building it) and on the dedicated Sponsors section https://utopian.io/sponsors
  • That means for you that your Steem presence is going to get quite a big boost, just for free.

How to Delegate?

Everything is explained in this article: https://steemit.com/steem/@elear/whale-xeldal-delegated-20800-00-steempower-to-utopian-io-20800-00-sp or just follow the onscreen instructions on Utopian Sponsors Section

This Is Decentralisation

Utopian is owned by no-one and by everyone. The project is Open Source. All the contributions posted in Utopian are permanently stored in the blockchain. The Utopian wallet is public and you can check how Utopian is using its Steem Power. Utopian earns no Steem but instead is the crowd to make it grow by delegating power.

All the contributions posted in Utopian are meant to be of the highest quality. This is why Utopian also implements a review system that it is...guess what...decentralised. All the Steemit users with reputation equal or higher than 55 can review the contributions under https://utopian.io/all/review and allow them in Utopian only if they meet the quality standards or advise changes using the comments. Read more here

Utopian is here to create a New, Shared and Meritocratic Economy from which EVERYONE will benefit IMMEDIATELY.

Who am I?

11 years Senior Software Architect - Javascript Full Stack Developer, focused on ES6, React.js, Redux, TypeScript, Node.js, and DevOps.

Follow the official Utopian account: https://steemit.com/@utopian-io
Follow me on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@elear
Follow me on Utopian: http://utopian.io/@elear
Add me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/puccidiego/

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@elear I really can't say enough how great I think Utopian is. I've been saying that the future of Steem is not on SteemIt.com (or even busy.org) but on many different sites that focus on specific communities.

Utopian is not only one of the first doing this but it also is focusing on a very, very important community - open source development.

The timing was good also since I just powered up a bunch more SP a couple days ago and I'm very proud to have the opportunity to sponsor Utopian and have just delegated 2,000 SP.

I am planning to invest significantly more in STEEM over the next month or so (taking more time than I would like to set things up financially) and when that happens I would like to delegate even more.

Keep up the great work, and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help spread the word!


@yabapmatt you know how much this is appreciated and the effort I am putting into this project. People like you give me the right motivation. Really...


I just delegate 1397sp thanks for the awesome project I just started beta testing busy and I love supporting open source. That is all the SP I have at the moment.


Is worth it to help out the cause, I have a love for open source developers.


@lexiconical why not delegating a little bit from your steem power as well! You have a lot to give :D


I'm considering it.




I just started on steemit last month and am so happy that my investment in steem can help open source get better funding and getting a return is a cool bonus I love when things are win win win. And I believe in the steem Blockchain to empower creativity. Thank you for the opportunity and for clueing me in. I am an artist so I will contribute any design work I can.


I love your support! Thank you so much @allowisticartist !



  • Go to https://utopian.io/sponsors
  • Click on the blue button "DELEGATE"
  • Enter your account
  • Enter the amount of Steem Power to delegate. Min. 100
  • Click on Proceed To SteemConnect. SteemConnect is a tool created by Busy.org and maintained by Steemit itself. You are safe there

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 21.09.36.png

  • Click on Continue

  • Enter your Steem credentials

  • Once you want to un-delegate just do the same process but put 0 as the amount.


Why don't you support <100 values? Maybe it's the smalles "profitable" amount?


Hey @katamori @xeldal have delegated more than 20K Steem Power. With lower than 100 the profits are going to be very small and Utopian contributors in general are not going to get much benefit from it. This is a good way to have a return on investment but still Utopian is here to support Open Source projects not just to provide an investment tool :)


Sure, understandable. Apparently, support isn't always atomizable, but it's okay.

wow i like it...!

I love Utopian! finally a decentralized meritocratic tool!

Love the creativity! best wishes.

Wow thaat's very generous !

Sounds .Great need to join your. group

Gonna need to read this twice,,but thanks @elear


You are welcome @scalerman !

nice post.followed and upvote u hope u will do the same

@elear I am trying to post an idea on utopian.io and I am getting a message that it can not connect with steem try again later... I am not sure if I am doing something wrong.


I don't know why SteemConnect is refusing the new posts from Utopian. I am waiting for @fabien to give me a feedback


Hey, @elear is just made a delegation.
And I am keeping notes. :)


THANK YOU SO MUCH @iliasdiamantis

I am going to write another article about this soon



Cool project. Sent in my contribution, hope it can help you!


Amazing @ajvest I have seen that and I am going to give you credit everywhere for this big contribution!

@elear :i love this logo
on my shirt


heeheh thank you so much @dewina !

Commenting to review later.

hehe that was something really different :D

All this seems cool, i hope to help the cause when i have more SP


Looking forward @chuckmachinery !

hello guys.,.
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Great post, thank you

Acabo de comenzar las pruebas beta y me encanta apoyar el código abierto. Eso es todo

Wow , Too Much SP:)
I am new to Steemit and i don't have that much SP .
Will Surely do something like this is the Future !

Good Luck!

i wont lie i have no steem i just joined and im not sure whats going on with this. im like wtf mate

Good post and good information
I like this friend 😊

This is honestly the first time I have heard of this and just over viewing it so far looks amazing! Ill be deep diving in this more and most likely dedicating some steem power to this. I love the idea of getting paid over and over again for helping to a wonderful project