Another Billionaire Goes All In On The "Barbarous Relic" Gold While Mainstream Media Remains Silent

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Billionaire Crispin Odey recently released a management letter to his hedge fund clients praising gold and explaining gold products constituted the next, great investment wave.

He is yet another in a wave of billionaires who have all, suddenly, been moving massive portions of their portfolio into gold... with one of the latest being George Soros, who moved a significant amount of his portfolio into gold just a few months ago.

It is quite likely that both of these individuals are familiar with The Dollar Vigilante's (TDV) Shemitah and Jubilee Year analysis. That's not to say they read TDV (of course they may - and should), but they understand the larger, secretive events associated with these occult timelines. That may be in fact one reason why Soros and other billionaires have been acting this year to realize gold positions. And why Odey, too, has now moved in that direction.

The two men move in the same, elitist circles. Soros provided Odey with his first large investment stake, reportedly of some $150 million, when Odey set up his initial hedge fund in the early '90s. And Odey was briefly married to a daughter of Rupert Murdoch and is now married to Nichola Pease who is reportedly related to one of the founding families of Barclays Bank.

Odey has now taken a significant position in Kinross Gold Corporation, purchasing 15.5 million shares of the Canadian gold-mining company, valued at $75.7 million on June 30. But it is his recent management letter where he speaks about gold historically that should get your attention:

In a world where $13 trillion of bonds are negative yielding, where $4 trillion of investments are in ETF’s, is it wise that only $1.5 trillion of savings are invested to protect investors against a change in the weather?

And more:

If we are at the limits of QE and financial repression, central banks, in the developed world, are at least doing a very good job at printing money. Every chance is taken to push some money printing through.

Carney was quick to take advantage of Brexit to keep up with his fellow central bankers. And this is where gold comes in. Gold was the original currency. It came out of distrust of governments and was chosen because it could not be manufactured at will.

Today there are around 300,000 tons of gold extant and each year around 2,700 tons are mined, or less than 1% of the stock of gold.

… Today, world GNP stands at $75 trillion and world money supply stands at around $83 trillion – some ten times its level at the start of the millennium.

The inference here is clear. A lot less gold is being produced than paper money. And Odey anticipates that eventually the “price” of gold against paper money will be massively revalued upwards.

There’s not enough gold and too much paper. Simple enough, supply and demand. Odey is reportedly “massively levered to an upside in gold paper futures.” Presumably Odey believes the “repricing” of gold is going to happen sooner rather than later.

His fellow billionaire George Soros – whom we have reported on before regarding gold – also remains a gold bull. But unlike Odey, Soros has taken profits on his Barrick gold shares as revealed In a recent quarterly 13-F filing. Although, it should be noted, that Soros is a trader... he could be in and out of certain stocks in the time it took us to write this.

Soros and other important gold bulls have been profiled by TDV as they have announced their conviction that the yellow metal - and surely silver, too - are the most promising investments going forward.

You might question these sentiments given that the market is continuing to rally and recently made a "triple high." But as we've pointed out, Jubilee 2016 is a "building year" for those in elite circles seeking "chaos" to propel globalism forward. There are plenty of disasters being prepared. And soon enough they will detonate.

Soros, like other billionaires we've profiled obviously continues to believe that longterm markets are going down not up, and perhaps down in a tremendous crash. We've anticipated these upcoming market disasters just as Odey, Soros and other top investors have. It pains us to be in the company of Soros who is responsible for a good deal of the mischief in the world, but he is also a Grade A investor, probably because he has so many sources of inside information.

Of course our source of insider information comes from the Shemitah and Jubilee timelines. And our famous Senior Analyst Ed Bugos is well aware of the information we've extracted from those timelines after the work we've done to establish historical patterns. It's one reason among many that Ed has propelled our TDV portfolio up some 200 percent in the last year and his individual stock picks have been rising quickly, with his most recent stock pick to Premium subscribers haven risen 200% since he issued it at the beginning of May (and still considers it a buy with up to 1,000% potential).

Throughout the past months we've covered announcements by numerous billionaires about an upcoming stock crash and the necessity for hedging and metals protection. Our research prepared us for this day long ago. But there is much more ahead that will make today's environment seem positively tranquil.

We`re getting ready for all that there is to come, and I hope you are too. I would suggest you subscribe to our TDV newsletter HERE to get the "secret" perspectives offered to us as a result of our Jubilee analysis. You won't find them anywhere else and they can provide you with significant, additional value as we face the formidable challenges ahead of us.

Tomorrow, we'll tell you about another billionaire (in fact, he is quite likely a trillionaire and the richest man on Earth) who has also just shifted into gold in the final clarion call for what is to come!


Thanks for your writeup TDV.

Who is actually the "we" in your articles. Just curious here! Is it you and your shadowwriter or is TDV a conglomerate of economical analysts... Would be great if you could shed a light on this! Thx!

When I say "we" when writing at The Dollar Vigilante, I mean all the people involved in what we do (our analysts and researchers)

thx for clarifying. So should we go for former Bitgold or now? :)

Hey man I just joined Steemit. I follow you on Youtube, I am InformationWarfare on youtube.

You gotta keep the corruption in the family. This system is a hot mess. Jeff, Thank you for the post.

Gold is the most conservative investment - not the government long-term bonds, as consultants love to say, but gold. And the most stable in the long-run - and we can find proof in your analysis and in the previous posts regarding the gold standard.

All the experienced investors like Soros of course understand it.

Unfortunately, the majority of the market in unexperienced and stuck in the short-term returns management. This is also what could lead the market to crash faster than we think.

Soros actually liquidated quite a bit of gold recently and his gold mining shares of Barrick Gold. While I agree with you that gold is by far the safest long term investment, people who are interested in timing investments might consider that gold still needs a capitulation phase before rising higher, which it came close to experiencing last year.

At least from Soros' actions, this appears to be what he's expecting. Some people think that central banks will raise rates to intentionally make things bad after the US election so that they can push their next agenda. I'm not one for conspiracies, but Soros seems to think that there's little upside to gold, or he thinks something else is a much better opportunity than gold.

My suggestion for people is as long as you get in cheap, you don't need to focus on timing.

Very important information.

No need to wait until tomorrow - we know who that trillionaire is already.

Kinda ironic, isn't it. The famous (or infamous) banking aristocracy who had a hand (purportedly) in the creation of the Federal Reserve is now essentially saying central banks don't have a clue, and hence they're pulling their money out of dollars and moving them into gold. If you don't own gold yet, there is no sense in waiting. If you can't afford gold, get silver. Silver moves with gold, and is even more likely to outperform it.

It's more than ironic... it is all part of their plan. I'll be writing on that today.

btw Jeff, Karen Hudes also says this shemitah year is the reason why the Network of Corporate Control is losing and she says the power transition model is 95% likely, and cites friends of hers at the Pentagon. ??
The whole story seems real but not, like a Schrodinger's Cat reality!
And I'd have to say the same thing about the ROAD TO ROOTA idea former GATA guy Bix Wier goes on about. His claim is more like a fairy tale, BUT appears to be playing out MUCH LIKE you say? I'm wondering also what your opinion of Bix is?
I thought he was bonkers, but now...?

It was a pretty easy on to guess. ;)

Jeff @dollarvigilante
One bizarre enigma I find myself wondering about is this Karen Hudes lawyer lady.
What's your opinion of her and her claims?
on her YT discussion page, in the top comments she recently said "...bitcoin was invented by Edmund JM Dunne, Head of The Royal Illuminati - The World Monarch. He wrote to me, "I am the owner of the creative copyright of a technology commonly referred to as Blockchain.
Mr. Dunne is now busy on writing the algorithms for the One World Currency and Debt Intermediation Tool"
Her website:
Some say she's a disinfo agent. If so, she fooled Prof Antal Fekete.
They claim yamashita's gold is being held for the global currency reset.
180,000 tons held in a few vaults, including artwork and royal gems, supposedly kept since the 1940s for all humanity.

What if the "the Shemitah and Jubilee timelines" don't end up working out? I've been following you for a while, but when you seemed to go all-in on the Shemitah stuff (and I started doing my own research on the fallacies of making date-based correlations), you lost some of my attention. I understand you're looking at this stuff from a global trends perspective (not a religious fundamentalist perspective), but it's still a bit unnerving because I think you have a great platform for communicating truth and I'd hate to see it diminish. You (and others) have been foreshadowing the coming collapse for many years, but things keep rolling along. It would be sad to see people lose interest in your message because they feel the predictions weren't accurate.

On the other hand, the market for fear-based reporting is higher than ever and will probably continue to be lucrative unless we can change human nature. I love how you always have a smile and take a rational approach to these topics instead of a constant "The Sky is falling! Invest in our products and service now to survive the coming zombie apocalypse!" tone I hear from others.

Either way, keep fighting the good fight. :)

Very much agreed. @lukestokes
I've like following Jeff for the same reasons, he does not and has never appeared to be a chicken little huckster. He's heads and shoulders above most that one might group into the economic collapse guys. The shemitah is something my jewish girlfriend explained a while back, she hadn't noticed this year was the uber shemitah (tiny ones are 7 yrs apart, some 49 yrs apart is a big one then every 7th big one is a uber ginormous event) and when I brought it up she got excited about it.
This is another down cycle year, being falsely floated on massive FED credit.
War on the most massive scale ever would stop this. And that is what I am seeing headed or way.
Gold and food, etc, preparing for no power grid and no grocery deliveries... a good idea.
Not living in the northern hemisphere, a better idea. This is why Jeff lives in Argentina (I think).
I know Doug Casey does, pretty sure Jeff does.
The rest of us will be (are now) sitting ducks.

The Shemitah and Jubilee timelines have already worked out and I am about to expose numerous other things all planned for the very end of the Jubilee that should show this is part of their plan. How it all plays out is anyone's guess but I am more confident than ever in our analysis because it keeps turning out to be right.

Thanks for the reply, Jeff. I guess I should give you some more attention and re-engage in how you're coming to your conclusions and what passes for "worked out" here. I hope you understand, I mean no disrespect, but humans often (far too often, IMO) find patterns and meaning in data, even when none exists. This is provable so. Coming up with causation from correlation regarding date-based historical records is a well-documented example of this common fallacy.

That said, even if there is no causation, if enough people believe there is, there will be. :)

Great info as usual, thanks a bunch! Namaste :)


Thank you so much for giving us this grounded blog post Jeff. It is my personal belief that it's critical to not have all investments tied up in crypto and thanks to yourself and many others for convincing me of this.

I have done quite well with silver of the last 2 years. Not nearly as good as crypto, but who knows who satohi is? Our BTC value could hit the floor once the CIA cashes in on their investment. Just a hypothetical.

Slightly off topic. But i remembered as i read your article. Make a post on the Shemitah! I would like tthat to carry on. I mean we are at it, right?
Not much going on yet, but i am expecting big changes!

Gold is the money of kings
Silver is the money of people
Debt is the money of slaves

I have been stacking Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver for the past two years. I might have to start doubling up pretty soon.

Well defined. There are too many of us slaves these days!

My personal preference would be Hold Gold, Bitcoin and Tesla stock

I think gold is the safest, investment you can do.
Gold would allways have a real value annyway, and the gold prize would rise i think.
Has ben low for a while now. So a buy would be good if you have economy to do it, and silver aswell. Physical is best way so you controll it self.

Physical is best way so you controll it self.

I wish I could buy coins made out of silver/gold with Steem inside of them. :D

Yess steem gold and silver coin would be cool to collect :D

Golds the way for sure even great inventions like bitcoin would be fucked if we had a major power outage or a hack on the grid, an Or EMP. When there's no power and you can't draw money out of your account because you're not able to even start a computer or have power for the ATM to work, as long as you have gold on your person or under a mattress, somewhere in the safe you could always trade it for some stuff you need to get through the time of crisis.

It depends what the crisis is.

If it's as bad as you're saying, keep in mind that you can't eat gold. If crises are what you're worried about, make sure you have the rest of your situation squared away before you start investing in useless metal.

Gold only has value to people who already have enough of everything they actually need.

That is true. For instance I have a shit load of water and no one can find it, that now become way way more valuable then gold. Where I could trade some water for gold. But I know I wouldn't trade water for any fiat curancy, because if I wanted paper I would ask my printer.
Things like seeds water fule are all good things. But they would be sold for other goods or gold and silver. So if you did find a guy willing to sell some water or food, for a currency it would most likely be some kind of precious metal .


The guy is just diversifying much like everybody should.
There is no intrinsic value in neither gold, fiat or crypto.
Value is plasmatic. Your post spreads misinformation.

You are actively hyping one investement option that you favour in respect to another. You are manipulating the market in your own way, through your circle of influence much like every other newscast or investor does.

Throughout the past months we've covered announcements by numerous billionaires about an upcoming stock crash and the necessity for for hedging and metals protection

This is plain scaremongering. The market goes through cycles. It will crash eventually and then will go up. Whether it is based on FIAT, gold or crypto is irrelevant.

What tomorrow are to talking a Rothschild?

good guess... pretty easy to guess though :P

Interesting article and I do think it's time to buy gold and/or silver!

Question -- wasn't the Shemitah and Jubilee timelines pointing to a market crash for last September? Has there been a recalculation since then?

There are various key dates when upheavals are likely to take place and they're all in the next 7 weeks.
It's a max&match game for you to work out which upheavals are most likely on which dates.
It's amusing when people say "nothing happened" last September. Although a dollar crash was the most likely upheaval, instead several trillion dollars were wiped off world stock markets and the refugee crisis saw the initial cracks in the EU with the reinstatement of internal borders in the Schengen zone. Which upheaval will be next? Which one would you bet on?

Bitcoin is my Gold. I've been hearing a lot about uranium supply and demand lately. Lots of new reactors starting up in the world and not nearly enough of that stuff to go around. Could go sky high

As an investor these are the stories I like to read once I'm done vomiting in my mouth a little bit just by the sight of George Soro's name. Yes he is a grade A trader and one to follow. Unlike most whale traders he also loves influencing the outcome of his positions with monkey business, to put it lightly. For the average Joe like me, dollar cost averaging into gold and silver on a month to month basis as a slice of one's portfolio is advisable. Bluehorseshoe loves Soro's return on investment skills but wishes someone would gift the man a moral compass. Keep up these great posts please. Thanks again.

Thanks for this Jeff, great article. I just heard your Podcast about Steemit and that is what got me on this site.

I agree with @dollarvigilante. If anyone knows about the Elliot Wave principle, it is clear that Gold is ready for wave 4, which is basically an upward move, giving it a price target of $1430 per oz atleast. Also, come September..and we will see that the Fed has declined to hike rates again. The reason they cannot hike is because the gdp has been plummeting month after month. The Fed minutes released on Monday has Yellen saying "we are not in a hurry to raise rates." Gold is a quite safe bet in such a volatile environment. Good article @dollarvigilante

Also, for those unfamiliar with the Elliot Wave concept:

I wonder if these people are buying physical gold or paper gold. Paper gold might as well be a dollar bill, ha! Still waiting on the whales of the financial world to go all-in on crypto, however. At least that gives us time to stock up before the value skyrockets.

Or perhaps paper crypto ;-)

vital information !!!

I think our current market is completely being propped up and people are in for a rude awakening. I also wonder is this is gold or paper gold which as another poster pointed out would be just as worthless as our paper money that is being printed like crazy. Why do more people not speak out? I guess there are too many in on the scam.

Because people are afraid of looking like a fool in front of other people that is why they keep there mouths shut :(

wow, This is an extraordinary

We, those that are not millionaire, can do something similar to protect us from what's coming.

  • Buy physical Gold and Silver (Silver will be the new Gold, so if Gold is expensive for you, buy Silver then);
  • Buy Bitcoin and Altcoins (Bitcoin is great, but its a smart thing if you have a bit of all the main Altcoins like ETH, LTC, DASH, XMR, etc);
  • You can buy Shares but only from well known precious metal mining companys (Shares from Apple, Google, Banks and those companys will go down in the future);
  • Keep some of the money as Cash in your House (you will use that first);
  • Dont trust your Gold, Silver, Bitcoins, Altcoins to anyone;
  • If you have money in the bank, you will lose it;
  • If you have money anywhere that the governement know, they will try to take it.

The markets will crash soon, all the finance systems will die.

Gold investment and bit trend, which one is better?

How does a young lad just entering college take advantage of such opportunities and organised one's finances to prepare for this disruption in the current financial ecosystem?

thanks for sharing this information, I like what you posted. if you want you can visit my blogg you. Thank you

Today there are around 300,000 tons of gold extant

Interestingly, his number deviates significantly from the mainstream one:

"A total of 183,600 tonnes of gold is in existence above ground, as of 2014."

Favorite pastime of mine: Check the Wikipedia edit/history stats.

Pretty hectic :D

@alexgr the differences may be from calculating the complete total known, vs how much gold is in bullion form. The remainder would be artwork, ancient relics, jewelry, etc... this stuff would be outside the monetary or internationally tradeable gold. That would be the big 'good delivery' bars you see in national vaults.
Prior to WW2, southeast Asia and southern China was gold rich. Extremely.
The Japanese gutted them, this was the Yamashita's gold hoard you may have heard of.
When I was a child, in the 1970s, it was said that nobody had ever found this gold, so it became considered a myth.
And then there's Karen Hudes. ?

Above ground estimates always include all forms of gold (bullion or otherwise), so there should be no discrepancies there.

As for the gold hoard, the numbers cited are usually unrealistic (tens of thousands of tons). They are unrealistic mainly because gold production was extremely inefficient in the past even in the richest sites. Today we are close to 3000tons per year with very advanced means (compared to old times or ancient times) and still it'd take us 30-40 years to mine 100k tons. From the entire globe nonetheless...

I've also heard the story of Karen Hudes. I don't know what to make of it. The numbers don't add up in terms of production and extrapolating such levels of production in the past...

In any case the billionaire says 300k tons and that's a huge deviation from the 180k. Who knows what's going on... but old gold doesn't explain it well for me. I'd be more satisfied with an explanation like "we are mining 6k tons per year, 3k is acquired by miners to the Elite without being declared anywhere, so over 30-40 years they have +100k tons" - or something to that effect. This would make more sense for me.

It is quite likely that both of these individuals are familiar with The Dollar Vigilante's (TDV) Shemitah and Jubilee Year analysis. That's not to say they read TDV (of course they may - and should), but they understand the larger, secretive events associated with these occult timelines.

Could you elaborate on these here or in a future post? I am a little confused as to whether or not you believe in the occult or taht some references to the occult are causing people with multimillion dollar evaluations to invest in gold.

I will do a bit of research myself, but would assume some others may have the same questions as I do.

I think i have to expand my stack of gold and silver, especially gold.
It's just weird that first i thought 34000 euros per kilo was high, while now it's 38000 euros per kilo, i always have a hard time pulling the trigger on buying things, too much worrying about short term things. But also because i often believe radical things will happen at a certain time, but it never does, but i can't imagine that gold won't go much higher long term, with the policies that are in place.

By the way, does it matter much if i buy 99.99% gold or things like gold guilders or pesos or whatever? cause the latter i can usually make a much lower deal on while as far as i know selling it i get the same for that then for a pure gold bar.

After the past 15+ years of market absurdities, if you're an investor and don't hold any physical precious metals, there may be something wrong with your long-term strategy. I don't think we've seen the end of the bubble problems from 2007-2008. The only thing that happened was the Federal Reserve pumping tons of cash and bottoming interest rates in order to reinflate the bubble. It was never going to work.

Now, the problems with debt and overextended credit haven't changed, but the "solutions" have essentially been exhausted. Nothing was ever actually fixed. It's going to be a bigger pop the second time around.

Thanks for the post.

Well... imagine you sold your company and invested in the stock market in 2008... and you lived a great life and you died this year. I'd say it worked pretty well for you, right :-p

Yet another informative post. Honest money will eventually win, because the TRUTH always wins in the end.

Thanks Jeff. Since Australia is a major Gold producer do you think it will help the country survive the shock that is coming?

So frustrating to see how much influence is leveraged, never for good really, just to amass more wealth. It is unfortunate and sad that so much money lays dormant, never being used for anything say existing on a ledger sheet showing some sort of abstract value.

Think of what could be done with it instead. Just use your imagination!! wow

Hey Jeff, what are you thoughts on Goldmoney these days? I saw the you did a favorable video about it last year and interviewed the founder James Turk.

I went and got a business and personal account and think it is a great way to have spendable gold. Gold in a secure vault while being able to liquidate it to cash at any time and use a debit card to buy things. Plus the 1% fee is very low plus being able to cash out or have physical gold or silver delivered to you at any time is fantastic.

Plus with their referral plan of the affiliates getting up to .5 gram of gold when people fund their account and they get 10% bonus gold up to 1 gram is a great deal. (If people are interested in this deal my referral link is: )

So any changes in your opinion Jeff? Thanks again for all your videos and articles.

More fiat than fiat? Is that their tagline... because it should be.

Gold, only 2nd to clean water is the world's most valuable resource. Yes, its price fluctuates up and down (and an extra special 'thanks' to all the gov't manipulators et al who are involved w/ that one) - regardless, it will always have some value. And as much as we all love crypto-currencies, (like Steem and Bitcoin) - those 2 could go to zero, tomorrow. (while incredibly unlikely, it's possible.) Gold, at least, we always have some value - save for a total nuclear war and/or world-ending meteor strike. But then we'll all be dead anyway - so that's kind of moot point, right?

TLDR? Diversify and have at least some gold in your portfolio. It's indeed the safest hedge against inflation and a total market crash.

Copper is the real buy... Gold doesn't have the uses to make it more valuable... and new forms of value/investment are being invented everyday (like Steemit)!
Copper on the other hand can be used for making electronics as well as bullets...

Interesting and thanks for the insight, but are they not trading commodity to commodity, because who invests in cash? Aren't they covered independent of the dollar's value? Or do they really have tons of american dollars? Isn't gold just another commodity like every other, with trading based on perceived value per current cost. (Let me know what I'm missing, this isn't my forte necessarily)

It's a bit useless to report this 2 month later, as the up trend happened before. They got in early and now they brag about it so everyday investors can buy gold and make their shares go up so they can sell for a fat profit.

Actually i believe gold is going to have a consolidation phase very soon, and it's a bad idea to invest right now into it.

It's hilarious to watch these guys start to "tip toe out of the room" without causing to much disruption ;)

A bit long but a good read, thanks

Hey, I got some Kinross stock this month but it's been down when the charts say it should be up. Also down is my small amount of bitcoin. Maybe I should check out the news on Kitco for inspirational Steemit posts.

taking a leap from anarchist to conspiracy theorist

That term is used to shut down a conversation.
Nothing more.
And it loses its punch, little by little, each time...

BTC will still out continie to perfor gold though...

Just saying.

yet EVERYBODY in the media is saying "gold in the #1 investment this year..."
um... no, it isn't!

Gold was outperformed by a heap of other investments during GFC plus if I take control of it physically then I get taxed coming in the game and taxed when I sell it. Fuck that.

I can list at least 5 other ways to keep my hard earned cash safe in times of global crises and they'll still grow in value.

Gold and Silver aka Real Money!

If these billionaires do not openly support gold, how is gold prices going to appreciate and guillible public will buy into it. If public don't buy,how are these billionaires going to sell to make their profits? This is how the world works, rich get richer and poor get poorer.

You can't just keep pumping money into a system and expect a good economy. This is what causes the bubble to expand and then burst. We don't need a centrally planned economy by a few people behind closed doors.

I didn't even realize this was another dollarvigilante post till i got to the end, very important content as always.

It might also be worth noting that Soros has sold a lot of his gold mining shares recently. But doubled down on his US stocks short put position. He usually bets on election outcomes so I'm thinking he might be betting on Trump actually winning.

If anyone has the inside track its Soros

I have been betting on a Trump victory for some time but actually, I think they can unleash more chaos with a surprise victory and a tight margin with Hitlery getting the spot. They are clearly spending every bit of ammo they can deploy to stop the chaos from breaking out before 8 weeks elapse. Yes, it is only 8 weeks to go.

They only need to hold off economic armageddon for 8 more weeks. Ok, maybe they will fail, but I think that is too slim a margin. Economic crash or not, is probably the primary criteria that will determine the election.

I imagine Clinton is in bed with half of wall street so i figure clinton winning is most important for the 'national security of america'. A trump win could be all the excuse they need for a US stocks crash. It could go both ways i think.

Thank you for your interesting post!

Gold is valuable starting from the point it was discovered. The most conservative and the most safe investment or storage of wealth.

Good old fashioned gold indeed :)

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Looking forward for you're reply .

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Money in not about gold and paper, but about real value created, gold and paper are just a tokens. But gold would be much more reliable in upcoming turbulent times with nuclear-armed fascist Russia entering the world chessboard and with other interrelated global problems looming.
Principles of evaluation for gold and cryptocurrencies are very close related, so it would be logical to anticipate the cryptos to follow the gold in its rise.

Thanks for the interesting article TDV. I follow your newsletter closely and I too see quite a few signals that something big must be on the horizon, and I do not expect it to be pretty.

Considering that the mainstream media tries to make us believe "everything is alright" and that "the gold rally will not last" (to name a few statements) is just another - maybe unusual indicator - that it is quite the opposite.

I also never quite understood what is so barbaric about gold. Using this argument and claiming it comes from Keynes is a misrepresentation of one of his quotes, which referred to the dysfunctional gold standard at the time.

Only time will tell how this all plays out, but I am betting against this humongous amount of debt by buying physical gold and silver.

someone made the argument that the markets crash around the american election time, and this may either be some truth or hype to it, i guess we'll find out soon enough

Yeah, no politician wants the market to crash on their watch. But I think that the only thing that is holding up our currency is the fact that the USD is the worlds standard currency. Foreign currency has to be converted into USD to make purchases from other countries. If we ever loose that status, we will be in trouble.

I agree that gold should be a part of everyone's portfolio and even more so cryptocurrency should also be a part of everyone's portfolio and not from an investment standpoint, merely to protect our wealth and time accrued by our incomes. Gold, Silver, and Cryptocurrency may fluctuate in value, but will always maintain a value because they are real money. Fiat currency is not money, just an IOU. If it is inflated too heavily, it will fail and will leave working people and billionaires alike penniless. It is no wonder these billionaires and many other countries in the world are hording gold.

lets not forget Germany's Bundesbank demanded the repatriation of a big chunk of its gold being held in the US , china hording a massive amount ..surely something is going on that the elite knows .

cool well done

Gold is not money... at the moment. Money must be the most liquid "commodity", and liquidity is decided by how interested sellers of goods are interested in taking that particular goods as payment. You will not be able to go down to the grocery store and buy goods with a gold or silver coin. They will take the present fist currency, and that is why that is money.
Gold and silver are expected to be brilliant stores of value during an eventual collapse. That is why they are attractive, not for being money.

Well, one company is heading in that direction. Goldmoney has created a savings and payment system where you can send and receive gold. Just like PayPal, but the transactions are in gold. You can also load a free provided debit Mastercard (by converting aome of your gold into fiat of your choice) and use that for any purchase where MC is accepted (buying groceries, gas, etc.). If you have an online business, you can set up a shopping cart/payment button and be able to accept payments in gold (dollar value converted into gold deposit into your account). Great thing about this is that since we are in a long-term gold bull run, your account will increase in value. I created my account about two months ago and my account value has risen already by 17%. What bank would give you that kind of return for your deposit in a couple of months? The ability to send payment is currently not available in the US, but they're working on it. But I'm using it primarily for savings and safe haven from economic uncertainties, and any accretion in value (in dollar terms) is just icing in the cake. Plus I have the debit card available in case I need it.

Here's the link where you can learn more:
(full disclosure: this is my referral link. If you sign up when you click through this link, I will get rewarded with a few grams of gold into my account. If you don't want that to happen, you can easily google 'goldmoney').

Forgot to mention that your gold is outside of the banking system, and you have a choice of offshore locations for your gold deposit: Zurich, Toronto, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, New York and Dubai. Storage is free, account setup is free and no minimum deposit required. You can also use bitcoin to fund your account. (Btw, I also do own some bitcoins as part of a diversified portfolio.)

Wow, more paper gold. That's exactly how money started out. What's the point?!

How is it "paper gold"? The gold in your account is physical allocated gold stored securely under your name that can be easily redeemed and shipped to you at any time.

Goldmoney does not have the power to make gold money. Or any other commodity for that matter.

I think there's confusion here in using the terms "money" and "currency" (which is alright, we all do it). Gold (and silver) has been "money" for thousands of years, while the dollar (or any fiat) is a "currency" that may or may not be backed by real money. Just a quick google search clarifies this distinction:

"While money stores intrinsic value within itself, fiat currency possesses buying power bestowed upon it by the government. But this was not always the case. At its inception the dollar was backed by gold and silver, which meant that every unit of currency in circulation was redeemable in gold and silver."

Of course nowadays all the fiat currencies in the world are not backed by anything except the confidence that is placed in them. But gold and silver, by nature of being intrinsic stores of value, are real money. Mike Maloney explains the difference beautifully in this video:

Goldmoney doesn't have to have power to make gold money because it already is. Gold may not be widely used as currency at the moment, but it is easily convertible into fiat so it is very liquid. No fiat currency ever survives, and current ones are all going downhill. So it just makes sense to preserve some of whatever wealth you may have into something that stores value. Anyway, just my 2c.

Bestowed upon by government? You mean the guns they use to force you to pay taxes in their fiat?
One must understand that all money is a form of collective debt. Not just the added interest by frac reserv lending, but all of it. It is a general yom (you owe me) that occurs when a person is not able to provide the needed goods to the seller, in exchange for the goods the buyer needs. Money is an accounting system of these yom.

Yes, I agree with your correction about the value of money, it is a paper note, backed by gold as foundation of the note value, gold & silver back up moneys real value.

I think I have laid out in this article how to figure out where you want to live when the economic catastrophe starts. I intuitively knew what it was, but in this article I think I elaborate the two most critical criteria.

Hi. Interesting post! Thank you.

We always knew they were lying about that 'barbarous relic' thing.

What's next?????????

1000% potential

Really? Is that even possible?

Anyway, isn't gold already at near all time highs? Does it have enough steam to climb any higher? Or are you talking about investing in the mining companies, not physical gold? Cause we've seen big mining companies in AUS struggle lately, with our big exports tumbling in price (mainly iron ore and coal). This has had a knock on with house prices in mining towns collapse, although they're still rising in the main capital cities.

Wish I had a few hundred million to gamble on the market like that...