Rich people don't value money more. They value it less!

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After contemplating my sudden crypto gains followed by a loss of interest in my regular day-job; after wallowing in a few days of panic and self-pity after deciding to quit and move back to India, I just had a crazy ephiphany.

I realized, that I lost interest in my job because I felt I had better things to do. In other words, I valued the money I earned from my regular paycheck, to be less.

We've all heard the adage

"Rich people are rich because they know the value of money"

This is not true at all!

"Rich people are rich because they value money less than poor people do"

It's not rocket science. It's simple economics.

If a poor person makes $12 an hour, it means he's willing to give 5 minutes of his time for every dollar.

If a rich person makes $600 an hour, it means she's willing to give 6 seconds of her time for every dollar

That 1 dollar is more valuable to the poor person than it is, for the rich person!

This means, for each dollar, the poor person is offering more of his time than the rich person is willing. That's it.


So, if you value your time more, you'll figure out a way to become rich. I think. What are your thoughts?


To talk of the "rich" and the "poor" is overly simplistic.

Most of those who are wealthy today, are rich due to inherited wealth and privilege.

The "poor" sell there time for pennies per hour because poverty has left them with no choice but to take the first option so their family don't go hungry.

I hear these arguments often by people trying to make themselves feel better about their own wealth.

Yes, there are those who have become wealthy due to merit. But they are few and far between

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I agree the poor invest more time than the rich in making money but that's do not make us all richer unfortunately XD

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Rich people really don't value money, they Value the People w/ the IDEA & SOLUTION to make More Money.

Exactly. They see value in other things. They build relationships. They bring the best out of people and resources. To them, money is just a tool - a means to an end. I can't believe I didn't see this so far. I need to start internalizing it.

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Wow! This is a reality, I am from a place where money is practically nonexistent you can experience what is described here.

You have really done so well here boss @divyanthj

Though I don't have a job right now, Id certainty quit it in a heartbeat for crypto. However in the same breath, if it wasn't for said job, I would have never had money to invest into crypto in the first place.

I agree with you and this is pretty deep.

Another important point of note is, when we talk of rich people, it's important to define what is meant by "rich people".

I say this because true wealth is not the riches itself but the "MIND" of the rich.

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