Anyone else moving more towards Steem as stock market gets more unstable?

in money •  11 months ago

Interesting post on our subreddit expressed fear about what might happen to stocks IF the President were to be indicted or resign...I'm wondering whether Steem looks more and more attractive the more erratic the markets get.

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I personally pulled out of stock market investment years ago for both financial and personal reasons.
I think Steem is banker for the future and I apply principles to the new world financial order as I would to the stock market for example.
Firstly, Steem is utilized, there is a product, a tangible asset in the form of the amazing content on Steemit. All manner of creativity thrives here due to the reward structure. I'm not convinced about the allocation of rewards but Im sure this can continually be monitored and adjusted to encourage the existing community and new members to be retained.
Secondly, I like the witness system. I think the witnesses we have are trustable and have the best interests of the ecosytem at heart.
We just need Steem to break away from the BTC apron strings and define it's own course.
Excellent developing eco system that if this continues we will see a steady but continuous rise in price and value.
Great video by the way :-)


Yes. Very good point about adjustments to Steemit being made down the road. We need to remember that Facebook was only available to students at first. Things evolve. Blockchain and crypto are so update friendly. Steemit is just a nice fit and I'm glad to be hear.

You know i'm all in on Steem. Feels like the early days of YouTube. It's up and coming, just a matter of time.


@brendube I agree completely, I never was interested in facebook or youtube as a publisher. Yet here I feel as if I can fill a need and support more directly with upvotes as I can see exactly what my upvote is worth. This platform has yet too find its real Value and I want to be apart of that if just to say I told you so to all my doubting friends. I found this space at the perfect time in my life and of all things has actually given me hope for the future of society with the support I see here.

steem all the way it's the way forward 👍⚡

@davidpakman I have taken all the “play” crypto I have and Invested in Steem Power besides what’s locked on a few trades I still have to complete when market bounces back. Anything I generate past my holding goals will be going into this platform. SBD has real potential for profits if the current track record of being worth more then $1 Steem keeps up and I plan to trade this more intensely and again power up!

Then there is my mining returns, I believe its best to put that into this platform aswell.

Since I have a desire to contribute and my efforts have been rewarding it would be stupid of me to miss the opportunity to grow my coin counts using Steem as it is back on the upwards movement and seems to be getting some major attention.

I Have Switched.

The OK sign is 3 sixes, 666, lol!

Hell yea, have you noticed how relatively stable steem has been compared to the rest of the steemit community. Makes me second guess ever removing any funds from here lol

Thanks for this cryptocurrency news update providing......i like this dtube channel....resteemit

I'm holding onto the LTC and DOGE I currently have amassed, and the ZEC I'm mining will likely get turned into Steem soon enough. That or I'll sell it.

Either way, I'm building out my steem power right now, and won't cash start generating Steem wealth until much later.

Agreed it's exciting. I enjoy writing about what I like. I feel like I can. Hard to explain I guess but I feel opportunity to be heard here!

I moved out of Stocks and Futures about 10 months ago David. April 2017 to be exact. I have followed your content though long before that on Youtube etc. I also hope to build a following here. This is a great platform thats loaded with potential. I hope you follow me as well sir.

I'm interested to see how Steem plays out that's for sure, why else would I be here? I'm also just a regular peasant who never had any stocks.

Atleast a percentage of investors will definitely move towards Steem.

Party like it's 1929, whether or not Trump gets impeached.
Central bankers need a bailout, which makes 2008 seem like child play. Last two times they needed a bailout of this magnitude happened right before WWI and WWII.