How to buy MinersPost rewards tokens with SteemDollars!

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I just had a hunch and it worked!

I attempted to send 10 SBD to blocktrades to sell for Litecoin,
and send it to a shapeshift transaction to sell LTC for WAVES.

SBD -> blocktrades -> LTC -> shapeshift -> WAVES -> MPST

Now YOU can easily buy WAVES to get

MinersPost Rewards Tokens

I accidentlly pasted the wrong address

and sent the Litecoin to my litecoin address. Thats ok.

So then I sent 4 SBD

to save the shapeshift transaction pending, to blocktrades, then to shapeshift.

Then after a few minutes the exchange completed and Waves were recieved!

Next I will sell my waves for MPST!

Visit DarkflameEarth and go to Marketplace!

It will lead you to the

Official page for MPST tokens.

It will show you where where you need to go.

If crowdfunding is successful over the next 3 months then
a whole new MinersPost website will be built for Phase 1.

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Thanks for all your arduous work, here's a bunch of token of appreciation!


THANK YOU! If everyone sends a little SBD and turns it into MPST then my business plan can succeed!

Now I understand How to Buy number post using steemit ! GOOD POST

great info


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