100% of earnings are paid out to delegators daily!

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@cabbage-dealer is a bid bot that is putting delegators first, 100% of it's earnings are paid out to delegators daily!

To delegate and begin earning rewards is easy, simply click on this link and you will be taken to steembottracker's delegation tool. From their, simply fill in the required information and click delegate.

Remember, the more you delegate the more you earn!

To receive rewards you must delegate a minimum of 10-20 SP, anything less and the daily reward for your delegation amount is too small to transfer.

Sit back and let the money roll in!

Most steemians are not active everyday or have the time to use their SP effectively, in fact i'm sure for a lot of steemians, their SP has been sitting in their accounts collecting nothing but dust. It's easy to solve this, delegate to someone who is using their SP 24/7. Now ,no human can achieve this but a robot sure can!

Cabbage-dealer is a voting robot, better known as a bid-bot, that does need sleep or breaks and hence works 24/7. Therefore, by delegating to cabbage-dealer, a bid-bot, your SP will be used to its maximum potential to maximise the returns from SP, and don't forget cabbage-dealer takes a 0% cut and thus all payments received by the bot are paid out in full to delegators!

Let's see how the returns from @cabbage-dealer weigh up against the big players

We will be using Annual Percentage Return (APR) as the metric to compare returns. For those unfamiliar with APR, it essentially means if John Smith delegated 1000 SP and is receiving an APR of 10%, at the end of 1 year he will in total have received 100SP in returns.

Okay, time to get into it!

First, let's see what returns the big players are offering.

Delegation ServiceAPR
Minnowbooster Voting Bot22.15%
Minnowbooster Delegation Market28.8%
postpromoter bid-bot30%
foxyd bid-bot30%

Now let's see what @cabbage-dealer is offering


Clearly, @cabbage-dealer is providing greater rewards than those of it's competitors!

Now let's discover what makes cabbage-dealer the superior investment

  • Have I already mentioned @cabbage-dealer pays delegators 100% of the daily rewards i.e. cabbage-dealer takes no cut
  • cabbage-dealer cares for minnows and has put a max negative ROI of -10% so no one experiences heavy losses
  • cabbage-dealer is committed to providing excellent customer service and will refund all invalid bids
  • cabbage-dealer is listed on steembottracker to provide easy tracking of bidding rounds
  • cabbage-dealer is committed to supporting the community and maintains a blacklist
  • cabbage-dealer's ears are always open and will gladly listen to all feedback

For the reasons above and countless more, @cabbage-dealer is able to provide excellent customer service and hence receive and payout far more rewards than other bots.

What are you waiting for!? Delegate to @cabbage-dealer today and begin earning big rewards!!

Join me on Discord if you have any questions.

Thank You!


Thanks for this great Initiative that you have taken for minnows in which you give high profit upvotes @cabbage-dealer

You got a 66.67% upvote from @cabbage-dealer courtesy of @crassus!
100% of earnings are paid out to delegators daily! Delegate now!

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