MondayRed / 红色星期一

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My Monday is either monochrome or red. I have been doing monochrome last week (if I remember correctly). So this week I will do RED! WHY? Coz the market is RED!


OK... Red lantern first... Captured this on Saturday when we had our dinner. This is a roadside "restaurant" which has been in business for a long long time. And every weekend it's packed with people. Yummy food...


Here's what we had for dinner. Coconut chicken soup, American Ginseng chicken soup, pork meat and beansprouts. Almost all table will have the coconut chicken soup. Yummy yummy yummilicious!


Red chairs... Yup... Parked beside here waiting to pick up my girl from school.


On the other side... Red fire extinguisher and pipe...


Red... The market is red too... A screenshots... Till now it's still red in color...


So here's all I have for today's MondayRed. Wish everyone a great Monday and a great week ahead!

好了,今天就到此。祝大家有个愉快的星期一。 (1).gif

Thanks to @kalemandra for sharing the beautiful banners. Banners are created by @kalemandra. If you would like to find all the other color banners, you can check out this post.

以下漂亮的banner是 @kalemandra 制作的,你可以到这里下载其他颜色的banner。非常感谢 @kalemandra 的用心!


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American ginseng chicken soup?
I love soup, and am an American, but that's a new one to me!
Oh this place looks like my kind of place. thank you for showing it to us.

enjoying the food photo suddenly bomb ---> Red market :(