Marijuana And Motivation - The Alchemist's Quest


My relationship with marijuana started roughly 30 years ago, on a rainy day, in a disused playground. I did not know it then, however that day marked the beginning of my alchemist's quest, the journey to attain the unattainable. Eventually; some 28 years or so later, I have achieved a high enough level of cognitive alchemy, to allow me to create the perfect mix of motivation and marijuana.

So I am writing this for all those who feel like they can't motivate themselves, yet they can't or don't want to give up taking the sweet Mary Jane, in one or more of its many forms. Because that is a dilemma that all of us stoners face, how do we keep our ambitions alive, if you like to smoke-a-da-weed everyday?

The End Of Ambition

"That shit'll rob you of your ambition."

"Not if your ambition is to get high and watch TV."

--Jackie Brown

So I smoked a joint at 13, no big deal; I didn't smoke another one for about 3 years after that, I was 16 and at a different school, that was when my ambitions were stolen from me, and replaced with new ones; ones that revolved around being able to constantly get high.

You see the problem was that at my first school, completely unbeknownst to me at the time; my ambitions were shaped entirely by my environment. I was being looked after by a single mother who was seriously overworked and undervalued by her employers. The so-called pension she received for 26 years of service was an insult to the loyal service she had provided.

My peers were also mainly from poor working class families; and where I lived a fair amount of people ended up either working for or stealing from the Post Office.
All of this combined with being blessed with a photographic memory and an aptitude for learning, served to drive my ambition in the direction of business owner, or inventor, or at the very least, an uber-high paying job in the legal profession.

However all of this changed the moment after I smoked my second joint in Holland Park School, my ambitions were now somewhat skewed and confusion flooded my mind, in no way helped by the difference in socioeconomic status of my new peers, compared to my old ones.

The smoking of my second joint, coincided with my eyes being opened to a world that I hadn't even imagined up until that point. I had gone from hanging out on my council estate and the estates of friends and girlfriends, to hanging out in houses that were on roads and not in tower blocks. These houses had stairs inside them, there were no urine soaked lifts, or badly lit walkways leading to these abodes.

It wasn't only the bigger houses, and richer friends that were different from my old life, my new friends had liberal parents that allowed their children to smoke, and in some cases even smoked with them!

I considered my horizons broadened, I had a new outlook on life previous ambitions evaporated and in their place were left apathy and inactivity. This passive state of affairs was not helped by the fact that a lot of my dope smoking buddies had trust funds and inheritances I wasn't aware of. I mistook the behaviour of my peers as a mirror of my own, not understanding that their apathy came from the comfort of knowing that their futures were financially secure.

So for years I drifted; mortgaging my unseen future for a great present, smoking away my life in a wonderful haze of blue-grey hashish smoke. This wasn't to say I didn't have ambition, it was the drive I lacked; I was a photographer, I wanted to be a great one, but didn't quite have the gumption to do anything about it. That story was played out time and time again; each time it happened, I knew it was because I smoked too much. I could see the difference when I stopped, however I neither could, nor wanted to give up permanently.

All the while I looked to famous people who were alleged, and confirmed stoners who also happened to be high achievers; Bob Marley and Richard Branson to name but two.

Deep down of course, I knew that I was displaying survivorship bias, by highlighting the high-achieving stoners; whilst conveniently editing out the majority of stoners who don't go on to become world famous musicians or billionaire business owners.

It didn't stop me searching though; these high achievers did have something, they had managed to carve out successful careers, while still holding weed dear to their hearts. How were they doing that? I had to know the secret behind blazing up spliffs all day, and staying motivated enough to carve out a succesful career.

The Alchemist's Dream


The alchemists of old, who roamed the lands of medieval Europe, sought to turn lead into gold, my quest of attempting to find motivation from the induced apathy of a stoner, I felt was no less arduous.

If the men of ancient times were to be alive today, they would see that their dream had been accomplished via particle beam acceleration. Now we can knock the extra proton from lead and turn it into gold; albeit highly radioactive gold that you couldn't go near for several millennia.

For me, the regime of 30 Days Of Discipline, was the Large Hadron Collider my life needed. For one month, I rose at 5 a.m., took a cold shower, and started a punishing exercise regime, along with a low carb, high protein diet.

Along with this, I meditated and wrote all my ideas down wherever I was and started taking online courses to broaden my skills; this was the start and the gateway to my redemption.

So my new found motivation was fueled by meditation, exercise, education and innovation; however this was not quite enough; all of my new found activities spurred me on and took me to levels of activity and focus I hadn't seen before; and it was good, but not enough.

Enter Modafinil; otherwise known as the Limitless drug; this I felt, was to be the final piece in the puzzle, the thing that would give me the edge I needed.

Modafinil is called the Limitless drug, because of the film of the same name, in the film the main character discovers a drug that increases his cognitive abilities to that of a genius. Suddenly he can learn languages, play the stock market, learn musical instruments; all with absolute ease and perfection. In short, the drug turns him into a genius with the world as his playground.

So after watching the film, I asked the great oracle Google, whether there was any such drug as the one in the film Limitless. Before I even finished typing my question, the search engine had all the answers for me, indeed there was such a drug.

Finally, after 6 months of research, making sure that there were no adverse side-effects; I ordered my first batch. Which incidentally was also my first Bitcoin transaction, aided by my dear friend @bleepcoin.

When I finally got my package through the post and tried Modafinil for the first time; it was like nothing I had ever experienced. Suddenly I could sit down for eight hours and write article after article. No task was too arduous or boring, I felt like I had achieved ultimate motivation.

I started to use Modafinil everyday, and for about a month, I was on a high speed burn, setting up a website and taking 2 courses in accounting and programming. I began to rely on the drug for my motivation; I left all the heavy lifting to Modafinil, and for a while it worked. However I discovered that, whilst Modafinil is an amazing drug, just taking it everyday on its own, soon wears thin.

There was something missing, I stopped taking Modafinil and went back to the drawing board, I ordered some books written by succesful people and started meditating again.

The answer came to me one day, whilst reading The 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris, it was the section where he talks about quantifying your goals. Something which I had only ever done in the vaguest of senses; as I read that chapter, I realised that I could have discovered a golden motivational tactic; I read on...

The Key To Motivation

LHC imageRZ.jpg

In a perfect world; goals, lead to motivation; which in turn leads to ambitions fulfilled, however if it were that simple, then more of us would realise our potential, by simply setting goals. If it were that simple, as long as I set goals for myself, I could smoke a ton of weed, knowing that the motivation would just come flowing forth.

It is not necessarily the goals you set for yourself that will motivate you, rather the quantifying of those goal; simply put, what will your life look like, when you reach those goals?

So you might have a goal to make a million dollars; what you have to ask yourself is; why and what will you do with the money when you get it?

By quantifying why you want something, and what you will do when you achieve it, gives it a realism that isn't achieved by simply saying you want it. The reason for this, is that the process encourages you to really examine your future motivations. While you're in this process of self-examination, you may discover that some of your goals, reveal ambitions that don't quite align with your character. In this case you can adjust your goals and bring them more into line with who you are and where you want to go.

A really good example of somebody reassessing their ambitions' after quantifying their goals, comes from the book Dream On, a story of an amateur golfer who attempts to take 33 shots off his game in a single year. For those who don't play golf, this is the equivalent of having a grade school level equivalent in Japanese, and then writing a novel with that language a year later. It's not impossible, but it would be stupendously difficult.

So the author of Dream On, John Richardson states, that he had always fancied that he could be a journeyman pro golf player. At the very least he felt that he should be beating his friends more often at golf, and had ambitions to frustrate his friends with his brilliant play.

John set about the challenge because he loved a challenge, and also he felt it would lead him to the path of wiping the floor with his mates, and perhaps earning a modest living from golf.

The challenge forced John to quantify his goals, and eventually reassess them, ultimately the task helped him see how much work was involved in becoming a really good golfer. Not only that, he saw that the journey of becoming better, would isolate him from his fellow amateurs by becoming too good to play with them. He would have to enter tournaments, and practice 5 days a week for 8 hours a day.

As he stood on the golf course in the driving rain, trying to get closer to his Himalayan task, he realised that the ambitions he had had before, were ones that he didn't really want. He was happy being just a bit better at golf than he currently was, and the challenge revealed that his ambition to be a pro golfer, was really just an ambition to be a freelance worker, who was master of his own destiny.

In the end, regardless of the result of his challenge (I won't spoil it for you), he realised that he needed to change his ambitions in order to regain the motivation in his life that was missing.

Understanding how you are going to get to your goal, why you want to get there, and what will happen once you do, will do wonders for your motivation; it did mine, and that for me, really is the final ingredient.

The Perfect Recipe

Deniro bong hitRZ.jpg

So I have found that there is a recipe for motivation, and although it is a personal one; I would imagine that a fair few of the ingredients will work for others as well.

Meditation: In order to focus on important things to you, you need to be able to learn to focus on the simple and the mundane. That is why the exercise of just focusing on your breath, for a couple of minutes a day, will increase your focus. Start with a couple of minutes, and increase by 30 seconds a day; I personally meditate for 15 minutes, at least once a day.

Exercise: Modern life means that we are often sitting down for large periods of the day, leading a sedentary lifestyle will lead to a dulling of your motivation. Therefore it is best to exercise at least lightly, 5 or 6 times a week. If you haven't exercised in a while, set yourself goals that are impossible to fail. Try 2 push ups, 2 sit ups and 2 squats, and add 2 repetitions to each exercise each day, in just a few weeks you'll be into the habit and will be feeling the physical and mental benefits.

Notropic Drugs: These aren't for everyone, and you should definitely not take drug advice directly from me; they worked for me, but won't for everyone. Notropics work by manipulating neurotransmitters (extremely simplified!) and increase focus in the brain. As well as Modafinil there are a whole host of other pharmaceutical and natural notropics. Caffeine, green tea and kratom are 3 examples of natural notropics; research them via Google and always consult a doctor before taking any new drug.

Goal Setting/Quantifying: Without goals there is no ambition, and therefore no motivation, so it is important to set goals which will act as stepping stones to get to where you want to be. However examine, your ultimate goal and all the little steps leading up to it. Think about what your life will be like when striving for, and achieving your goals. If you find you don't like what you feel when you're thinking about them, then set new goals. This will have the knock-on effect of making you more open minded and amenable to change.

These are what help me carry on my love affair with hashish, whilst still maintaining the drive to develop, improve and fulfill my life's ambitions as best as I can, and hopefully, regardless of whether you smoke or not, they will help you too.

As ever, take care and keep Steemin'




Cause I got high. But yea, beyond how some in society create negative effects via criminalization or cultural punishments via deviancy perception, i dont think there really is a tie between motivation and this substance. Sure it alters a perspective but that doesnt seem to inherently affect motivation for one way or another, but I am no scientist yet.

now this is definitely not what I was expecting to come across when I searched for motivation ha!

I find I can't smoke that much but just a little in the morning (or whenever) to get going the key is I have to know exactly what I plan to do before I smoke and I absolutely must not eat anything!!! I must stick to water and tea else I'll end up back in bed with all my aspirations.

Thank you for the article. I think when I was younger I was more motivated and I could just do it, now I find it slightly harder, I'm still motivated and when I do something, I do it properly! But the main thing is to set goals, once you have them you can keep going!

That's right, and to constantly check that those goals aren't just what you think you want, as opposed to what you really want and need...


Yeah, I do that a lot, I always set much higher expectations and if I dont reach them i get down and unmotivated, the key is to keep going and set expectations that are realistic!

Nice on CG, you basically told the story of my life as well :)
My experience with nootropics is limited to modafinil and piracetam. I was experimenting heavily with it when I was still living in Europe. I, too, burned up on it. I was uberproductive yeah, but I also felt something was missing. And guess what, the 4-hour workweek changed my life as well :)

I also had my first joint at 13. But I never stopped smoking the sweet mary jane, although I was planning on doing it when I moved to SE-Asia. But then I arrived here and noticed the quality was pretty good and the price less than one tenth of the price in Europe. So yeah, I'm still smoking every day. :)

I ditched the nootropics though. I still take a piracetam from time to time, especially when I'm working on big projects or have to do presentations. But I found a good work/life balance that allows me to take more time off. So I don't feel the need to be a high achiever anymore. Although I got some big projects on the horizon that might make me grab the nootropics again though.

Good story mate, thanks for a nice read!

Hey nice one Menta,

I'm very interested to hear about your experiences, I have been thinking about piracetam for awhile now; I think the short effect time has been putting me off. Did you like it as much as Modafinil?

As far as smoking in SE-Asia, I don't know whereabouts you are, but I hear they're pretty drachonian over there when it comes to weed. A friend of mine lived in KL for a few years and it sounded like you were risking jail and/or execution every time you traveled with weed on you.

I'm glad you found that work/life balance, I'm slowly getting there; though I get addicted to throwing myself into projects, that's why Steemit has been so good for me; I have to keep reminding myself that I have a family and quite enjoy seeing them now and again! :-)

I hope we can chat again soon, it's always good to connect with people on the same wavelength :-D


I train High all the time. It's amazing for body awareness, just talk to anyone that does yoga high.

You think? That's interesting that you say that, I would never have said that, I meditate and so am very body aware, I definitely feel that's a sense that was dulled when I smoked and didn't meditate.


I hope you don't mind me saying this but you're using the #mondaymotivation tag on an article posted on a Wednesday and that cracks me up ahahaha. You a bit high cryptogee? :DDD

Hahaha! Oh my word; you know what? I've just had a heavy Bank Holiday weekend and it feels like a Monday to me; lolz!

Well spotted :-D

Oh well, I didn't say I had an antidote for stoned mistakes!


It can happen to anyone ;)

Lolz; I shoulda mentioned Snoop as another high functioning stoner :-D


... Yeah ok. But simply writing this tells me one thing, you know that smoking brings no good and you are trying to justify why you smoke. Any mystical experience is an allusion if you are not 100% sober. Cheers

And by your writing we can see you never had properly smoked :-)

You're probably right about the justification thing, and definitely right about mystical experiences; so yup, can't fault you there :-)


Nice all the way around.
I think a huge piece to this, is recognizing that change is necessary if you want something different than what you currently have. I also think that a person's ability to change is directly tied to their ability to recognize their habits and then break the ones that aren't permitting the change to occur.

Pow! You got it in one. That's the thing, I needed to change, I felt I was drifting into an unremarkable middle age, which would leave me an embittered old man. Having a child gave me that kick I needed, however I still had to search for it, and it took nearly 3 years of my daughter being around for me to get to the points I describe in the post.

Thanks for your comment :-)


Much of own experience relates to so much of this haha, the early age of initiation into the world of weed, geez, my first high was from a full force, lung filled blowback (remember those?) on a heavy hash joint and living around not the most preferable of environments, let's just say. Thanks for sharing these insights into your life journey.

Meditation and exercise have really helped me, finding that the low impact, body weight cardio & yoga combo -to- meditation route gives me the balancing I need.

High strain CBD plants, are what allow me to medicate, enabling productivity without the hindering effects. Am going to look into that limitless stuff.

Thanks @cryptogee, I really enjoyed this post.

Woah! Blowbacks, I remember those! :-)

I am experimenting with yoga and rowing at the moment, I'm trying to increase my stamina, so started with 2k on the rowing machine and am upping that by 10% a day, for 30 days.

Yeah, check out Modafinil, it's pretty awesome, though out of the 10 or so people I've recommended it to and have tried it, one of them said it had no effect; so there's always a chance you won't like it, start of on 100mg doses and see how it goes.



Nice one @cryptogee, I will certainly look into the supps. So, are you embarking on another hardcore 30 day challenge? I'm currently doing a water purification. The first few days I got ill due to the flushing out out of toxins, but now I'm starting to feel good again now, and my skin is thanking me for it. No-one would be able to tell that I'm 96 just by looking at me now!

Haha, you'll have to fill me in on what that purification entails...

Yes at the moment I've embarked on 30 days of stamina, as I said I've brought in the rowing to my morning routine, and I will increase my cycle ride as time goes on. By the end of it I should be rowing about 8k and cycling about the same every morning.

I don't know how long I'll carry it on after the 30 days, as that will be very time consuming, but I think I'll keep it to at least twice a week.


Smoking cannabis will destroy most of its medicinal benefits. You should make properly decarboxylated oil from it or make smoothie with fresh cannabis. You also need to choose the right strain for your needs.
Pharmaceuticals from Big Pharma are not the answer. Those usually cause more harm than good in the long run.

If you simply want to get high and nothing else then you don't have to worry about its medicinal benefits.

Tell me more about making decarboxylated oil; and smoothies sound pretty awesome :-)


Big proponent here of juicing raw Cannabis. Regrettably, current legislation regarding cultivation doesn't permit the amounts required for daily juicing. The acidic cannabinoids that are decarboxylated to neutral cannabinoids through exposure to heat or aging have their own medical benefits. If you are going to make juicing a normal practice, I recommend using a masticating/wheatgrass juicer.

After a few years of smoking just about every single day, my entire composure changed. I carried myself in way that I found value and creativity in my thoughts. I became engaged with reality and I see things in ways that I never could've quite understood before.

Agreed, that's how I felt after one year at my second school; I often ponder on the fact that my life would have been totally different had I not gone to that school and smoked that joint (maybe).

So I definitely feel enriched, however I also struggled with motivation, and so it feels good to be closer to striking a balance. :-)


This is a very cool story about yourself. I was actually surprised that you smoked a joint at 13 years age. By the way thanks for sharing your story with all the steemers @cryptogee

Yeah it's a bit young, but I wouldn't say that's when I started smoking; that came at 16ish :-)


But still, it was quite young :)

Yes; in some ways too young; but no regrets...


Live life like it meant to be lived :)

I stop like 15 years ago, I got scared one time I smoke too much, paranoia and stuff + plus I was able to understnad french when I was high.. I speak german, english and spanish...somehow mariguana connected the dots to understand french. No one believes me lol. Upvoted

This is interesting about you language experience. Seems that the unconscious mind works better on drugs like grass. I am struggling learning French. I like very much the sound, its all music to me, but its hard to come by logically. However I don't want to smoke...

It's funny when I go to Spain, I like to go with my friend, he speaks great Spanish when he's drunk and I don't, however I speak great Spanish when I'm stoned, and he doesn't! :-D


I love your post and good Marijuana.Especially uplifting Sativa gives me motivation to go on on monday:)

Thanks for the great advice man. I am exactly at that point and you have surmised everything really well here. Never really heard of notropics but I like green tea! I will heed your wise words.

Green tea is great for creativity, I often mix it with Modafinil and caffeine when I want to write a fictional story :-)


There is some very good advice in here. Each person reading this can take what they think might work for them. I think the exercise plan is something that will help almost everyone. I already do that, but I plan to look into some of your other points.

Great read, with good suggestions and as always, you made it interesting by adding personal anecdotes; thanks!

Thanks Kenny,

I hope other people who don't smoke will get something out of this, exercise by increments is so effective; as is goal quantifying and visualisation :-)


How about smoking less times or say setting a smoking reward after accomplishing some daily goal?

Ha! Been there, tried that, and smoked the T-shirt :-)


I hear what your saying, I too am a stoner who gets high to be motivated out of depression and dreaming to get up and actually make something happen.

Start by quantifying your goals; what do you want to do? What will that look and feel like?

If you were a millionaire, how would you fill your days?

This sort of stoned daydreaming may just help to focus your future efforts...


People that are kinda or think there lazy, can blame it on whatever they want. It makes what ever you like to do, that much more fascinating. When all a person does, is something they don't like to do, ya I can see how those people might not like it.

I was thinking of Phelps when I wrote this, but I wanted to highlight the kind of stoners I related to when I was growing up :-)

Thanks for the link!


Marijuana in my experience does not effect ambition at all. It really depends on what kind of job you have and what you're doing. If you do creative work like blogging on Steemit I really doubt marijuana has a negative effect, in fact it could make you more productive and inspired because bloggers have to be in a different state of mind.

On the other hand if you have some kind of important job where lives are at stake, like a surgeon, or trying to run a new business which you are just starting, in that case every decision is critical and marijuana might not help when making critical decisions.

In the end, it depends on what you're doing and why, but I've never experienced any motivational issues and to be honest, it's also possible to be too motivated. People who are too motivated can find themselves in all sorts of trouble which they could avoid if they just stay home and smoke weed.

I think on a deeper level you're right, speaking for myself what you say does ring true and at times in the past I have motivated myself regardless of my marijuana consumption.

However recently, if I have realllly strong hashish, I find it hard to write; though that could be because, I'm smoking it to mask the fact I have writer's block!



You can always review the experience of the strong hashish.

Well after replying to you, I went and smoked a fairly strong one and wrote what I believe to be a cracking article :-) Hopefully later when I'm not so high and I return to edit, I'm still thinking the same thing! :-D


Nootropics are definitely an interesting topic of research. At one point I was prescribed Modafinil but discontinued use when it resulted in some undesirable cardiac effects. Currently I'm using a stack consisting of a variety of amino acids, minerals, and medicinal herbs.

I'm glad you mentioned goal setting/quantifying. With Cannabis use, it is important to establish intent when you are using. Why are you using at this time? To remove the humdrum out of daily household tasks, as something to be done in combination with meditation, to enhance creativity in writing or other forms of art? Without establishing intent, you lose motivation.

Finally, I have to wonder how much the lack of motivation has to do with the terpenes in the strains being used. For example, it has been shown that a strain with greater than 0.5% Myrcene will have a couch-lock effect and strains with Limonene will relieve anxiety and elevate mood. For those concerned with cognitive deficits, Pinene increases mental focus and energy.

When having access to the cannabinoid/terpene profile of the strain I'm using is considered a best practice in the industry, I'll be overjoyed.

What a refreshing post....wonder why I chose my username? lol
I've been using cannabis for over 25 years myself and grow my own medicine. It is a very intricate part of my daily life but my biggest rewards come from those 20+ patients I have help kick cancer and other illnesses to the curve. I make high grade edibles using RSO and I can see the miracles it performs on a daily basis. Keep up the good fight brother :)
I have an article I wrote last night on how to make proper liquid edibles such as juices and the likes but I have not posted it because I am not sure if I am ready to share my secrets on it or not. Emulsions are easy to make meaning binding water to oil and vice versa but doing it properly so there is no oil residue is a diffenrent monster.....who knows I may get motivated later on tonight and post it!

The struggle to stay on a path that is positive and growth oriented - is difficult. Motivating another often seems easier that self-motivation. I wish to thank you for sharing this story. It has given me several things to think about.

Some of the best decisions I have ever made, have come from giving someone else advice; another great reason to try and help as many people as you can :-)


I'm horrible at getting motivated, but I've been working on finding ways to motivate myself that aren't destructive, and can be long-term. Meditating is awesome, and spending time reading others stories definitely encourages me.

I really enjoyed reading your post. I can definitely relate to some of it, and it was super interesting. Thank you for sharing. :D

That's it, and mix it in with a bit of good old fashion action, and you can't go wrong! :-D