Molested (The Bedwetter)

A beautiful day it was as she sat at her duty post chitchatting with her cousins. Her aunt owned a shop just beside the house and had made her the shop's secretary for the period of her one month long holiday. She really liked it here, her seat positoned just in the right view of the TV screen, she could also see people walking down the street. For some reason, she loved looking at passers-by and often imagined the type of lives they led, it was sort of a hobby, silly as it seemed. She could remember closing from school and running to sit at the front of her house just to watch people pass by. She had a wild imagination that followed the few who passed by all the way home, and each one of them had an interesting tale. Little did she know this fateful day would end up being tale worthy.
"Cos we all just wanna be big rockstars living in hilltop houses dri.....", "Wow you know that song?" Her cousin Tom interrupted her singing. She smiled and replied, "Yes. I like all these classic songs". "That's nice", he said, looking surprised and amused. She did a happy dance in her head as she had made her cousin smile, yes! she made her crush smile . It was a little girl harmless crush that didn't exceed feeling bubbly inside whenever Tom smiled at her.
They talked more about songs and cool Tom was impressed with her knowledge of music and the chitchat continued for most part of the day until it was evening and everyone went back into the house. She found all her cousins really cool teenagers and it was like having the brothers and sisters she never had. She couldn't wait to be a teenager so she could have all the fun her cousins always spoke of, the partying and outings...ohhh, she couldn't wait! They had chicken and chips for dinner and ofcourse TV time followed after dinner as usual but there was always a battle on what to watch. Lily wanted to watch America's Next Top Model, Taye said it was Star Wars or nothing and Ay just wanted to see the Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton fight. Being the sneaky kid she was, she had earlier hid the TV remote and she watched in amusement as they searched for the remote while arguing on what they were going to watch.
"Princess why are you smiling?", Taye asked. "You know where the remote is abi?" Ay added as they both charged towards her. She tried keeping a straight face but she soon gave herself away as both Taye and Ay yanked her up turning her upside down and swinging her like a pendulum. She felt dizzy when they eventually dropped her on the couch gasping for air, without energy to even let out the laughter in her tummy. Leaving the three to argue on what channel to watch she moved briskly to Tom's room where there was a TV. Although he normally didn't let anyone of them into his room to watch his TV, she was bent on giving him the puppy stare. She knocked on the door slightly with her minature fist a little scared she might piss him off. "Who is that?" he enquired with a slightly raised voice. She kept mute and counted 1, 2, 3 and knocked again. There was a pause, quick footsteps and then the door opened.
He looked down at her and smiled. "Pri Pri, enter nau". She marvelled at how easy it was to get into the room as she closed the door behind her, she didn't even have to use her award winning puppy stare. He picked up his game pad and continued the paused game on the TV screen. She saw he was drinking a bottle of fanta and asked for what was left in the bottle. "Princess will you play game?", he asked. She had come here to watch TV, not to play a violent looking game she didn't understand. "I want to watch movie", she replied. "Okay. Pick any one from there and I'll come and play it in the laptop for you" he said, beckoning to a pile of DVDs. She checked the pile and picked the most non sci-fi looking DVD and gave it to him.
Here she was, sipping fanta and watching a movie on the soft bed in the air conditioned room while her cousins struggled in the living room. Haha. It was a good night!
An hour into the movie and she was starting to feel sleepy and when her eyes couldn't stay open any further, she made to stand up to leave to her room but Tom said she could just sleep there and pulled up the duvee to her neck putting her to bed. She woke up hours later as she always found it difficult sleeping all night in a room that wasn't hers. As she was about standing up to leave she felt wet and looked down her pants and saw no trace of pee. She quickly looked around and was relieved to see she was alone in the room. She then checked the bed and saw it was dry surprisingly. She checked the time and did a quick calculation of the time between her going to bed and waking up now which was about four hours. How did pee on the bed dry up within four hours? Even her pyjamas had no pee stain but she could feel it was wet. It was also awkward she didn't feel it all the way to her panties. Maybe the AC dried up the bed and her panties dried up from her body heat. She didn't see the logic in that but she didn't know what to believe. She was glad anyway that Tom wouldn't find out she had bedwet right there on his bed.
She walked out the room and found Tom alone in the sitting room watching a violent looking movie but she was too sleepy to stop by. Getting to her room, she cleaned up and changed into a nightie. It was hard falling asleep again as she couldn't get her mind off the incident earlier at Tom's room. She didn't remember how long ago it was she had bedwet, she could have sworn she had overcome the habit of bedwetting for a month now. The possibility of Tom trying to rape her while she was asleep crossed her mind but she quickly erased the thought. Tom was like a brother and besides she didn't feel anyone touching her and there was no blood stain on her like it was in home videos.

Years later, Princess now fresh into adulthood is watching a movie about rape and her mind flashes back to a few number of times when she was almost sexually assaulted and she can only thank God for saving her from the molesters over the years. She imagined living with such a scar as rape and she was more grateful than ever it never happened. However, over the years the night at Tom's room was never really settled as there was a part of her that knew she didn't pee on herself.
She goes back to the movie playing and sees a girl has just been raped, she lay in a lifeless manner while the rapist gasps in satisfaction, the gasps from a man who reached climax and ejaculated life out of his loins. Then it hit her like a trailer jam. It hit her so hard she could feel her chest tightening, her heart bursting in a million pieces, she let out the tears. She had been an object of climax and satisfaction. She hadn't bedwet like she had convinced herself that night and all through the years, she had been molested by her cousin, her blood, while she slept.The pain she felt was fresh, like the deed had just been done and all she could do was cry.

The End.


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