[Notice/June 14] Bounty Reward MOC Swap

in moc •  6 months ago

Dear Bounty Program Participants,

We are informing that the swap for bounty participants is scheduled on 09:00, June 15th (UTC).

Swap transactions will begin at 09:00 (UTC) and the time of actual distribution may vary according to the network situation.

Deposits that have been made up till 06:00, June 14th (UTC) are eligible for the swap.

After the swap, participants who have completed a deposit of bounty reward MOCs to GOPAX.com, will be able to see their MOCs in their GOPAX Mossland(MOC) wallet.

Unlike the bounty reward MOCs, swapped MOCs are authentic and can be used at GOPAX.com exchange.

If you have any questions, write to contact@moss.land.

Thank you.

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Nice to see you and I Upvoted you :) !
“When I am, you are not.” ====> Ljupka Cvetanova

Вчера сделал объявление об обмене, сегодня уже обменять нельзя!

С группы телеграмм удаляют и блокируют, за вопросы связанные с обменом!


Less than one day on the swap, is this normal? They threw bounty participants! I write down the Mossland project as a scammer!