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Something came up in our MinnowSupportProject discord channel at PALnet earlier which seemed like a really big grey area for SteemIt users. This confusion was regarding the separation of rewards between curators and authors when a post is published.

SteemIt posted an answer regarding the dispersal of curation rewards in their FAQ but when we went over it; we found it pretty confusing so I'm going to attempt breaking it down for anyone who is curious or is confused about it still.

In order to understand the breaking down of curation rewards, first you have to understand that of the post value, authors obtain 75% while the other 25% is split between the author / curator. For this post, lets focus on the 25% aka the amount of rewards possible for curators to obtain.

To make this simple, let's start from the back and move towards the beginning. When a post has been live for 30 minutes and a curator decides to upvote it, the ENTIRE portion of that 25% goes to the curator PERIOD. If any curation rewards are gained on an upvote that has been made past the 30 minute mark of post publication, those rewards go straight to the curator.

The next "reward bracket" is what I'll call it, is the post-27 minute curator reward. In this bracket, upvotes made by curators between 27 minutes and 30 minutes past the time the post has been made live, will be split 90/10. Of the available 25% up for grabs to authors and curators, 90% goes to the curator and 10% goes to the author.

Following that will be the time period between 15 minutes and 27 minutes of when a post is created. When a curator decides to upvote a post during this bracket they are able to receive 50% of the reward while the other 50% goes to the author. AGAIN, this is 50% of the AVAILABLE 25% curator post rewards that you can possibly obtain.

The smallest bracket where curators are able to obtain rewards is the period between 3 minutes and 15 minutes after post publication. In this bracket when a curator upvotes, they are able to work towards 10% of the total 25% curator rewards while the author receives 90% of it.

Finally, there is the period where I like to call the author bracket. During this time or right when an author posts to 3 minutes after the post has been up, the curator receives no possible curation reward. In this bracket, the entirety of the upvote in the available 25% curation reward is given to the author and the author only.

Now that you've gotten a description about the curation reward brackets you also have to understand the second part to curation rewards. This understanding is the realization that upvoting a viral post before someone else, will allow for more curation rewards to be dispersed to your account. From my understanding, when curator A upvotes 16 minutes after the post has been made live and curator B upvotes at 26 minutes when the post has been created; curator A will receive a higher curator reward.
Why does SteemIt do this you ask?!

I once pondered this question myself but I realized it really is a great system to contain quality content separate from spam. If curator rewards were a flat rate and it was a first come first serve system, spammers all over the platform would be upvoting new posts as soon as they go up every second. They wouldn't be taking the time to read quality content provided and figure out if it is worth upvoting and spreading to other fellow Steemians. Essentially SteemIt's curator system allows for those who upvote carefully and qualitatively an increased chance for rewards.

Thanks for reading as I hope I've gone over the general breakdown of the curator reward system. I may have missed some key ideas or completely misunderstood the system so I'd love for feedback in order to revise my understanding!


Many thanks steph curry (your buddy klay just missed a dunk badly in china today btw), great post on curation reward, so far i didnt benefit greatly because my vp is low, i guess voting im what minutes is also depend on how popular the author is. Now i just need more data to work out whether it is more benefit to vote on self or use that to vote others will give better payoff.

Of course! Haha my friend who just went to china took a picture of klay's line of shoes he found there. Yeah its something we all need to get used to especially after the HF!

Wow. This really lays it out. Thank you so much. I've been so darn confused with the reward system and how it is divided between author and curator for the entire month since I joined in. And with HF19 I was even more confused. You laid it out straight for us and I truly appreciate that. Upvoted and Resteemed. Nice work.

Wow thanks a bunch! Haha trust me I had to re-read so many different things trying to understand the details of curation rewards. Its so complicated but when you think about it, it really benefits Steem and the quality posts that are able to be spread.

Absolutely. You clearly put in the work. I really hope this guide takes off. It deserves it. Thank you once again.

:) its hard for my stuff to stand out among the other thousand posts on Steem that are just as great but hopefully if I keep at it, I'll get there!

Well, win em over one at a time. You've won me over. So expect me to be more of a regular :)

Thanks!! I'll be trying my best to continue creating the best content I can :)

~smiles~ clear as mud...right up till I read this...

"They wouldn't be taking the time to read quality content provided and figure out if it is worth of upvoting and spreading to other fellow Steemians. Essentially SteemIt's curator system allows for those who upvote carefully and qualitatively an increased chance for rewards."

Now I can see all the happy guppies!

Thanks for this @stephcurry you'll go far here @steemit

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~

Haha thanks for always taking the time to read my posts @cryptologyx ! Appreciate the comments as always :)

Always a good are! tell do I find out if I posted my reply at the optimum time to get that (edit out 90% to 50% curator gravy.

Its hard to tell because it depends on when the post will go viral. If it is a popular author then you want to vote early to get ahead of the others. But if its a sneaky post that doesn't have a lot of awareness yet you can vote at the 30 minute mark to get the full curate. So it really depends!

interesting...light is beginning to find it'sway into the cracks in my head...caused by all the keyboard bashing try'n to finger this all out...maybe we can meet in Discord chat expectations

thanks again for this should go viral and I hope it does...but really...what're the odds eh? :-/

Hahaha don't worry my keyboard was destroyed when I was learning about it. And yeah I'm usually on discord you can feel free to ask me anything!

That's the dream right! But I'm still starting out so I know it'll take time and I'm not worried :)'n the crowd takes time...still I got a good feel'n about you @stephcurry

looking forward to spending a bit of time one on one...we'll compare notes ;-)


:) hopefully when I get more influence one day I can repay the price to you!

So here's my question, if 5 people vote on it in under 3 minutes and then I vote on it once it's been out for 3 minutes do I get the 10% of curator rewards? And then if the next person to upvote it does so at 30 minutes do the get a share of the whole 25% curator piece? To clarify the second question. In your example if curator B had been at 30 minutes would he qualify for the extra curator piece that wasn't available at the 15 < 30 mark? I understand how it works for a single upvote but how it applies to multiple across the times is beyond me at this point.

No worries I was absolutely confused when I tried to understand it as well. I believe that there is an algorithm which determines curator rewards. The entire piece of the 25% pie is split based on the percentages in which the curator's upvote lies in each time bracket. So that means if the curator reward totals up to $10 then that piece of the pie is split amongst each individual who upvoted it to spread awareness. The percentages given by Steemit are just an overall guideline of where you would lie for curation rewards. But because there are so many factors involved such as number of upvotes followed, curator steem power, and the time in which you vote; there is really no way to figure out the algorithm.

I guess to answer the first question yes you would get all 10% of the curator rewards if no one comes after you. But overall, it is a mathematical equation that determines exact rewards. These time brackets are just a guideline so that people don't abuse the system and upvote each time a post comes out hoping to get 100% of the curation reward.

Also, I believe the amount of rewards that came in before and after you vote impact your share. For instance, voting on something before a whale does give you a better payout in that timeframe than if you vote after the whale in that same time frame.

Don't quote me on any of this though, recall hearing it a while back.

I believe you're right. In order to be a successful curator you need to help bring a post out to become viral. In order to do this you'd have to vote before it gains higher amounts of value rather than voting on the trending page where the value is already high.

think I'm gonna change my name to cudaguppie ...when I grow up I wanna swoop in and steal a whale's lunch...well maybe just a half a tuna sandwich...I'm not greedy :-)

ok... @stephcurry still confused here...surprise! ;p

10% + 50% + 90% of a 25% piece of pie ...even I know that there's too many dogs on that bone

and the steem power equation...what's considered a strong power chord for optimum amplification? there a way I can transfer funds from my bank...or a bitcoin ATM (got one here) so I can amp up? Polo's got my SBDs all tight fisted 'n all right now :-/

sorry if you feel I'm gate crash'n your thread here @mmatrics ...I'm sure we're all trying to get this thing down.

Bittrex works great for me. I used Coinbase(here's a link) to buy BTC with USD, sent it to Bittrex bought steem sent to my steemit acct.

hey thanks for the info @scaredycatguide I can send directly from coinbase to my wallet here...right? I'm Canadian...guess I'll need to get a US Dollar account set up...I'll look into it.

No worries. Maybe we'll catch a whales attention if we get enough activity going, and they could give some more insight.

I know right. These whales are hard to catch. What we need is a witness, one who developed the algo! Maybe @aggroed or @acidyo could help us out.

@stephcurry What would a witness do to change the game here? Just spit ball'n here now ;-)

Witnesses provide change to Steem and develop improvements with the platform. They pretty much set the tone here!

@mmatrics thanks man...I know this is usually bad form...but hey...we're all here to help one I right?

Haha no worries!

The percentages are not exactly percentages to make up an entire 100% They are used as weights toward the 25% pie. Not sure if that made it more confusing or clearer. But anyways so the percentages act as a weight and are continually divided until a fair share of curation reward is able to be given out based on the weight of the reward you are able to receive.

For steem power the higher the sp the higher the influence you have. Some more influential people here have steem power at around one million while smaller people like me only have about 100 sp.

You can use blocktrades! I know they exchange bitcoin to sbd/steem. But ya polo is being annoying while they keep blocking the trades...

yeah that helps...I get the weight thing...thanks

so...getting...say 500 - 1000 steem into my account would improve my influence to a decent level?

seems I've been doing a bit of curating while surfing my feed without realizing that I'm formulating a game plan it just makes sense to power up asap.

This comment clarifies what I was wondering as well!

Great Q... @mmatrics ...try'n to wrap my brain around it too...looks like I may have beat you to the post at the 16 minute mark...then I'm unsure if it means anything for me...yet :-)

Your post is very helpful. I like the content but please next time do not put GIF because its annoying reading your article then there is video above, its distructing to my eyes. You cannot concentrate because there is a moving object in your insertion.

Wow that's something, thanks for the explanation.

Yeah its confusing but makes sense once you get it down!

being new to steem and not knowing completely about curating, thanks and the gif represents how I felt after reading this the first time

Yup of course! When I was new I was having a hard time with it as well so don't worry!

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Thanks for explaining this. I did not know this- it's quite helpful :)

Thanks for reading!

Great job, stephcurry! Thanks for writing this! I had one question, but it was answered in the comments below. See you around!

Awesome! Glad I could clear some of the questions up from discord yesterday :)

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Great post man! exactly what I was looking for when we were talking in the discord :)

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Hii @stephcurry I have a question that is what is best time to upvote any post to earn maximum curation rewards.

  1. 0-3 minutes
  2. 3-15 minutes
  3. 15-26 minutes
  4. 27 minutes or later..

thank you so much for clearing this up!

Thanks, this is very helpful

Nice article - I've read a few of these and they seem conflicting. One question tho......

you said, "When a post has been live for 30 minutes and a curator decides to upvote it, the ENTIRE portion of that 25% goes to the curator PERIOD."

What if only 5 people curate it at 31 minutes? Surely this 25% is split between these 5 people?

What if 5 people curate it at 16 mins, and 5 more people curate it at 31 mins? Surely the 25% is split between these 10 people, with 5 getting more than the other 5?

Peace ✌

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