MSP 2.0- We're Steemit Official!

By nearly every measure of success the Minnow Support Project has been a success. The pledge is to support the values of peace, abundance, and liberty. The promise is to help Steemit grow it's userbase especially by training and retaining minnows on the platform.

In the three months it's been active we're sitting at 4500 followers on the block (@minnowsupport). We have 4500 active members in the Discord room (PALnet). The account has over 80k steem power. Over 7k organic to the account and over 73k that has been delegated from several hundred people building it. It has 1.3k SBD on it, and the value of the account has just reached a value of $10,000 USD. We just crossed over 500 separate delegations to various communal accounts that our community has created.

We are the single largest off chain community on the whole platform.

Additionally, we've created a series of services for minnows and the community at large from a community gathering space through discord, a highly engaged resteem constest to help minnows get their name out there, a fantastic fiction workshop, a number of bid bots particularly designed to help minnows who are just starting, several curation and community accounts with tens of thousands of steem power to support community members, a professional website, a streaming radio station approaching 10,000 views, and a program to allow for community curation.

We have 3 witnesses that have reached the top 20 after their involvement with the Minnow Support Project and literally a dozen witnesses that are involved either managing, supporting, launched out of, or working with the Minnow Support Project in the top 100.

I'm burying the lead a little but the single greatest achievement of this community is the community. This is a place where many people call it "home" and call each other "family." The leaders feel a call to service and spend their days helping others get going. There is constant comradarie, laughter, support when the tragic hits, and genuine care and love. It's pretty amazing.

Steemit Official

This community has recently been recognized by Steemit Inc. for our collective actions on and off the block by putting us on the welcome page ( @timcliff who wrote the pull request and has followed the request closely broke the news on PALnet (our Discord group) to much fanfare, excitement, and even a little nervousness.

So, we are thrilled to be Steemit Official. We're thrilled to be here to support this community. We're thrilled to keep creating new services to support Steemit in general and our newest members in particular.

We're having a blast, come join us, and please raise your cup and toast with us on this most epic of milestones!!!

PS we have some exciting announcements coming in the near future to help you build community like we do using our tools (for free). Should be fun as the only thing cooler than the Minnow Support Project Community is helping to make communities like them!


I remember when you just started this project, and I have lurked in the discord almost every day since then. I have continually been impressed with your grace under fire, your accountability to yourself when you have erred, and your blatantly apparent dedication to helping folks make Steemit home.

Although my principles have precluded my direct participation, because I have decided that bots aren't the way votes should be cast, I do not, and have never, felt that your work was in any way contrary to your stated purposes. I just felt it necessary to uphold my own principle, and so have but lurked, and admired all you have done.

At least I was able to let @aggroed proxy my witness votes without any compromise of principle!

I salute your achievements, commend you on your vision, and hope that by making other's dreams come true, you realize your own.

Congratulations, and thanks for all you do! Such kudos could not be more deserved, and while I have failed to mention many, many dedicated and hardworking MSP discord mods (whom I have come to feel like friends with, just from lurking the discord, although they wouldn't know me from @random), folks that work various projects, and the amazing members of MSP, I already type too much here =p.

Just, Thanks! All of you.

First, thanks for your reply. Second. Come say hi! Third. I understand your hesitation over bots, but I would share this place is as much about the person as the content they produce. Bots are a way to recognize that someone being an active member is actually worth something regardless of what they say especially when they say good shit.

I recognize the utility of bots, particularly given the present conformation of Steemit. I concede the use of bots is essential to more fairly distribute rewards given how VP is presently weighted, however, I advocate changing how VP is derived, and need to walk my talk, or withdraw my advocacy.

What I think and say certainly obligates no one else, and I hope I have not expressed any sense that I feel otherwise. MSP is doing the great job it is using bots, and it is the way to do it given how Steemit works now.

Thanks for the invite =)

Congratulations! You deserve it. You have helped a ton of people. Keep up the good work!

congratulations to @aggroed and team

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That is so incredible @aggroed!!

Your vision of a community based on Peace, Abundance, and Liberty has grown into the official home for helping new Steemians find their way. The Minnow Support Project has truly been the best thing that has happened to me since joining Steemit. I have developed real friendships and experienced so many new things through others because of MSP. I am very grateful to everyone involved in the group... You are ALL a blessing to so many people! Keep up the wonderful work you all are doing. @minnowsupport forever! 😎

It's amazing to watch muh baby growin' up!!!

It has been very interesting :-)

From my point of view, your baby isn't the only one growing up!

congrate , great job !

i like and take support u as well as i can

Congralutions! I am new at steemit and this cripto currency. Hope to see some apps for newbies :)

MSP is the reason i stayed put on Steemit. I'm eternally grateful for the love and support.

100% this

I just want to say, again, what an absolute privilege and honor it is to be able to work along side all of you. I know I've been scarce lately, but MSP is still my home away from home. I have found immeasurable support in all things Steemit, as well as a core group of people that have helped me with writing and dealing with life in general.

I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with. I look forward to everything we're going to be doing moving forward, and I'll gladly help in whatever way that I can :)

By far one of the greatest intiatives I have seen on the site. Educating the newest users is crucial to long term success for everyone. Wow I remember when it just started like it was yesterday.
I'm not crying. You're crying.

doing great work to help minnows

Congratulations MSP! Fantastic job!

So how exactly does this thing work?

Woo-hoo, we are the cool kids welcoming and making minnows into whales!

Hi @minnowsupport, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

If you’d like to nominate someone’s post just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord

Damn! 80k Steem power is nothing to sneeze at...we are talking the power of a small hurricane. Congrats @minnowsupport

I believe and LOVE this project. Truly the most fun discord channel too. <3

Great job! Remember when we managed to get steemprentice listed where we helped many on steemit before we migrated to discord. Keep up the great work!

Let me help a little :) tip!

I'm still not quite sure what to expect from minnowsupport. I'm trying to read myself into knowledge, but still kind of confused about the whole thing. It doesn't make me less excited, it all sounds really good and my curiosity is at an all-time high. Just hope to understand and learn more in the future.

We're here to help. That's basically what it comes down to. Questions, comments, and concerns; we're here to help field them and get you on your way. On top of that, we have a number of different webcasts hosted by a number of different people about a number of different topics (lot of numbers, I know lol).

This is amazing! What a wonderful journey it has been!
Great job @aggroed!!!

It's a pleasure to share the road with you!

Thanks for helping us growth :)
Upvoted and Resteemed!!
@Banjo you are also doing a great job don't be jealous!

Because one day I'll leave you, a phantom nad lead you in the summer to join the black pararde.

i get this error from discord "The instant invite is invalid or has expired"

Here is a fun community filled with love and sharing. Very interesting.

Congrats / Keep the good stuff rolling !!

Great news! You've been a great source of support, thank you.

dude. this causes for a celeration! this will be bigger than facebook. at least now we have real empowering news and articles where people can profit and learn. sick of cnn and fox's garbage bullshit and corrupted media and facebook with their gayass 5% algorithm

great post

Woot! How wonderful! What an amazing thing you've created, Aggroed! Thank you for starting this project, which has now grown into such a force of good in so many ways. <3

Thanks for sharing the details, @minnowsupport.

So good to see, you guys have put so much work and effort into this you deserve the rewards and recognition. I would love to get more active (eg discord etc) but with work and family taking up most of my life I find it hard to find the time.

Thankyou for sharing @minnowsupport

Hell yeah! Go

Greatly done MSP community, I guess we now need to buckle up as there may be a huge incoming of HUMANS !!!.


The Minnow Support Project is a big, big boost for any Minnow trying to move up. Even then, it's incredible how many people I've seen that don't even know that it exists. So the fact that it's now official is great.

Teem work makes the steem dreem work.

Good job, Boss! Congratulations, team.

thank for your great information and post. please upvote and follow me i really need help growing on steemit..

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. please upvote and follow me i really need help growing on steemit..

Congratulations! Thank you for the support and help! I didn't know about the but I guess it's time for me to stop by! Thanks again!


I agree w/ what and how @ma1neevent says it !
I will just tag on my Thanks and appreciation!




@aggroed congratulations and to all minnow support project. And to all team of minnow, great job!

I am so very happy to know the improvement of the minnowsupport project. I am one of the minnow and hearing this news somehow gives inspiration to me that i hope that one day I will be helped by the benevolent heart of the leader of this Project.

You're all doing great work, way to take the lead! :) This project is a huge success!

Excelente. ¡Felicidades! :)

Congratulations! Keep up the great work @minnowsupport

Minows for the win

Wow amazing start

thanks for supporting us

Great news and so deserved. Love your community, it is very helpful. Keep on rocking the platform. May all minnows become whales in no time :-)

Nicely done! Impressive!

great post ...share to your post anaything poeople read it.

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Wow! Kudos! Steemit-Official Peace Abundance and Liberty, that's kind of a big deal!

Are we a new user can get into your group @minnowsupport.



@minnowsupport, great project. Don't know how I missed it until now. I will look into your old articles later, great to recognize such a good support project. Thanks. Upvoted and resteemed. Cheers

Really awesome and much thanks from a new minnow who truly appreciates all the work and care that you've put into this!

imressive buddy

Congratulation to all.

Congrats for this, it's something that will certanily add value and a "boost" to the service. Your help to minnows on Stemmit it's really important, so it's just a good thing for the whole plattform

Great achievements, following you @minnowsupport

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I really Congratulate @aggroed.keep up the good work.

I love you guys!

MSP for life!
Keep up with the good work!

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