MINNOWFEST RUNNERS UP, PALnet/MSP Radio Show, Weekly Resteem Returns! (almost 3k people in Discord)

Let's get straight to business. 30 Minnows applied to STEEMFEST MINNOW, but there can be only one. In the end there were 13 judges, an audience vote and cost vote. In the end the contest came down to a very tight grouping of scores. Scores ranged from 64-89. The top four positions scored 64, 65, 66, 66. It was tight as could be and wasn't clear who won until the audience participation scores were tallied.

Let's thank the judges who submitted scores, @aggroed, @ausbitbank, @benjojo, @canadian-coconut, @doitvoluntarily, @gmuxx, @kingscrown, @neoxian, @sammo @steelabelle, @steemfestdreams, @swelker101, @theprophet0

Runners up to the competition

Please give a giant round of applause to the following authors who submitted posts who didn't win. They'll get a consolation prize of getting added to the @msp-lovebot and their posts for the foreseeable future will be automatically upvoted by the account.


Winners will be announced tonight in a separate post.

ANNOUNCEMENT: MSP is starting an around the clock radio show in the PALnet Discord room. If you're interested in having a show please get into Discord and contact @aggroed. Show will begin in August.

PAL Net Channel Host of the MSP- https://discord.gg/HYj4yvw

Weekly Resteem Contest-

The Weekly Resteem returns with this post!!! Please submit your posts for review. The winners will be announced and resteemed on Thursday. Please make sure that you have enough time left on the post rewards so that the post is still active Thursday.

Contest Rules

MSP Weekly Resteem is designed to help minnows grow their accounts by resteeming great content.

Please link you post in the comments.
The post with the Highest number of non-bot upvotes wins.
The post that best support Peace, Abundance, and Liberty gets second place.
Third place and beyond it is determined by post value.

For every 100 upvotes on this post there is a resteem position available. Resteems are guarenteed by the @minnowsupport account, but may also catch an additional resteem from the @aggroed account.


You must be a minnow, which means you have to have earned less than 5k SP through post rewards and have fewer than 500 followers.

Please come back tonight for the stunning conclusion of STEEMFEST MINNOW

And be sure to put a weekly resteem post in the comments. Good luck resteemers!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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What?! Not even the top 6 out of 10 finalists? Doh! Well, anyway, the @msp-lovebot is highly appreciated. Used it once before. And I keep on working on the charity project. It's too important to be neglected... just wonder what could be the reason for such a rejection. Would help to improve the work and strategy to make this project a success. After all it's not really for my personal benefit, but for others who are in need of help in desperate situations.

Congrats to whe winners! See you at STEEMFEST :D


Those are at the bottom six and your name isn't there...


oooooooooooooooh, sincere apologies. Runners up riiight... still struggling with a foreign language at times. Way cool then. Super excited :D Thanks for the clarification @aggroed


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SO good post, Thanks for sharing


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I won't get mad if at all I do not get anything for this contest, but do you guys even care about what I do here, @aggroed and all the judges, do you even go through my page and see how many people I bring into this platform, all you care about is the TECH right ? I'm out of here.


Wow, great achievement! 400 is a huge number. Are you planning to have some kind of website or external source (to not get lost by going too far down your wall) where all the Nigerians you introduce to STEEM are listed with some success stories? Maybe that would be interesting for others as well to support further the most promising blogers and others who are in dire need of support to feed their family? Maybe my project could also promote this, please check my last contest entry if you're interested to get updates and contribute. Following and sending a few upvotes your way once in a while.
And don't be mad for not winning. Continue what you're doing. We all win and we much more often lose. That's life.


My work here is to promote steemit because I strongly believe in it, this minnowsupport, whale, and dolphins should actually check me out, I do not care how much i am making actually, but an appreciation will do me some good, if after all my effort, i do not make it to Portugal, it will be a shame and everyone I invited might even loss interest, i am not angry, I am just not liking the way things are done here.


Well, all participants in the contest have similar account popularity, so we're all in the same boat and there are only a hand full that can win. It's always unfair, because everyone deserves recognition. And hey, really, this is just one contest of many. Not even counting the ones which will come up until November. There is so much time left and so much opportunity. Even if not winning a contest, being dedicated at Steemit should give the payout to afford the trip. It's an investement well worth I guess. And the votes from @msp-lovebot can be worth a lot over time. That is a great price as well and much more than initially promised - as there was no price at all for runner ups. So, here you have some recognition that really is worth something. Don't underestimate that.


I will try not to underestimate anything here, what I am so interested in here is for us who did not make it to the finalist to know our flaws, so we do not make same mistakes when we run for other contests, this is what we should be cleared about, If I start thinking of why I was not chosen, I might blame some people, if at least the marks were shown, that would be easy to know, like yeah this was the area which I was not good at, and I can correct my mistakes.


Ok, now we get to a valid question, that sounds much nicer than your initial complaint. Maybe the persons who were judging this contest can give you some advice where and what to improve. Maybe even in a private chat if they have the time and you offer an option where to contact you, for example your username on steem.chat or the PAL Discord channel if you are a member there. But don't expect it mandatory to happen. Maybe they don't even see your request here. It is not against your person. Nobody hates you, it's just everyone is working on a voluntary basis here, nobody gets paid for that, it's their private engagement, so you have to give them the option to say "no" if their time does not allow it, because some people here get hundreds of messages a day and those other people's messages also deserve attention. So, maybe an option could also be to write them a nice message on PAL or steem.chat with your question. That sounds like a good idea to me and probably brings the best result for your cause.

Damn, brutal Monday morning news. Thanks for the opportunity. It was a fun try. and I hope to get to STEEMFest regardless!


Hang in there Jeff. You have a very loyal following and i'm sure you'll figure out a way there.


Even if we both don't win, I'd still love to invite you for a chat and drink at STEEMFEST²! I'm sure we both get there one way or another : )


Absolutely. It's good to see your not isn't on the list. Best of luck my friend.

Thanks again for supporting us minnows!

I would be very happy if my introduction-post will be resteemed: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@thecoach/this-is-not-a-classic-introduction-post-it-has-a-lowland-streaked-tenrec
It is not a very useful post but, I hope, at least entertaining :)

keep up the good work, we need you :)

Well, I tried a bit of different style on this post though I did put in a lot of effort to it. Took me couple months to write it.

No, I was not writing all the time :D.

but it did take up quite a few hours of my time so here it is.

How is your bed killing you and why you should use alternative ways of sleeping to improve your health and body



Nice, following. Maybe one of your next articles could be about how to convince a wife to get rid of the big bed :D ;)


Haha :D. Well, let me try :to do this in this comment for you :).

Here are some potential bullet points you can use, try to make it hit the emotional spot, not the logical one (I know my article is more logical :) )

  • Getting smaller and more "portabe" sleeping space allows you to do yoga in the morning, or have kids on the futon/mattress without the fear of them falling, or have additional space for your hobby
  • Having smaller bed or bed closer to the ground allows more cuddling and more fun
  • It is way cheaper so we can go and buy that flower into the garden you wanted for two years.
    Just some ideas :) Hope it helps.

And thank you :).


Haha, yes those are good arguments. Especially the falling babies one. Let's try then ; )

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!

Minnowsupport is definitely the lifeline of several minnows like me, @aggroed is doing an amazing job.
Congrats to all the participants & the finalists!
My submission - https://steemit.com/poetry/@jznsamuel/the-honest-lie-an-original-poem-life-and-death-201778t21855323z

This is great. I'm submitting this post for the resteem contest.

wish i had great content lol doh

I am a minnow and here is my submission. Thanks to @minnowsupport for giving the opportunities to minnows to show their talent and skills.


Great initiative.

Nothing extraordinary, but what the hell.
Have a look :)

hi,I live in Myanmar Country.
Please,follow and vote me

A big thank you to you for your support and the help you bring us every day. You are an extraordinary person.


Thanks. It's a whole group of people now that help make it happen!

Very interesting, thank you!) @minnowsupport

Here is my entry for the Resteem contest:

YummieNowandWoW #2: DELICIOUS Coconut Ice Cream . How Did I Ever Live Without It?


I'm new to this but have amazing content to share! Would appreciate any help! Thanks everyone!

Throwing my name in the hat for the weekly resteem contest


Piece about the value of investing and a project that is encouraging that. Hope you enjoy :)

Awesome I am on the lovebot......thanks xx

Great concept for supporting minnows. Following

@minnowsupport hello can you check my account? I think I'm a minnow, how can I register and participate in your contest?

i'm a little minnow :0 please tell me your advise about how can I be a good minnow :)
its my last post
thanks for support

that's good to know thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Brilliant! id like to enter an article I tried really hard with into the contest please.


Wow, didn't expect a consolation prize! Thanks again for putting on this contest and good luck to the other contestants! No matter who goes... I read through all the entries... I know y'all will be sending a great person to Stemfest!

Cheers and Steem on mate!

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Here's my entry post.

Initially, I didn't think I could write a post supportive of, or even related to PAL. But eventually, I decided the best way (or only way) I could support PAL was to try to inform more people that there are powerful forces taking PAL from us, right under our noses.

https://steemit.com/terrorism/@hulabugger/san-bernadino-what-the-tv-news- didn-t-tell-you

great efforts i resteemed the post.

Thanks for sharing post