Steemian of the Week #2 - @Discordiant (PALNet Moderator and all around Cool Guy)

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Nothing makes me happier than seeing a new Minnow join, learn the ropes, and then flourish here.
@discordiant - I Offer my Service to the Minnow Support Project

I met @Discordiant during my first week on steemit. Discord chat was a lot like it's name, to me. Personally, I had a hard time adjusting to the complexities of Steemit, and at first Discord was just another thing I needed to figure out. I had one friend on the PAL Server, and was more or less lost. @Discordiant messaged me and offered some advice, has been happy to answer my endless newb questions, and even sent me .002 so I could register with the MSP bots.

I am grateful for our new friendship. Little did I know, he was out there helping all kinds of people every day, not just me!

Here is an excellent introduction, he wrote, to Discord and the Minnow Support Project. I wish I had read this few weeks ago!

(image source: the different sides of steemit)


@inquiringtimes: First of all, I have to ask, where did you get your name? Is it a reference to the Discord Chat, or what?

@Discordiant No, this is a name I've carried over from a long career of online games. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of chaos.

@inquiringtimes: Right on. So, you've been with for steemit for about a month, and now you are a channel moderator for the PAL Server via Minnow Support. how did you get there?

@Discordiant: I guess it was scary levels of activity mostly. I was introduced to the PALnet Discord and Minnow Support Project on Day 2 after a little disagreement in with an upvote beggar. Some nice people from this server suggested I try my luck here instead. It was all downhill from there.

@inquiringtimes: Downhill, Haha!

You chat with and help a lot of people on the PAL Discord. Can you tell me a story of how MSP has helped you?

@Discordiant: Helping people isn't really something you do for the returned favor. At least, I do it because I have a need to help others. I will admit that the need probably originates from a desire to make everything work smoothly, but it still achieves the same results.

@inquiringtimes: I understand that, and it shows through in how you've helped me. I've asked many questions and for help in various ways, you never asked me for anything or expected upvotes. In fact, not even once have you promoted yourself to me. That's why I have to ask so many questions :-) (By the way, feel free to lmk when you post something new and exciting, I don't want to be late to the party)

Surely you have at least one good story about how you've been helped by MSP?

@Discordiant: Some time back I had helped a fellow Steemian who was dealing with copy/paste'ers in her section of Steem. I tossed a few little minnow sized Flags on some posts just as a sign of solidarity. This in turn caused me to end up on someone's list. Suddenly, all my posts were flagged into oblivion and new posts were immediately flagged. I had been in the Minnow Support Project for a week, maybe 2 at that point. They helped me identify the account and possible reason for the flags. They also rallied around me quickly, garnering me whale votes from people inside the project and some of my highest grossing posts ever. My account was able to grow quickly because they were looking out for me. All because I had been active in chat and helped people with what I could that early on.

@inquiringtimes: If only we always had that type of instant karma.

So, hows your new job here on discord going?

@Discordiant: Not too bad, I tend to be comfortable in watching many things at once.

@inquiringtimes: I'm not quite there yet.

Doesn't it seem overwhelming at all? You were already pretty active on Discord, and now you are on call!

@Discordiant: Not really, but if it gets close, I can always step back and let the others deal with it.

@inquiringtimes: Good to know.

Do you have any particular plans for your future on steemit? any aspects you are excited to explore, later?

@Discordiant: As to the future I plan for myself on Steemit... Continue growth of an audience, find a niche that I really enjoy writing about and that will connect me to the people I want to meet. I am excited to see where the community can go as a whole. It is such a new idea, there really isn't any way to road-plan this.

@inquiringtimes: I agree with you there. It's amazing to be a part of this community! The sky is the limit.

The following are a few post that I enjoyed on @Discordiant's blog, and highlight his character a bit:

Here is an incredible story about his other life as a Transit Bus Operator, where a pedestrian challenged his bus to a wrestling match: @Discordiant - I hit a guy with my bus!

Seeing both of these 'sides' I started to notice a feeling, or vibe off the various members I came into contact with. It's not always obvious, and there are plenty of middle-ground-types to muddy the waters of my opinion.
- @Discordiant - The Different sides of Steemit

Reasons your post failed to gain any traction or earn rewards.
- @Discordiant - You Might be Doing it Wrong

For some time I have wondered where I might officially fall on this spectrum. I know there is a difference between the two, but not the exact details. So I think I am going to look into this and determine what they each mean, and where I connect on each. Below, I share my findings on each.
-@Discordiant - Am I an Anarchist or Liberatarian?

This gorgeous view is from a low tech photo contest he recently entered: @Discordiant -Mountain Beauty

Please feel free to share your own stories in the comments section!


Introduction \ Verify Post

I Offer my Service to the Minnow Support Project

Photo Contest Entry - Mountain Beauty

Discord & Community Guide to the MSP (Minnow Support Project)

The Different sides of Steemit

Am I an Anarchist or Liberatarian?

You Might be Doing it Wrong


yes, great interview. I haven't had too many close dealings with @discordiant, but I've seen him everywhere. I'm going to go read a few of his posts, as suggested.

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well, you are a pretty cool dude!

This was a nice interview! And great to learn about you a little more @discordiant :)

thank you, Julia. He's a good dude, I've learned a lot from him.

I've chatted with him on discord and he is very helpful!

When I looked back at my very very first post, you were one of the only people to send me a non-cookie-cutter reply. I made a joke about needing coffee, you sent a gif of a cup of coffee. Didn't even realize that was you until I was looking at my posts for this interview.

Ah I didn't realize that was you either haha, so many usernames here it can be hard to keep track, I remember reading @sammosks intro as well and then seeing his picture on discord and having that same moment! It's a small world here I guess :)

Hah. I helped him write that intro, it was how we first met really.

Great interview, I think you just might have yourself a good gig here. Keep moving...never stop and you'll be where you're wanting to be.

following links ✌️

Thanks! Yes, this will be a weekly installment. :-)

I'm looking forward to more of your interviews...
please drop a reminder in my DM feed has a wicked undertow } ;-)>

I'll do that. I already know who the next edition of steemian of the week will cover, and am excited for the next edition

Thanks, good to read interviews like these; gives a better picture of the person behind the username and avatar.

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