Minnow Support Project Community Curation Resteems // MSP Curator's Top Weekly Picks!

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Minnow Support Project Community Curation Resteems // MSP Curator's Top Weekly Picks

Every week, each of the MSP Community Curators choose 5 posts to curate using the @msp-curation account!

They also choose their favorite to be featured in this weekly post as well as resteemed on the @minnowsupport account!

Huge Thanks to @aggroed and @ausbitbank for recently increasing their delegation to @msp-curation!


From our Music Curator, @isaria

Steemit Open Mic Week 82 - Fuego (Original Song) by @juanhobos

From our Art curator, @juliakponsford

UFO'S OVER MARSHLAND by @revelationart

From our Fiction/Poetry Curator, @sunravelme

Getting Meta with the Butterflies by @jessandthesea

From our Science/Technology Curator, @jrswab

The introduction of various generation of computers by @munirhossain

From our New Steemian Curator, @ma1neEvent

Being #sevinwilsonsmom - My First Steemit Post by @doctorvicki

From our Finance/Crypto Curator, @scaredycatguide

🌀 #10 CRYPTO MINUTE: Kraken – The Different Trading Opportunities They Offer! – Margin Crypto Trading
by @crypto2go

From our Philosophy/Psychology Curator, @clayboyn

First post...My story and what I'm all about?! by @maximilianblanc

From our Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Curator, @creativesoul


From our Sustainability Curator, @carpedimus

Planting, sprouts, and an experiment!
by @nateonsteemit

From our Photography Curator, @jfolkmann

One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever been on by @peteveale


Thank you for supporting the Minnow Support Project!


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nice photos and great messages.

Thank you very much @minnowsupport, thanks to your support we are very passionate in steemit, hope you are healthy always.

Project minnowsupport @isaria, is a popular social media worldwide

Beautiful photos and great messages. Powerful motivation, thanks

i want to join your discord group. please send me a new invitation link. that link expired.

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really helpful , great work.thanks...@minnowsuport

Hi. Why was my account muted?

Love the painting @juliakponsford I stared at it for about 5 minutes straight, its so beautiful!

Nice job... :)

Congratulations @minnowsupport!
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hello team @minnowsupport, I love your content, I hope and someday you can go through my blog because I think I have content that may interest you, regards!