The Minnow University Curation Show with Shane, Isaria, and Aggroed! // This Saturday Night on Msp-Waves!

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Great News!!!!!

Minnow University has now morphed into Minnow University Curation Show!

We have decided to give some extra updoot love to Steemians that join us during the show!

During the show, our Minnow audience members will have the opportunity to present their posts.

We will be selecting 5 to 10 posts that will receive upvotes from both the @msp-curation and @msp-active accounts!
All posts selected will be upvoted on the following Sunday.

You are welcome to come on air and promote your post or you can just talk about your post in text chat.
All you have to do is join the Audience Chat of the Minnow Support Palnet server and let us know that you'd like to share your post.
Information about joining is at the bottom of this post!

Thanks so much to @aggroed for creating and delegating to the @msp-curation and @msp-active accounts!
Thanks to @ausbitbank for his delegations as well!

The @msp-curation account has 23,320 SP
The current 100% upvote is $1.55

The @msp-active account has 15,443SP
The current 100% upvote is $1.00

We will also be giving away Steem Monster Booster Packs each week!

Each show will still be filled with shenanigans while also presenting a theme or topic that is designed to help minnows navigate through the sometimes challenging waters of Steemit.

Be sure to join us for the Minnow University Curation Show every Saturday night 8-9 PM CST / 1 AM UTC.

Here are the posts that we curated during last Saturday's show!

Blog: Xorroxin Waterfall (Navarre, Spain) and Moth Wings shoot, last bath + Good Bye Summer
by @yidneth

---- Steemit Open Mic Week 104 – Cope Cover – Sara Bareilles - Gravity ----
by @mfxae86

dead flowers and insects
by @torico

Opal to Normal by @eonwarped

Working on the raised bed for the railroad, part 4 by @amberyooper

Look for the Beauty
by @katrina-ariel

Please join us for The Minnow University Curation Show this Saturday night 8-9 PM CST/ 1-2 UTC!

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