🐠 Minnows of the Day EP1: @abh12345, @tojukaka and @eqko

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I have moved all my content away from the now centralized and controlled Steem blockchain to the decentralized Hive blockchain.


I really appreciate the wonderful work you do in this community by trying to help out all minnows. Your posts have been so helpful and you just rock. I really liked how you outlined the whole post and the suggestions and what you liked about the three amazing steemers. These guys are great and with your help, they will do even greater things in this community. Awesome. Now I feel like I have to check your posts every day so that I don't miss anything .

Haha, great that your are enthusiastic about my activity here. It gives me the strength to continue my work. I need that feedback or I would feel lost. Luckily I get tons of feedback now. Takes a while to answer all comments as you can see but I am doing it. And I love it! :)

Yes, I can definitely see that you are working hard by commenting back to all of us, and that really makes me like you and appreciate you even more. Your work is amazing and so are you, so again thank you and really appreciate all you do.

Hey @joalvarez, I really do try to interact with everyone as good as possible. That is not always easy but with some discipline it works.

This is an awesome idea and I will be checking it out daily. You also helped me as I was trying to hire someone to make a banner for me, made a post about it but it didn't gain any attention so it never went anywhere. I will be contacting @eqko to see if he could make something for me. Super excited about the potential old of it, which is coming about due to your article! You're already creating positive connections with this series. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more people spotlighted!

Cool! I wasn't sure how this series will be received. I will see that I continue it. Not sure if I find the time everxday as I said but I will surely do it regularly.

Great post, 2 new faces and one I already admire. Thank you for introducing these new steemians.

It's fun to get some interesting people presented, isn't it?

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This could be helpful! Thanks man!

Great idea! Upvoted!

I am glad you like this series. :)

@flauwy --- I dig your suggestions. It's always helpful to get feedback from people in the know, while also sharing some exposure. Quick question, for your suggestion to @tojukaka, how would you go about creating a local Steemit project? This might help me to create one in the future.

Hey @ucsdsu, that is a good question. There are many ways to do that. YOu could start by writing your intention to connect with locals by using certain tags from your region - if they exist. If not create them yourself. Then start socializing with your locals and step by step create something.

In case you don't find people or they are reluctant to work with you it might be a good idea to initiate something with friends and family or even something public in your area. There is so much you can do. The tricky part is getting started. Then all follows by itself.

@flauwy, what a great idea! You were one of the very first Steemians I met just a short 2 weeks ago when I signed onto Steemit. We have corresponded several times and I have learned so much form your videos and the Steemy Show.
Thank you for being an integral part of my minnowhood here on Steemit.
I'll go back to the other post and send you a link to one of my posts.
Thanks again,
@Lymmerik (Rick)

Hey Rick, thanks for the nice words. I am very glad that my videos and articles are of use to you. Sometimes Steemit gives you the feeling whatever you do will be upvoted because that is how the system works. But of course that is not helpful to find out whtether your stuff is appricated or not. I am happy that it is. :)

Hey, You are welcome, and thank you for helping the community as a whole, and especially us mimmows. Perhaps someday I will be fortunate enough to help minnows too!

Everyone can do something here, I am also just three months on STeemit.

good post!!!! nice 1!!!

Wow @flauwy!

Awesome stuff! Thank you very much for your support and the tips in this blog - I will certainly take note for future blogs.

Thank you!

Edit: can you change Tibet to Nepal on my list of recommendations, cheers!

Resteem back at ya!

Oops, well close enough. ;)

Thank you so much @flauwy
It's such an honour
I'm speechlesss....

Thank you bro!!

Thanks for the suggestions

You are awesome!

Man, you are welcome. It was a pleisure and I hope it helped a bit.